Every One Piece Kingdom/Country the Straw Hats Have Visited (In Order)

Every One Piece Kingdom the Straw Hats Have Visited (in Order)

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As far as Monkey D. Luffy’s Straw Hat crew is concerned, they have traveled a lot and have seen numerous places from the world of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. Some of these locations were more exotic; some were more important but not visually impressive; We’ve seen everything throughout these decades. Now, in order to give you a small guide on the locations visited, we have decided to give you a chronological list of all the kingdoms and countries visited by the Straw Hats over the years.

The Straw Hats have visited a total of 35 locations over the years, but not all of them belong to a specific kingdom or country. In this article, we are going to bring you a brief overview of those that do belong to a kingdom or country, and all of that in proper chronological order:

1. Dawn Island (Goa Kingdom)

Isla de Dawn

Dawn Island is an island located in the East Blue, where the Kingdom of Goa is located. It is the home island of Monkey D. Luffy and several other One Piece characters, and the place where he began his journey. It is also Ace’s adoptive home after his mother died. It was the home of Sabo and his family, where Curly Dadan and her bandits settled.

2. Drum Island (Sakura Kingdom)

Drum Island is a winter island located in Paradise. It is the location of the Sakura Kingdom, formerly known as the Drum Kingdom, the birthplace of Tony Tony Chopper, doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, and the place where the entire Drum arc takes place. It is the third island that the Straw Hat Pirates visit in the Grand Line.

Following the route of the Straw Hat Pirates, the island is located after Little Garden and before Alabasta, in Paradise. Twenty-two years ago, the island suffered a great crisis due to the appearance of large amounts of deadly poison by Prince Musshuru, which is why he was exiled to a distant island.

Twenty years later, Musshuru returns to the island to take revenge on those who marginalized him, and together with his brother, they fight against the Straw Hat Pirates, who appear to find someone who could cure Nami of his sudden illness. The impudent royal family was defeated and expelled from the island, and Tony Tony Chopper joined the Straw Hats.

3. Sandy Island / Arabasta Kingdom

The Kingdom of Alabasta, also known as the Kingdom of Sand, is a desert kingdom located on Sandy Island in the Paradise region. It was the fourth island visited by the Straw Hat Pirates in the Grand Line, and the events that took place in this place caused Luffy’s bounty to increase to 100,000,000 Berrys and Zoro to get his first bounty of 60,000,000 Berrys.


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It is the site of the Poneglyph that reveals the location of Pluto, as well as one of the twenty kingdoms that founded the World Government. Arabasta is a kingdom with a lot of history behind it. It is located on Sandy Island; in the middle of the first half of the Grand Line. Sandy Island is a hot island. It is also by far one of the largest islands that the Straw Hat Pirates have visited in the Grand Line, with a few towns and villages on it and a vast river running through it.

4. Island of Women / Amazon Lily

Amazon Lily is a kingdom located on the Island of Women, a peninsula inhabited by the Kuja. Luffy came to this island sent by Bartholomew Kuma. Amazon Lily is a jungle island within the Calm Belt with a huge mountain in its center. The mountain is carved and made up of gigantic curved statues that look like snakes, and the name of the island’s native tribe, Kuja, is carved into it in kanji.

Inside the center of the mountain is a deep valley where the Kuja village is located. The buildings in the village resemble those of ancient China. Due to the lack of men, the Kuja have to leave the island to have offspring. A curious fact is that they always have girls. The mothers return with them to the island to educate them and consolidate them with their society.

They believe that strength equals beauty, and apparently, they like snakes. This can be seen in the island’s shape and in that many of the women wear very large snakes around their necks, in addition to using them as bows (usually the warriors). The Sea Kings protect Amazon Lily in the Calm Belt surrounding her.


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However, with the new Kairouseki technology invented by Dr. Vegapunk, which consists of covering the ship with this material to mislead the Sea Kings, the natural protection of the island began to fail, although they have not yet been directly attacked. As such, the only method of warding off potential attackers is the pirate empress, Boa Hancock, who has signed a treaty with the World Government for the island’s protection. This treaty would be nullified if Hancock refused to fulfill her duties as Sea Warrior.

5. Kuraigana Island (Shikkearu Kingdom)

Kuraigana Island is a gloomy and sinister island located in Paradise. In this place was the Kingdom of Shikkearu. This island is the place of residence of the Warrior of the Sea Dracule Mihawk. It is a dark and gloomy place, looking like a gothic island. It was once the home of the ancient Kingdom of Shikkearu.

