Does the Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono Die in Black Clover?

Does the Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono Die in Black Clover?

The title Magic Emperor is the title held by the leader and the strongest member of the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights. The first Magic Emperor was Lemiel and as of today, there have been 28 such leaders. The current and 28th person to hold the title is Julius Novachrono. Novachrono is one of the most important Black Clover characters and he has a pivotal role in the story. But is he still alive? In this article, we are going to tell you whether Julius Novachrono died in Black Clover.

Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono was killed by Patolli posing as Licht in Episode 93 of the Black Clover anime. And while it did seem that he had died, Julius Novachrono came back to life fairly quickly, which means that he was not actually killed by Patolli in Black Clover. He would go on being the 28th Magic Emperor in the series.

The rest of this article is going to focus on whether Julius Novachrono is alive or dead in the Black Clover manga and anime. We are going to give you all the details you need to know about the set of events related to Julius Novachrono’s apparent death and everything you’ll need to understand what actually happened to him in the series.

Does Julius Novachrono die in Black Clover?

Julius is watching the sunset over the wall around the Royal Capital. As William approaches him, Julius remarks how unusual this is. William removes his mask and thanks the Magic Emperor for all he has done. However, he informs Julius that there is someone else he cares about and that he cannot choose between them as their paths diverge. William then gives control of his body to Patolli, who thanks William and introduces himself as Licht.

Julius expresses his regret at this revelation. Julius questions how Patolli removed William’s scar, and Patolli replies that human curses do not affect him. After Patolli explains his hatred of humans, Julius realizes that William’s kindness allowed this to happen, but resolves to win. As their fight begins, Patolli launches multiple blades of light, which Julius catches with Chrono Stasis Grigora, then Patolli closes the distance and attacks with the Light Whip of Judgment, but Julius manages to predict and dodge each swing.

Patolli then appears behind Julius and cuts him through the chest. Julius then says it’s been a long time since he’s seen his own blood and explains how Time Magic works while reversing the wound. Patolli tries to attack from behind again, but this time Julius appears behind him and blocks his attack.

As the battle continues, Julius takes one of Patolli’s blades and sends it back, accelerating his speed and slashing Patolli’s face. With Patolli distracted, Julius tries to restrain him, but Patolli dodges. When Patolli marvels at the Magic Emperor’s strength and wonders about his grimoire, Julius points to where he is, hovering over the city.

He explains that he constantly questioned who he was and where he was going until he became the Magic Emperor. He then tries once more to contain Patolli, but the elf moves into the air and releases the sealed mana, the large amount of which leaves Julius stunned. As Patolli unleashes the Arrows of Judgment across the realm, Julius reflects on his past dissatisfaction with the nobles and his history with Zara.

He, however, resolves to continue protecting the country because he has noticed a small change in the public acceptance of the peasants. He creates a giant clock that stops and dissolves Patolli’s spell, saving all the citizens of the kingdom. Unfortunately, this leaves him defenseless and Patolli punches him. Julius passes out and bleeds as Yami confronts Patolli.

After Patolli escapes, Julius praises Yami’s new spell and notes how Yami and the next generation of Magic Knights have improved. He thinks to himself about having created a future without discrimination. As he dies, Julius reflects on his own failings and regrets and leaves the defense of the kingdom to Yami. His final thought is of all the magic he’s managed to see, as his tattoo and grimoire disintegrate.

Did Licht kill Julius Novachrono?

As we have said, Julius was killed by Patolli, who is a separate character from Licht, although Patolli did introduce himself as Licht during the fight. So, what is the relationship between Patolli and Licht? Well, centuries ago, Patolli and Licht were friends. When Patolli was resurrected, he found himself in William’s body, a body that resembled Licht’s. Believing that Licht had cast the reincarnation spell, Patolli introduced himself as Licht, although that wasn’t true, as the future will show us. Patolli was not Licht at the time, so Julius Novachrono was not killed by Licht, but rather by Patolly posing as Licht.

In what episode does Julius Novachrono die?

The events we have described above happened in Episode 93 of the Black Clover anime, titled “Julius Novachrono”. The episode premiered on
July 23, 2019 and adapted Chapters 145 and 145 of the original Black Clover manga, among others.

Does Julius Novachrono come back to life?

Later that night, Yami protects Julius’ corpse from the attacks of Owen and Marx, who are possessed by elven spirits. After rendering the two unconscious, Charla, who has possessed Charlotte Roselei, forces Yami to run through the city as he carries and protects the corpse. When Sol Marron arrives to save Charlotte, Yami passes her the sphere containing the corpse, which she buries in another part of town.

The next morning, Julius came back to life due to the additional time he saved on his tattoo, and his body returned to adolescence. Julius thanks Yami and William when they look for him. Six months later, after the Golden Dawn and Black Bull bases are attacked and their captains kidnapped, the remaining captains gather for a meeting and are briefed on the Dark Triad’s plot.

Julius watches silently as the captains begin to argue amongst themselves until everyone is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Nacht and Asta. After Nacht stops four of the captains from attacking, Julius attests to Nacht’s identity as the vice-captain of the Black Bull and a spy in the Spade Kingdom, but is surprised to learn that he is a host of demons.

The captains listen as Nacht explains the ritual and structure of the Tree of Qliphoth. Afterwards, Nacht expresses his desire to build a team with Asta and his Anti Magic as a key piece to rescue Yami and William and destroy the Tree of Qliphoth. After the meeting, Julius contacts Gadjah to inform him of the Clover Kingdom’s plan to invade the Spade Kingdom.


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Gadjah promises to help with the Heart Kingdom in the operation and also reports that the elves are helping to strengthen the Kingdom and the Magic Knights there. Three days later, when one of the Spade Kingdom’s devils attacks the Clover Kingdom, Julius—with Damnatio’s help—temporarily ages ten years. He blocks one of the devil’s attacks but runs out of time as he tries to destroy the devil’s arm.

His transformation is undone, revealing his true appearance to the realm. The devil starts attacking and Asta arrives, passing Julius and Damnatio. Julius watches Asta unite, neutralize the devil’s blast and then fight the devil. During the fight, Julius notes that Asta’s Anti Magic is the devil’s weakness.

After Asta separates the devil, Julius is amazed to see such a display of peculiar magic. Just before the second gate to the underworld opens, Julius’s feeling of unease grows, causing him to drop to his knees, and he can feel Lucifero about to emerge, even though he is still in the Clover Kingdom. Back at his office, Julius receives the report that the attack on the Spade Kingdom is over.

Although relieved that the battle is over, he still has an uneasy feeling about certain events. Damnatio visits Julius and points out discrepancies with Megicula, Astaroth and Time Magic. Julius comes to the same troubling conclusion and, in a panic, asks Damnatio to stop him. However, it is too late and Julius transforms into Lucius Zogratis, who incapacitates Damnatio.

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