Does Sebastian Die in First Kill? (& What Happens to Him)


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First Kill is one of the most interesting series for those who can’t get enough of the millennial vampire romance troupe that has become quite common today. But the thing about this series is that it involves two teenage girls in a Romeo and Juliet type of romance that involves two families that can’t stand one another. This is where Sebastian, one of the prominent members of one of the families, comes in as an important character. So, does Sebastian die in First Kill, and what happens to him?

Sebastian Fairmont, the father of Juliette Fairmont, lived through the events of season 1 of First Kill and was able to become a full-fledged Legacy because of the Emerald Malkia. However, he ends up killing Davina, the leader of the Legacies. He was seen trying to cover up her death at the end of season 1.

The reason why Sebastian is such an interesting character goes back to the fact that he used to be a normal human that got turned into a vampire due to his relationship with Margot. Of course, the fact that he killed his own mother-in-law makes the story more interesting as it moves forward. With that said, let’s look at who Sebastian is and what happens to him in First Kill season 1.

Who Is Sebastian In First Kill?


The story of First Kill is very intriguing because of how it fits a lot of the different themes that are common in today’s world. This series focuses on a romantic relationship between two teenage girls that are still trying to find their place in society. But the twist here is that they both come from different worlds because Juliette is a vampire and Calliope is a monster hunter. In that regard, it is a Romeo and Juliet type of story that sees two different families with children that are in love.

Like any Romeo and Juliet story, the supporting characters are also very important to the overall narrative because of the fact that they contribute to the flow of the story. One of the most important characters in First Kill is Sebastian Fairmont, who plays a big role in the town of Savannah and is also able to contribute well to one of the subplots of the series. But who exactly is Sebastian?

Sebastian Fairmont is the father of Juliette Fairmont, and that means that he is also a vampire. However, during the day, he works as the district attorney of Savannah and is in a position of power that allows him and his family to blend well within society, despite the fact that they are vampires. It is also his position as the DA that allowed one of the subplots of the series to develop.

Later in the series, it is revealed that Sebastian was not born a vampire. Margot, his wife, is a Legacy vampire that has a bloodline that can be traced all the way back to Lilith, the first vampire. As such, Margot is in a leadership position in the Vampire community because her mother, the matriarch of the Legacy vampire community, is the keeper of the Emerald Malkia, a snake that holds vampiric powers.

However, Margot actually went against her mother’s will years ago so that she could marry Sebastian. In turn, Sebastian allowed himself to be turned into a vampire so that he could be with Margot. But Davina, Margot’s mother, hated Sebastian and caused Margot to become alienated from the rest of her family.

Does Sebastian Die In First Kill?

When Juliette lied to her family about having her first kill, they still went on with her consecration ceremony in the hopes of welcoming her into the Legacy vampire community by allowing the Emerald Malkia to bite her. However, this never happened because, on the night of her consecration ceremony, the monster hunters launched a surprise attack.


What Are Legacy Vampires in First Kill? & How Strong Are They?

Unprepared for the attack, a lot of different vampires were wounded. Nevertheless, the Legacy vampires survived because they couldn’t die through normal means. But because Sebastian was yet to become a Legacy vampire at that time, he suffered a mortal wound that he didn’t heal from. So, did Sebastian actually die?

Sebastian was dying from the wound that he suffered from the attack by the monster hunters because, unlike Legacy vampires, he can be killed through the usual means that are used to kill monsters. But before he died, her eldest daughter, Elinor, bargained a deal with Davina. Elinor agreed to marry into a well-known Legacy vampire family so that her father’s life would be spared.

In that regard, before he could perish from the wounds that he suffered, Sebastian was allowed to become a Legacy vampire through the power of the Emerald Malkia. This allowed him to become stronger, albeit quite unstable during the early part of his transformation into a full-fledged Legacy vampire.

What Happens To Sebastian In First Kill?


As established, Elinor was supposed to marry a high-ranking Legacy vampire so that her father’s life would be spared. However, due to Elinor’s machinations, the wedding never happened. This angered Davina, who lashed out at Sebastian because she believed that it was his impure bloodline that made Elinor and her siblings different from the rest of the other Legacies.

Sebastian wasn’t going to take Davina’s insults against his family any longer. Because he was unstable due to the effects of his transformation as a Legacy, he killed and sucked Davina dry right then and there. He told Margot about what had happened, as she didn’t even flinch when she learned about her mother’s death.


Does Theo Die in First Kill & Who Kills Him?

Meanwhile, as the town of Savannah began experiencing monster attacks that killed students, an angry mob called the Moms Against All Monsters (MAAM) started rallying outside of Sebastian’s office because they demanded that he, as the district attorney, find a way to make the monsters accountable for what they were doing. However, because Sebastian was not too keen on betraying his own kind but was actually quite civil in his approach, the members of the MAAM started to intensify their rallies.

When the members of the MAAM began to point to Calliope as the suspect for the killings that had been happening, Juliette brought her to her home, as Sebastian and Margot had no choice but to allow them to stay there for a while.

However, when Elinor had a fight with Calliope’s brothers, Theo and Apollo, the relationship between her and Juliette starts to become sour. In fact, the sisters had a quarrel because Theo had become a vampire due to Elinor’s actions.

Through her estranged older brother Oliver’s machinations, Juliette tipped Elinor off to the police as the suspect for the killings that had been happening in Savannah. As such, the cops went into the Fairmont home and restrained Sebastian and everyone else there so that they could arrest Elinor. Sebastian also declined to bail Elinor out because of how doing so might jeopardize the family’s position in the community.

Near the end of the first season, one of the messengers of the Legacy community went to the Fairmont home because Davina had been summoned to a meeting. However, because he had killed Davina without anyone else knowing about it, Sebastian now had an even bigger problem on his plate. That was when the season ended with him and Margot trying to find a way to get out of the mess that they created within the Legacy community.

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