The island’s forest is relatively deserted, although it has some ruins of what was once a kingdom. The island’s landscape has unique rock formations, such as spiral-shaped hills. Nine years before the current story, a terrible war was fought on this island.

The forest-dwelling baboons, endowed with the extraordinary ability to learn from humans, watched the conflict and learned to fight with weapons, becoming fearsome combatants. Sometime after the end of the war, Mihawk came to this island and made the castle his home.

6. Momoiro Island (Kamabakka Kingdom)

Momoiro Island is an island in Paradise, where plants and animals are pink. On this island is the Kingdom of Kamabakka, a place for those with the heart of a lady. The island’s leader is the revolutionary Emporio Ivankov, who escaped Impel Down’s level 5.5 and returned to the island with a crew of newkamas.

After the destruction of Baltigo, the Revolutionary Army moved its base of operations to this island. The island and its inhabitants are the complete opposite of Amazon Lily’s. While Amazon Lily is home to only women who behave like men (like Amazons), Momoiro Island is home to men who behave like women, usually transvestites.

The official leader is the okama queen, Emporio Ivankov, who entered Impel Down prison, disappearing, and with him many prisoners, at level 5.5: New Kama Land. During his absence, he ruled over the alternate queen Caroline, a transvestite whom Sanji mistakenly believed to be female when she made her arrival on the island.

When Emporio Ivankov returns, the newkamas join the local population. There are the 99 masters of okama kenpo, who also have the secret recipes of the “attack kitchen.” Any man who enters the island, even against his will, is automatically considered a transvestite, being persecuted until he becomes one of them.

7. Torino Kingdom

The Torino Kingdom is an island in South Blue that some call the “Island of Treasure.” It is a relatively small island with a huge tree in the middle. Tony Tony Chopper was sent here by Bartholomew Kuma during the events of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. He spent two years there with the aim of perfecting himself in the practice of medicine.

The inhabitants of the Torino Kingdom are all overweight people dressed only in loincloths with tied black hair; in appearance, they look like a primitive tribe. Some have a tattoo on one of their arms, and all the adults seem to be wearing a simple necklace. Despite this, it was revealed that they have an extensive library of herbal medicine books.

This implies that they have an advanced culture, despite appearances. They are quite small in size. Before Chopper arrived, they always conflicted with the gigantic birds that nest on the tree. The inhabitants of the Kingdom believe that Chopper is a “raccoon-dog”. The island’s inhabitants were in constant conflict with the gigantic birds that lived in the tree above. Chopper was sent here by Bartholomew Kuma of the Sabaody Archipelago.

Chopper was then seen running away from several natives, who tried to grab him to eat him. Eventually, Chopper came to sympathize with the natives and resolved the conflict between them and the giant birds. Chopper then stayed on their island for two years to perfect his medical knowledge, thanks to their library. After the time skip, Chopper returns to the Sabaody Archipelago by riding on the back of one of the giant birds.

8. Tequila Wolf

Tequila Wolf is a country in the East Blue where a great bridge is being built. It is the place where Nico Robin ends up after being sent there by Bartholomew Kuma when he defeated the Straw Hat Pirates. The bridge has been under construction for the last seven hundred years. The enormous achievement is carried out by the slaves who are from common criminals to civilians from other countries not affiliated with the World Government.

The goal of this seemingly impossible task is to connect multiple islands. Construction of the bridge was begun as a World Noble’s order, despite not knowing whether or not this would be useful. At one point, the Roger Pirates sailed across the East Blue and gazed at the great bridge still under construction.

During its construction, the houses of the slaves have been left empty. Having, as they approach the beginning of the structure, empty villages with more than 300 years. Nico Robin was transported here by Bartholomew Kuma during the Sabaody Archipelago incident and taken prisoner.

9. Karakuri Island (Future Country Baldimore)

Karakuri Island After The Nightmare of Baldimore

Karakuri Island is an island located somewhere in Paradise, on which the Future Country Baldimore is located. It was first shown during the Enel mini-story. It was in this place that Dr. Tsukimi made his own Automata. The country specializes in advanced technology, such as cyborgs or mechanical structures. This place is known as the “Future Country” and as the birthplace of the genius, Vegapunk.

