Does Takemichi Get Stronger in Tokyo Revengers? Explained

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Tokyo Revengers features quite a few interesting characters, all of which have tragic and complex backstories, but Takemichi Hanagaki has been the leading protagonist throughout the storyline’s progression. Despite being the main character in Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi has struggled and even failed to hold his own in a fight against others, and many fans still wonder if Takemichi gets stronger as a result.

Although Takemichi’s physical strength has not increased since he was in middle school, he is still seen as a true hero and one of the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi is tough, as his strength, endurance, willpower, and durability seem to scale according to the opponent or stakes. He can take countless hits without being knocked out or backing down, and he has shown unparalleled resilience that allows him to keep going.

While Takemichi may not get stronger in a physical sense, still not up to par in most combat situations as many fans anticipated, he has shown remarkable strength in just about every other way – and, he only continues to get stronger as Tokyo Revengers moves forward. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Takemichi’s strength, including why many fans believe he is weak as well as why he is much stronger than many believe.

Why Do Fans Think Takemichi is Weak?

Although Takemichi is definitely well-loved, many Tokyo Revengers fans were quick to label him as weak. This “Crybaby Hero” is far more soft and sensitive when compared to most anime heroes, living a relatively mediocre life that he isn’t happy with prior to gaining his time-leaping abilities – topped off with some below-average combat skills.


He never really wins a physical fight, usually getting taken down easily when confronted in a combat situation. In fact, Takemichi is almost iconic for always having injuries, typically seen with various scars, bruises, and bandages all over his face – he spends almost half of his time in the hospital after being left bloody and beaten on the ground.

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Considering that the Tokyo Revengers storyline is all about delinquents, gangs, and organized crime, some action-packed combat scenes were pretty much expected. In turn, the majority of anime lovers expected the Tokyo Revengers’ main star to either be or at least become a tough guy hero, quick to take down bad guys with classic Shonen style and flair.

But, instead, Tokyo Revengers fans were met with a rather down-in-the-dumps character, working a dead-end job and seemingly depressed with his life. After receiving his time-leaping abilities in order to change the events that had transpired within the last decade of his life, fans thought they were about to see a massive character arc that would transform Takemichi into the ultimate hero.

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Of course, Takemichi is a hero in his own right – just, not in the way fans were anticipating. Since Season 1 of the Tokyo Revengers anime series, Takemichi was shown to cry, a lot, and get beat down over and over again. He seemed to be weaker than just about everyone else, never really showing any improvement in terms of combat skills, and quite a few Tokyo Revengers fans have even found him less popular than some side characters.

How Strong is Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers?

After Chapter 80 of the Tokyo Revengers manga series, many fans began concluding that Takemichi is just a weak character, although hoping that he’d one day be the kickass hero they were expecting. Takemichi seemed to be a helpless victim up until his encounter with the Moebius gang later on in the storyline, where his true strength started really standing out.

He was taken out by Kisaki after being beaten up by Baji, who had also knocked out many of the same Moebius gang members. However, Takemichi still managed to stand his ground after being repeatedly beaten and even stabbed by the Moebius members.

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What is clear is that, while Takemichi may not be able to throw hard punches, he can certainly take them – with a smile. Takemichi has gotten countless beatings throughout the story’s progression, but he has only been knocked out on less than a handful of occasions.

Of course, willpower and determination may not be enough to win a solid fight in general – but this hasn’t stopped most Tokyo Revengers fans from rooting for Takemichi, and rightfully so. Takemichi’s durability and resistance to taking physical punishment are more than enough evidence to show he’s much stronger than many Tokyo Revengers fans initially believed.

Does Takemichi Get Stronger in Tokyo Revengers?

Takemichi may not be the toughest character in Tokyo Revengers, let alone within the anime protagonist category, but he does seem to be getting stronger as the Tokyo Revengers storyline progresses. He continues getting pitted against stronger and stronger opponents, and he seems to somehow keep up with them each time, despite the odds being against him and getting beaten down on almost every occasion.

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However, with all that being said, Takemichi’s true strength does not necessarily lie in his physical prowess – or, lack thereof, in this case. By accounts, his physical strength had not improved since he was a teenager. But, he has some remarkable qualities that push him to accomplish tasks that even the strongest Tokyo Revengers characters cannot, and he never gives up no matter the cost.

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Takemichi has shown perseverance beyond belief, and he keeps on fighting as long as he has any life left in him. He refuses to stand down in the face of punches, kicks, straight-up stabbings, guns being held to his head, and much more, and he repeatedly jumps back in time stopping at nothing until he gets it right.

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In Chapter 234 of the Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi even chooses to fight alone, knowing that he would likely be beaten down or even killed due to this choice. However, he stands his ground and refuses to be aided or to run away, all to try and protect the people that he loved.

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Tokyo Revengers also focuses quite a lot on the internal weaknesses of the tough guys throughout the series – such as the arguable villain, Mikey, who can take down multiple opponents with ease, yet cannot cope with his emotional trauma and suffering. The style of storytelling is quite interesting here, and the choice to contrast the Tokyo Revengers setting with such a gentle, devoted protagonist was certainly unique for the genre.

“I’m… not… finished yet… This isn’t… nearly enough… to fix… 12 years… of being… a lazy… good-for-nothing. I ran and ran. Ran and ran. I’m not goin’ anywhere!! I got a damn good reason not to!! …If you wanna win, you got no choice but to kill me. And I am not gonna lose.”

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Anime lovers may argue that Takemichi is weak overall, and this may be correct to a degree – that is, only when considering his physical strength and power alone. Takemichi’s unconventional growth was definitely a slow burn, but he has far more resilience than most characters, showing a kind of strength that could theoretically surpass that of just about any opponent.

For a closer look at Takemichi’s journey and growth, as well as how he becomes stronger as an individual, check out the video below thanks to Diavolo.

That’s everything there is to know about Takemichi’s strength and development in Tokyo Revengers. While Takemichi may not be as skilled in combat compared to many of the most iconic anime characters out there, he has still shown some insane tenacity and inner strength – thankfully, all of his efforts eventually pay off.

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