Asta’s Demon Form & Powers in Black Clover Explained

Asta's Demon Form & Powers In Black Clover Explained

We all know that Asta is the protagonist of Black Clover. Asta is a truly well-written character but aside from being very powerful, Asta is also unique to the world of Black Clover. In this article, we are going to discuss Asta and his powers. We are going to list them and explain each of them so that you can know everything you need to know about the protagonist of Black Clover and his demonic form, as well as his unique set of powers and abilities that we have seen throughout the series. The article is actually going to function as a list, as we are going to list and explain each of Asta’s powers in more detail. Enjoy!

How and when did Asta become a demon?

The events we are about to describe happened during Asta’s battle against Ladros in the Withces’ forest Arc of Black Clover, more specifically, in Episode 63 of the anime series, titled “It’s Nothing”. This was the first time that Asta actually transformed into a demon in the story and this is how it went down.

In battle, Ladros wonders how many blasts Asta’s body can withstand. Asta suddenly raises his head up and a black substance wraps around his arm while also withering the grass around him. In Asta’s subconscious, Asta wonders if he died and starts complaining when someone calls him. Asta looks around and sees a large black mass, which greets Asta.

Asta is in complete disarray and asks who he is, which the mass comments about the greeting and that he is the closest to Asta and than anyone else. Asta says that he has nothing to do with the mass, which the mass replies that it doesn’t matter as he now has a body to possess to enter the physical realm. The mass makes it to Asta, but Asta dodges it and asks what he is talking about.

The dough just tells Asta that he can take care of everything and win against Ladros, and Asta grabs the dough’s arm and says that he will win with his own strength. The dough tells Asta to just trust his conscience as a shrimp-like Asta has no chance of winning. Asta tells the mass not to underestimate him as he can just go upstairs and meet him face to face.

Mass replies that there are some places he won’t be able to climb and give up, which Asta says not giving up is his magic. Asta regains consciousness and stands, while the mass covers his arm and creates a horn and a wing. Ladros is shocked that Asta has come back, while Noelle thinks about how dough isn’t magic. The Witch Queen, who is watching, comments on how Asta was able to control the mass and how the Anti Magic inside the sword now flows inside Asta. Asta ponders how there is a surge of power overflowing within him.

The Witch Queen also comments on how she thought Asta might be descended from that race, but Asta is a defect who was born without magic. Ladros tells Asta to get out of sight and shoots Asta. Asta easily cuts off the blast as he goes forward, and the queen comments about how magic doesn’t make sense against Asta. Ladros jumps into the air to avoid Asta and continues to attack.

The queen also says that the overflowing Anti Magic chases the magic, which Asta changes direction and heads towards Ladros. Noelle sees this and thinks about how she looks like a black shooting star. Ladros asks why, after all, he’s done to get to the top, and Asta says he has others to help him get up and get stronger. Asta defeats Ladros with one attack.

Magical powers

Asta uses the unique energy of Anti-Magic to nullify other types of magic. Despite not having the ability to use magic, his control over this anti-magical energy, as well as the uniqueness of her power, have earned her the rank of arcane level mage. Asta combines his Anti-Magic with the magic of others to create more powerful spells.

General Abilities

Asta initially had a rigid swordsmanship style due to his unconventional sword and the fact that he had only received basic training from Fanzell Kruger. Over time he has developed better skills through battle experience by fighting multiple opponents who used magic swords and witnessing their battles such as Licht, Yami, Mars, and Kiato, he has also managed to improve his skills with it thanks to additional swords and the perception of ki.

On the other hand, Asta has no mana and is unable to use magic. This allows him to use Anti-Magic without suffering its debilitating effects of it since he has no magic power that he can lose. This also makes him undetectable to people who sense the mana of others, and he is immune to the life-draining substance of the underworld.

Asta possesses a high level of physical strength, capable of performing a thousand push-ups with one hand. This strength allows him to hold heavy swords with one hand, as well as create holes in rock walls using only his fists without injuring himself. Asta can hold his swords with such force that his opponents go through rocks when hit by his weapons. The Queen of Witches further enhanced the strength of her arms using her blood magic.

Asta is also able to move at above-average speed, leading William Vengeance to believe that he has used magic to help himself. In addition to that, Asta possesses high durability, as seen when he is able to stand up, despite taking numerous attacks from Heath Grice. He is even able to get out of Licht’s collapse attempt relatively unscathed along with Yami. Asta possesses a heightened level of instinct, as shown when he subconsciously moves his body in the best way to defend himself.


