Is Big Mom Really Dead in One Piece? (& What Happened to Her?)

Is Big Mom Really Dead in One Piece? (& What Happened to Her?)

Big Mom, full name Charlotte Linlin, was one of the Four Emperors from the manga One Piece. She is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Four Emperors ruling over the New World, as their only female member. She is also the matriarch of the very large Charlotte Family, whose many children make up the infrastructure of her crew. But is she still alive? Big Mom lost to Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law and fell into a magma chamber along with Kaidou, which is why people wonder whether she’s really dead or not. In this article, we are going to reveal if Big Mom is really dead.

At this moment, the fate of Big Mom remains unknown. We know that she has been defeated and that she has fallen into Wano’s magma chamber along with Kaidou, seemingly dying from the fall. Still, Big Mom is a very resilient character and she has said that it was not the last time we’ve seen her, and with Oda planning an all-out war for the One Piece, she might come back in the future.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Big Mom’s fate during the final moments of the Wano Country Arc. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers about the current events in the One Piece manga.

Is Big Mom really dead in One Piece?

Officially, the status of Big Mom in One Piece is – unknown. Namely, after her defeat to Kid and Law, Big Mom first ended up in a large explosion, which did not kill her, and then fell into Wano Country’s magma chamber along with Kaido. From that moment, her fate is unknown. The protagonists consider her and Kaido to be dead, but no one has seen a body and Oda has not confirmed Big Mom’s death in any way.

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Big Mom (left) and Kaidou (right) fall into Wano’s magma chamber after being defeated (One Piece, Chapter 1050)

We know that there is a rule in manga and anime that if you don’t see a character die on-screen (or on-page), they’re probably not dead. This is a long-standing rule in the world of anime and manga, so it might give us some hint about Big Mom’s fate. We actually never saw her die, only fall. Also, she swore she would have her revenge on both Kid and Law. Knowing how strong she is, she might just come back in the future but at this moment, we don’t know for certain.

What happened to Big Mom in One Piece?

In this section, we are going to reveal what happened to Big Mom during the final moments of the Wano Country Arc. Big Mom hits Kidd, sending him flying away, breaking through the wall, and destroying his metal golem. Law then resorts to Awakening, creating a small room with which he covers his sword to pierce the body of the empress, and then damages her internal organs with an electric shock.

This makes blood and smoke come out of her mouth, and she looks at him in anger, but at that point, Kidd takes the opportunity to magnetize her: all the metal objects around them pile up on her. Enraged, Big Mom gets up and steals the lives of the Pirates of the hundred beasts present to animate the metal objects that have submerged her, and then swallows a year of her own lifespan to empower herself, stressing that she cannot rely only on those weak souls.

By doing so she greatly increases her size and she declares that she has not received so much damage in decades and admits the value of the opponents, but that she is ready to show them her potential. After exhausting them, Big Mom continues to rage on Law and Kidd, and hearing their crews beg for mercy for them, she taunts them by claiming they no longer have dignity.

When their subordinates try to rescue them, she yells for silence because that is a battlefield and she turns to Hera to electrocute them. She then points out that she hasn’t heard Kaido’s victory scream yet and wonders if she is still fighting Luffy, so she orders the homey to take her to her roof to get it over with.


One Piece: Does Luffy Defeat Big Mom? Here’s What Happened

She however becomes furious when Law stabs her again, who claims to know that she suffered from the blow he dealt her earlier. Big Mom yells at him to let her go, but at that point her opponent hurts her from inside her, causing her to bleed and fall to the ground. The iron homeys start to attack the opponent, but Kidd draws them along with all the other metal objects nearby and, while Linlin is surprised that he is still standing, realizing that the two want his head at all costs, sees him create a huge bull-shaped golem that hurls at her.

The two pirate captains then declare that they will not allow her to reach the roof even at the cost of dying. While the opponents have an argument with each other, Linlin stands up despite numerous injuries, including a broken right arm, and points out that the one suffered was a shock wave that destroys them from the inside, claiming that he must have some broken ribs and that Law’s techniques are dangerous.

Back in strength, she assembles Napoleon, Hera, and Prometheus into a sword covered in flames and lightning and uses it to cut through Kidd’s metal bull, which she claims is useless as it is just a pile of scrap metal. She laughs saying that the useless ones are them, that they will have to give up their respective dreams.

She asks if they have any idea how many pirates she has sent into the depths, pointing out that she has controlled the seas for decades, ever since they were infants. Meanwhile, Kidd jumps toward Big Mom, assigning her a magnetic pole, and placing the opposite one on one of her walls: the woman remains attached to it and, when Kidd takes advantage of it to charge her with her metal bull, he turns to use her as a shield.

The empress makes a female figure made of flames and lightning come out of her sword to attack her enemies. Meanwhile, Law carries a tower above her and uses it to knock her down, then pierces her chest with her sword. Linlin curses him realizing that she wants to use an attack similar to the previous one and hits him repeatedly with fists covered in Armament Haki, but Law does not let go of the sword and continues to stretch it more and more; she then releases a shock wave that severely injures her.

Despite the massive damage suffered, Big Mom unleashes her elemental servant against Law, who requires Kidd’s intervention: he then notices that the latter has assembled a gigantic electromagnetic cannon, so he urges him to get under and asks him if he thinks he can tear it down. The powerful beam of energy generated by the weapon then hits her in full.

As she endures Kidd’s continued attack, Big Mom tells her opponents that she will give them the choice of their fate: give her fifty years of life or become her slaves. She then begins to steal the vital energy of the terrified present, however, Law envelops her in a room that cancels all the noises she makes, preventing her from using her technique.

Cannone di Kidd

Kidd then hits her again with his electromagnetic cannon, causing her to sink to the floor. She asks for help from her homeys, wondering what they are doing, but that request is not heard due to the soundproof barrier created by Law. Arriving in the armory, she realizes that everything she touches makes no sound, where she destroys one of the gunpowder barrels in an attempt to cling to it: the explosion engulfs her and destroys the lower part of Onigashima, from which she falls.

She then blames Roger for starting the new era, arguing that he has not paid the consequences since his time was already over, while they have had to face the young pirates eager to stand out. She points out that the pirate king could have at least told them what the One Piece was, wondering if it really exists and where it is. She then wonders if that country is hiding some of the answers she seeks, claiming to be frustrated.

She concludes that she will never forgive Law and Kidd, pointing out that that is not enough to kill her. She then sinks into the gigantic crater previously opened by Law, where she is defeated by the effect of a gigantic explosion and ends up in the magma chamber below, becoming then involved in the eruption of the underwater volcano. The agent of the surviving CP0 communicates to the stars of wisdom the defeat of Big Mom and Kaido, who are therefore deprived of the title of emperors and replaced.

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