Bartholomew Kuma sent Franky to this island and spent two years studying Vegapunk technology. It is a winter island of the Grand Line. As such, it is always snowing and possesses a low temperature. Its inhabitants are highly sheltered and live in modern homes. In addition, cyborg animals created by Vegapunk live on this island. An incomplete heating system is visible from the island as two giant bolts nestled into a mountain.


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10. Namakura Island (Harahettania)

Namakura Island is an island located in Paradise. It is also known as Harahettania. It is a completely devastated island that lacks economic resources. The inhabitants live in destitution, this being largely due to the Longarm Tribe. The houses have a malevolent appearance, and behind some, you can see some mountains.

The atmosphere of the island is dark, possessing purple rays. The inhabitants of Namakura Island had a prosperous and harmonious life until, at some point in history, the Longarm Tribe appeared and dominated them, leading the local inhabitants to poverty and despair. Due to this, the inhabitants came to look for different ways to get the tribe out of their island, even resorting to trying to invoke a demon, properly speaking Satan, in a ritual.

In this ritual, Brook landed here after flying for three days after being saved by Bartholomew Kuma in the Sabaody Archipelago. After accurately landing during the ritual, people believed that they had successfully summoned Satan, the “King of Demons.” Brook then set out to face the tribe, and the island was liberated after winning.

11. Kenzan Island (Tehna Gehna Kingdom)

Kenzan is an island located somewhere in the Grand Line, where the Longarms Tribe lives. This place seems to be the homeland of the tribe. They live in the valleys between the mountains, which have a sword shape, and whirlpools surround the island itself.

This is where the tribe had captured Brook and displayed him in a cage in public. As the Longarms arrived in Kenzan, they saw the skeleton alive in its cage. Due to the fact that there was an audience to watch Brook, the island seems quite populated. Brook was able to obtain a diary to learn of Luffy’s exploits.

12. Fish-Man Island (Ryugu Kingdom)


Fish-Man Island is home to fish-men and merfolk. It serves as an underwater gateway to the New World for those who do not want (or are not legally allowed) to traverse the Red Line above it. This was the last island the Straw Hat Pirates visited before entering the New World. Madam Shirley prophesied that they, or at least the captain, Monkey D. Luffy, would one day return and destroy the island.

13. Dressrosa

Dressrosa Inside the Bird Cage Aerial View

Dressrosa is an island and kingdom that was ruled for ten years by the Sea Warrior Donquixote Doflamingo. At the same time, it was the main base of the Donquixote Pirates. It is also one of the founding kingdoms of the World Government. This country is reminiscent of Spain for its traditions, such as flamenco, and for the atmosphere.

Dressrosa is the main location of the Dressrosa Arc and the second island the Straw Hat Pirates visited in the New World. It was first mentioned by Vergo. Dressrosa is located in the New World, the second half of the Grand Line. Dressrosa is located south of Green Bit and is connected to this island by a huge iron bridge and a secret tunnel used by the Dwarves to reach Dressrosa.


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It is very close to Punk Hazard, as Baby 5 and Buffalo did not take long to arrive, and it took the Straw Hat Pirates a night by boat to reach the island. We can conjecture that it is also close to the Red Line and, therefore, to the Marine Headquarters and the G-5 (since Vergo said that before arriving at Punk Hazard, he had visited Dressrosa).

14. Green Bit (Tontatta Kingdom)

Green Bit is a seemingly uninhabited island north of Dressrosa. Trafalgar D. Water Law first mentioned this place in his conversation with Smoker at Punk Hazard. Beneath its floors lies the Kingdom of Tontatta. Green Bit was an island that the citizens of Dressrosa regularly visited.

With the arrival of the Fighting Fish, this was no longer possible. The inhabitants built a bridge to reach the island, but it was also impossible for them by the Fighting Fish, so the island has apparently been uninhabited for 200 years. The Dwarves live on this island. They also farm here and are responsible for the large and lush vegetation that the island has.

15. Zou (Mokomo Dukedom)

Zou, also known as Ghost Island, is an island located on the back of Zunesha. On this island is the Mokomo Dukedom, the home of the mink tribe. Zou is the main setting of the Zou arc. Zou is an island with a lush and large forest with trees and a spherical top, and from time to time, Zunesha usually launches a large jet of water on the said forest where the mink tribe has lived for a thousand years.

This eruption is called “Rain Eruption” which, according to Carrot, supplies the entire city with water and food for the fish that come out along with all the water that this elephant throws on them. For this reason, according to Carrot, they do not need food. The water does not cause damage thanks to the channels and how the island’s geography has been adapting to this phenomenon.

