One Piece: Does Luffy Defeat Big Mom? Here’s What Happened

Does Luffy defeat Big Mom?

Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga, is known for his many epic fights but not all of the epic fights from the One Piece series have been Luffy’s. Namely, some other characters have also had their big moments, and this article is going to tell you about one of them. If you’ve read about what happened in Wano Country, you’ll know that Big Mom has finally been defeated (along with Kaido). But did Luffy defeat Big Mom? We shall give you all the answers in this article.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Luffy was not the one who defeated Big Mom in One Piece.
  • In fact, Big Mom was finally defeated by the combined efforts of Eustass Kid and Trafalgar D. Water Law, who managed to defeat her in Wano Country.
  • This happened in Chapter 1040 of the One Piece manga and in Episode 1067 of the One Piece Anime

How and when did Kid and Trafalgar Law defeat Big Mom?

The events we are about to describe took place in Chapters 1015 to 1040 of the One Piece manga. They are related to the final clash between Kid, Trafalgar Law, and Big Mom and will tell you exactly how the two managed to defeat the feared Emperess

As Big Mom and Kid engaged in a battle, a broadcast across the island claimed that the defeated Luffy would return, prompting Big Mom’s skepticism. Law joined the fight, and amid the clash, a large dragon, initially mistaken for Kaido by Big Mom, emerged. Kid experienced mysterious headaches, and as Big Mom attempted an attack, Law intervened, leading to a complex skirmish involving lightning-infused strikes from Prometheus and Napoleon.


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Big Mom mocked the Pirate Captain, claiming he looked near death, but Kid rallied and rose for a second wind. In pursuit, Big Mom was thwarted by Law’s awakened Devil Fruit powers, piercing her with his sword and releasing a powerful electric shockwave. Kid, using his own awakened Devil Fruit, magnetized Big Mom’s body, causing nearby objects to electrify, but Big Mom retaliated by stealing lives with Soul Pocus, turning metal into homies and empowering her entities. Consuming a year of her lifespan, she increased in size and strength, challenging Law and Kid to try and take her Emperor position in a fierce battle alongside her newly created homies.

Big Mom After Consuming a Year of Her Life

Big Mom emerged victorious, defeating both Kid and Law amid their crews’ pleas for mercy. Annoyed, she commanded Hera to punish them and emphasized the lack of pity on the battlefield. As she prepared to head to the roof, Law, unnoticed, retaliated with a surprise attack using K-ROOM and Shock Wille, causing Big Mom to bleed and drop her weapons. Despite Kid’s subsequent assault with Punk Corna Dio, Big Mom acknowledged her injuries, including broken ribs and a wrist.

Big Mom Creates Misery

Big Mom trains with her homies and faces Kid’s mechanical bull, claiming her dominance over the oceans for decades. Kid magnetizes her with a creative technique, but despite being unable to free herself, she maneuvers a wall to block Kid’s attack. Law then warps a tower to crush her, followed by a powerful shockwave attack that leaves her badly damaged. Despite her attempts to retaliate, Kid’s railgun attack injures Big Mom, and she fails to steal the lifespan of Kid and Law’s crews as they resist her efforts. Law uses R-ROOM to silence her and prevent soul theft while destroying her newly created homie, Misery.


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Big Mom27s Defeat 1

Kid blasts Big Mom again with Damned Punk, pushing her into a hole that leads to the armory. Upon hitting a frozen bomb, it explodes, creating a hole in the island’s bottom. Falling into the abyss, Big Mom is unable to call for help from Prometheus and Hera, cursed by Law’s silence. As she plummets with other explosives, she reflects on Roger’s legacy, curses Kid and Law, and defiantly claims that their efforts won’t be enough to kill her before being engulfed in the explosion.

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