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The Ki that Asta uses is actually a principle originating from the place Yami comes from. It allows Asta to use his sixth sense to perceive and react to attacks and people that he cannot see. His exceptionally strong willpower further allows him to never give up, no matter how difficult or impossible the situation is. Even when he lost the use of both hands, he steadfastly refused to give up.

By facing the demon within him, Asta was able to overcome his temptation of him. Later, he even temporarily resisted the Witch Queen’s Blood Puppet’s control. His stubbornness is a great inspiration to the people around him, constantly pushing them beyond their own limits. Asta has also been shown to be incredibly charismatic, his actions and words routinely rallying his friends and allies in even the most desperate situations. He is also extremely eloquent, creating inspirational speeches and constantly turning his opponents’ words against them.

Despite his hyperactive and opinionated nature, Asta has been shown to be intelligent and thoughtful in his own right. He understands many situations he finds himself in and can be tactical when needed, such as removing curses with his swords and thinking of different tactics in battle. He has shown that he is a quick learner, such as when he quickly learned how to use ki from Yami’s instructions in the middle of a fight, as well as being able to discover the hidden powers of the Sword of Danma simply by watching its original owner’s fight.

Demonic abilities and forms

As the holder of the Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire, Asta is connected to a demon that possesses anti-magic, which gives him access to this energy. The more power he takes, the more demonic his appearance becomes. Asta makes a pact with the demon: his right arm in exchange for more power. This increase in his power allows him to negate Gravitational Singularity and coat new weapons with anti-magic; however, he is limited to 50 seconds on use.

Black Asta

Asta's Demon Form & Powers in Black Clover Explained

After the Witch Queen uses her blood magic to remove the limits of Asta’s Anti-Magic, Asta learns to channel the energy through his body and attain a form where the Anti-Magic passes through and covers part of his body. from his body. This form is drawn by strong magic and increases her strength and speed while clearing her mind of doubts and extraneous thoughts and improving her focus and mental clarity, as well as granting her the ability to fly.

To activate this form, Asta must stand still and focus on circulating energy, which leaves him open to attack. Additionally, the physical exhaustion of using this form limits Asta’s use to only twice a day, though he can push for a third time.

Asta is also able to enter a berserker mode when his emotions are altered causing the anti-magic in his body to go out of control and begin to manifest less stability in body, he also covers his right leg and together with his arm gives it a shape. clawed covers most of his face with anti-magic and grows a third horn, in this state asta is unable to reason and speak normally.


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Assimilation with Liebe

Asta's Demon Form & Powers in Black Clover Explained

After Asta and Liebe train with Gimodelo, they manage to master the demonic assimilation, however, due to their exhaustion, the transformation only lasts five minutes.

In this state, Asta’s hair turns completely black, he grows four horns, and his face is covered with some sharp black lines: one that crosses his eye from his cheek and two thinner ones that come from his head to the main line. His forehead is covered with a kind of Anti-Magic band with a pointed red line with other smaller ones crossing it. Also, his body is covered with a type of armor with different marks similar to the one on his forehead, marked on the part of his legs, and also on some shoulder pads.

There are also some thinner pointed lines on the part of his thighs from the sides to the center, behind the arms, and on the abdomen. In the center of his chest there is a type of eight-pointed star that covers most of it with a similar and smaller symbol in the center of it, but with five points instead, which will turn into circles for each minute that passes and when all these become in circles, their assimilation is disabled. He also grows two wings and a tail with a clover-shaped tip. He also possesses a total of six Anti-Magic orbs expelling lightning bolts on his back.

This form greatly increases Asta’s strength to the point that he could easily cut Naamah’s body even after it merges with Lilith, being this a real physical body and not a body of magic like the Majin, also his speed and the ability of his Anti-Magic to such an extent that he can nullify the magic of an entire area.

Who is the demon inside Asta’s Grimoire?

The Demon inside Astas’s Grimoire is none other than Liebe. Liebe is also a source of Asta’s anti-magic abilities and harbors a strong hatred toward other devils. But where did that hatred come from & How did he end up inside a grimoire? The hatred goes way way back to Liebe’s birth. Since he was a low-ranking demon born without any magic whatsoever higher- ranking demons made a hobby of torturing him. That lack of magic would ultimately save him since he was able to pass through the gates and join the world of the living.

From there, he was adopted by Richita and was relatively happy until Lucifero found out that Liebe resides among the humans. He attempted to kill him, but Richita managed to capture Liebe inside the five-leaf clover grimoire to save him from Lucifero. Asta swore that day, that he will annihilate demons. From his hatred, a new power was born, Anti-magic.

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