16. Totto Land

Totto Land, also known as the Kingdom of Sweets, is an archipelago in the New World. It forms the main territory of one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom, and his gang, the Big Mom Pirates, which is spread around Whole Cake Island. You can navigate with the New World Log Pose.

According to Pekoms, Totto Land is considered a great and powerful nation born from the dream of Big Mom, who seeks to create a utopian nation that unifies all world races. Once a gang of pirates enters Totto Land, there is no way to escape. Anyone who wants to leave the territory will only meet death from Big Mom. T


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he only pirate crews that have managed to escape this territory alive have been the Roger Pirates, the Straw Hat Pirates, and the Fire Tank Pirates. Totto Land is also the central setting for the Whole Cake Island arc events and is the fourth location visited by the Straw Hat Pirates in the New World.

17. Germa Kingdom

The Kingdom of Germa, also known as the Country of Science, is the only wandering kingdom in the world and is not affiliated with the World Government. It was formerly the center of the Germa Empire, a huge empire formed by the Vinsmoke family’s conquest of the North Blue. Currently, the remnants of the kingdom are ruled by the Vinsmoke, and they have at their service an army from the Underworld, Germa 66.

As the territory of the Vinsmoke family, this place is the home of Sanji. The Germa Kingdom was united on Whole Cake Island in the New World, but she left the place after Big Mom’s betrayal was revealed. After allying with Charlotte Linlin, one of the Four Emperors, the World Government broke its ties with the Kingdom of Germa, for which they would be prohibited from attending the Levely as it is an outlaw kingdom.

18. Wano Country

Wano Country, known for hundreds of years as the Country of Gold, is a country located in the New World, not affiliated with the World Government. It is governed by the Kozuki family, exercising its patriarch Kozuki Momonosuke as the country’s shogun.

Wano Country is divided into several regions. The Flower Capital and the floating island of Onigashima are the most important. Kaido’s headquarters was also located on the island, and the fact that he had his center there is why Wano Country was so important and why the Straw Hats, as part of the Alliance, went there. Kaido had, of course, occupied the country and ruled over it as a tyrant, which makes sense seeing how he was one of the series’ biggest villains, but he also had a lot of help from local traitors.

After the victory by the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance in the assault on Onigashima, the country ended the occupation of the Beasts Pirates and the tyranny of Kurozumi Orochi, recovering its historical sovereignty over the place. According to Kozuki Sukiyaki himself, the ancestral weapon Pluton is hidden somewhere in the country. Dr. Hogback first named it, as Ryuma hailed from this place. It is the main stage of the Wano Country arc.

19. Egghead (Future Island)

image 2023 08 25 134343023

Egghead is a winter island located in the New World. As per the information provided in the manga, Egghead lies southeast of Wano Country and southwest of Elbaf, which is why it was a logical next destination for the Straw Hats. Due to the fact that it is extremely futuristic (they say it’s 500 years in the future), Egghead Island is also called Future Island. Of course, the name and the technological advancements seen on the island are a result of Dr. Vegapunk’s inventions, as he is the Island’s primary inhabitant.

The area around Egghead is extremely harsh. There are strong currents, cold winds, and snowfall, causing the formation of icebergs, which makes it difficult for outsiders to approach the island, but which also makes complete sense, seeing how Egghead is actually a winter island.

Also, it is surrounded by sea monsters created by Dr. Vegapunk, which serve as the island’s defense forces and have so far completely destroyed at least three Cipher Pol expeditions sent to the island. On the other hand, the climate on the island itself is tropical, which is completely ridiculous but makes sense if you know that Dr. Vegapunk constructed an air conditioner large enough to warm the whole island up, enabling it to have a tropical climate despite being a winter island.

The island itself is divided into two parts, a lower and an upper one, and is practically inhabited only by scientists and researchers. The lower part is called Fabiriophase, and it is the place where the scientists and their assistants live. It is a true futuristic city, and it is located on the surface of the island. The upper part is called Labophase, and it is the location of Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory. Labophase is located on an artificial cloud and inside half an eggshell, and it is protected by a powerful defense system called the Frontier Dome, which fires lasers at enemies.


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After the events in Wano Country, the Straw Hats made their way to Egghead Island to finally meet the dreaded Vegapunk, who is an exceptionally important character in the series, and whose role is, as we are going to see, going to be crucial in understanding many of the concepts shown and portrayed in the series, as he was responsible or part of many of them.

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