‘Tokyo Revengers’ Ending Explained: Why Is It So Controversial?

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained: Why Is It so Controversial?

After five years of publication and a total of 29 volumes, the Tokyo Revengers manga has finally come to an end on November 16, 2022. The story by Ken Wakui has since become a fan favorite around the world, but after the manga’s final chapter – the hype might die out quickly. Namely, the manga’s final chapter is finally out, and from what we can gather, it’s going to be a big disappointment. In this article, we are going to explain the ending and tell you why it is so controversial.

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  • Tokyo Revengers ends with yet another hard reset of the timeline, where everything that has happened is seemingly annulled and removed from the timeline, as the Tokyo Manji Gang is disbanded, with the protagonists saying that it is finally over.

Tokyo Revengers ending explained

Before we start anything, we have to warn you once again – if you do not want to know how Tokyo Revengers ends before reading the final chapter, stop reading, as we are going to reveal all the known details about the controversial ending. This is a SPOILER WARNING for all readers so be careful how you approach the upcoming paragraphs.

Okay, now that we have settled this, let us continue. The final chapter of Tokyo Revengers was released on November 16, 2022, and the fans were in for a big surprise. Okay, Wakui has given us a fair share of twists and turns, but what the final chapter contains seems to be quite a conundrum even for hardcore fans of the series. Here is what happens.

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Takemichi Hanagaki once again went back in time – which is something that happens often in the series – and he recreated the Tokyo Manji Gang. After doing so, he challenged his friend Mikey and his newly-founded Kanto manji Gang, which results in a fierce battle between the two rival gangs. The fight ends with Mikey stabbing Takemichi in the stomach, with the latter woving to save his friend from the darkness inside him. Now, in the final chapter – surprise, surprise – Takemichi once again travels back in time, this time 10 years in the past, where he metts Mikey, who recognizes him.


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The two realize that they have both gone back in time and that Shinichiro, Baji, Draken, Emma, Kazutora, as well as the others, are all alive. They were not the last time they saw them. The two of them are extremely happy and they start running in the streets, proclaiming that it is a miracle. They are later seen on a rooftop, discussing their future revenge on the future itself. As time passed, the two of them grew up and founded a new iteration of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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As the chapter approaches its end, the two are once again seen on the same rooftop discussing the time that has passed and their shared adventures. They comment how they have conquered the whole country and, with tears on his face, Takemichi proclaims that it is finally over. Now, this could’ve been a fitting ending in itself, as whatever they wanted in this new timeline – in which everyone is suddenly safe and sound – was done. But no, Wakui decided to give us another panel and the panel itself was the most shocking thing in the chapter as Mikey proclaims: “As of today, the Tokyo Manji Gang is disbanded!!!”. And we’re all like – what the heck?!

Why is the ending of Tokyo Revengers so controversial?

Okay, you can understand why this ending sucks. There are actually several reasons and while most of them are quite clear, we are still going to go over them individually. Firstly, such an ending doesn’t really make sense. It doesn’t feel natural. Tokyo Revengers is an action manga with strong Yanki elements, which means that the story should contain violence, death, and not necessarily a happy ending. Okay, it doesn’t have to end in tragedy, but it doesn’t really have to have a happy ending. This is why such a go-lucky type of ending feels unnatural. It doesn’t really fit the genre or the story that had been told up to that point.

Wakui did overcomplicate the plot with his constant time traveling, which basically gave him the possibility to correct anything and everything he wanted. And okay, we’ve gotten used to that, but what’s the point? He’d changed the plot so many times up to that point that it did not make sense to do it once again. And okay, he did it once again, but did he have to give it such a lame ending? All the action and the shocks that we’ve seen on the pages of the manga over the course of its publication were always belittled with each time travel, but that is something we’ve gotten used to and we hoped that it would all make sense in the end and that the story would simply… grow into itself. And then we’ve got this.


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This was a slap. A slap in the faces of all the fans and a slap in the face of the story. All the action, all the character development, all the chills and thrills of the story – all for nothing! Everything was annulled, everything was discarded, and in favor of a completely unnatural ending that turned the whole idea into a child’s play with a happy ending. Sure, we’ve probably going to get a proper explanation of the whole context, but there is absolutely nothing that can justify such a turn in the plot of Tokyo Revengers. This is an insult that deservedly angered fans around the world, who’ve rightfully labeled Tokyo Revengers as one of the worst manga in recent years. Because, if you have such a good plot and you ruin it like this – of course, it’s going to be the worst possible.

On top of that, it all seemed to be for nothing. The whole journey, the whole effort. All for nothing. Everything we’ve experienced has been wiped away and replaced by an ending in which everything is not only… destroyed, but also replaced with something that makes absolutely no sense. And sure, some people will defend it and it probably won’t be so ex Machina in the end, but it is going to remain as one of the most unnatural and stupid manga endings ever, as it simply doesn’t make sense. It seems like someone else wrote the ending entirely, without ever having read the previous 277 chapters of the manga. And that is why the manga ending is so controversial and why so many fans are angry with it.

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