Does Mirio Get His Quirk Back in My Hero Academia? (How & When)

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The world of My Hero Academia is full of heroes that are some of the most admirable you could ever see on your screen. One of the greatest heroes in the anime and manga series is Mirio Togata, who goes by the hero name Lemillion. He has one of the most powerful quirks in the entire series but ended up losing it in an act of heroism. So, does Mirio get his quirk back in My Hero Academia, and how and when does he get his power back?

Mirio will get his powers back in My Hero Academia. He regained his powers in chapter 292 of the My Hero Academia manga after Eri was able to control her powers well enough to the point that she was able to reverse Mirio’s body back to the time when he still had his quirk.

The fact that Mirio sacrificed his quirk to save Eri was one of the things that made people realize just how heroic this character is and how he was willing to put it all on the line to save a total stranger. Nevertheless, the fact that Mirio became one of the most popular characters in the series made it clear that he wasn’t going to be without his quirk for long. And that’s what we are going to discuss.

What Is Mirio’s Quirk?

One of the things that have always been explored in the world of My Hero Academia is the fact that the heroes are not the sum of their quirks because it is actually their control over their quirks and how well they use their powers that make them as good as they are. And that was what we saw from Mirio Togata.

When Mirio was introduced, he was called the strongest student in the entire UA High School, which has some of the strongest young heroes in all of the world. Mirio was at the top of the standings in the school due to the fact that he trained hard enough to be able to perfectly control his quirk. But what is Mirio’s quirk?

Mirio’s quirk is called Permeation, which allows him to gain the ability to become totally permeable in the sense that he can allow his body to pass through anything. This allows him to phase through walls or make enemies pass through him whenever they attack him. However, the thing about Mirio’s quirk is that there was a point where he couldn’t control which body part he could phase. That’s why, during his younger years, he often sunk into the ground whenever he used Permeation.

Does Mirio Get His Quirk Back

But through intense training, Mirio gained perfect control over his quirk such that he was able to phase through anything at will while making sure that certain body parts remained solid. That’s why he is still capable of punching and attacking whenever he is phasing some of his body parts. This allows him to have a perfect way of defending and counterattacking as he can basically allow an opponent’s attack to phase through him while he keeps his fists solid to land a blow.

Mirio also uses his quirk to catch his opponents by surprise because he can phase through the ground and then suddenly spring up behind them. And because he trained his body to the point that he gained strength that is nearly superhuman, he was able to defeat the entire Class 1-A population in a matter of seconds.

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The fact that Mirio was so strong and had the indomitable will that made him work on what used to be an uncontrollable quirk made him a worthy candidate for All Might’s successor. In fact, All Might once said that he would have given One For All to Mirio had he met him before he met Izuku Midoriya.

How Did Mirio Lose His Quirk?

While Mirio was indeed strong and was dubbed as the strongest student in UA and quite possibly stronger than any other professional hero other than All Might and Endeavor. However, he actually ended up losing his quirk in what was one of the most heroic moments of the series.

Choosing to use the hero name “Lemillion” because he wanted to save a million people throughout his lifetime, Mirio was as heroic as any other hero because he always made sure to put others before him. And this was the reason why he lost his powers at one point during the storyline.


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Mirio took part in the Shie Hassaikai Arc, wherein certain heroes raided the den of a Yakuza-type villain group that made use of bullets that were able to erase quirks. And the reason why Mirio and Izuku were so motivated to join the raid was the fact that the Shie Hassaikai were exploiting Eri, a young girl with the power to destroy quirks, to create their quirk-destroying bullets.

During the raid, Mirio ended up fighting Overhaul, the leader of the group. During the fight, Mirio was also protecting Eri, who he focused more on throughout the entire fight because he wanted to keep her safe. And while protecting Eri, Mirio was actually overpowering Overhaul.

However, Shin, one of the members of the group, ended up getting his hands on a gun with a quirk-destroying bullet. He wanted to help Overhaul in the fight against Mirio but realized that the young hero would just phase through the bullet. As such, Shin shot Eri instead because he knew that Lemillion would do everything in his power to protect the young girl.

In that regard, Mirio blocked the bullet with his body because he knew that phasing would allow the bullet to hit Eri. As such, he sacrificed his own welfare to make sure that Eri was safe, and that was one of the most heroic moments of the character’s entire story. Mirio ended up surviving the events of that arc but lost his quirk in the process.

Does Mirio Get His Quirk Back?

Even though Mirio ended up losing his quirk during the Shie Hassaikai Arc, he still remained a student of UA, all while the people over at the school helped Eri feel at home. On top of that, they also helped Eri learn how to control her powers because they discovered that she had the ability to rewind a person’s body to a previous state. That was how Eri was able to allow Izuku Midoriya to use the full power of One For All, as having Eri with him allowed him to heal his body instantly.


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As the entire series proceeded, Mirio continued to act like a big brother to Eri while she was staying over at UA. Meanwhile, Mirio never stopped training his body because he believed that there was still a chance he could get his quirk back. So, does Mirio get his quirk back?

In the manga, it was revealed that Mirio was able to get his quirk back. That means that Lemillion, after a short period of not being able to see action, was now back on the frontlines to fight against Tomura and the Paranormal Liberation Front.

How And When Did Mirio Get His Quirk Back?

Mirio was able to get his powers back because Eri trained hard to learn how to control her powers. At first, she trained by restoring the lost limbs of insects and lizards until she was able to learn how to properly use her powers.

In that regard, before the raid on the base of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Mirio asked Eri to use her powers on him so that he could regain his quirk and join the rest of the heroes on the attack against their enemy. He apologized to Eri for making her use her powers.

However, Eri was willing enough to use her powers on Mirio because the reason she was training to learn how to control her quirk was so that she could help him regain his quirk. As such, Eri was able to use her Rewind ability to rewind Mirio’s body back to the point where he still had his quirk. This happened during chapter 292 of the My Hero Academia manga.

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