Naruto: Tsunade Is Still Alive, but She Almost Died Twice!

Is tsunade dead

Masashi Kishimoto’s World of Naruto is certainly one of the most popular animanga brands that came out of Japan. The ninja setting and the deeply emotional narrative attracted fans worldwide, and it is no wonder that hardly anyone had heard of Naruto at one point. Naruto has a lot of mysteries within its narrative, and the fans are still wondering about some issues, which is why we have decided to answer one for you today. Remember Tsunade? Most people do. Likewise, most people think she’s dead. But that isn’t true. This article will present her story to you, so keep reading to find out.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After being absent for a while, Tsunade was brought back to Konoha to succeed Minato as the Fifth Hokage; after the war, she retired, with Kakashi succeeding her in the end. Although reluctant to accept the position, she fulfilled her duties brilliantly.
  • After retiring, Tsunade has not been seen much, but she was present during Naruto’s and Hinata’s wedding, and we know that she was still alive in Boruto, although not many details have been provided. We can thus confirm that she is alive and well in the series.

Tsunade doesn’t die in Naruto

Tsunade is famed as the world’s strongest kunoichi and its greatest medical-nin. Her story is filled with tragic events that shaped her into the character we see in the main story, a character who is certainly one of the more badass characters in Naruto. She is also one of the more important female characters in the series despite never getting enough screen time to merit and properly honor her epicness.

A big question people usually have when Tsunade is concerned is – does she die in the Naruto franchise? For those of you who have not read/seen the material, we have to warn you that you should expect spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own risk.

First of all, we think it would be best to explain why people think that Tsunade died. It’s rather simple – she came close to dying on two occasions. First, when Pain attacks the village of Konoha in Naruto’s absence, Tsunade – who is extremely powerful and chooses not to fight – is the only one, as the Fifth Hokage, who can fight against Pain.

Also, Pain’s powers were going a bit crazy then, so he was very hard to control and defeat. Still, Tsunade was able to do it using her strongest technique – Strength of a Hundred Technique – although it almost cost her her life. Her chakra was so drained that she could not stand alone, so the other ninjas had to take her to safety and heal her.

On the second occasion, the genuine, revived Madara Uchiha defeated Tsunade and the other five Kages. Despite the battle’s epic nature, Madara could easily dispatch all of his opponents, presumably ending their lives, yet Tsunade ended up surviving. Tsunade appeared to die in these two circumstances, yet as we can see, she lived through both.


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Tsunade doesn’t really get involved in any major fight until the end, and since she is seen at the wedding of Naruto and Hinata, we can safely assume that she is alive. She is probably retired, enjoying her peace somewhere quiet; as of yet, we still don’t know her whereabouts, but we are certain that Kishimoto will tell us something about Tsunade at one point. What we can confirm is that she is alive and well.

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