Dr.STONE: Who Does Senku End up With? Whom Will He Marry?

Dr.STONE: Who Does Senku End up With? Whom Will He Marry?

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The term “ship” in terms of anime is actually a shortened version of the word “relationship” and represents fan-based relationships between the characters in the series. So, if you think that two characters would be great as a couple, you’re “shipping” them together. As far as Dr.STONE ships are concerned, one of the often discussed characters in this category is, of course, the protagonist, Senku Ishigami, who is, believe it or not, also the most popular character in the series. In this article, we have decided to explain to you whether Senku actually ended up with anyone at the end of the manga or whether he is still single.

Senku Ishigami never ended up with anyone in the Dr.STONE manga. It is known that Senku had a very close relationship with Kohaku and that he even married her sister, Ruri. But, the latter was just part of a plan, as he divorced her immediately, and while he remained close to Kohaku, their relationship remained friendly in nature.

The rest of this article will explore the potential relationships of Senku Ishigami, the most popular character in the series. We will explore Senku’s personality in more detail, as well as some of the most popular ships involving him and the characters seen in Dr.STONE. This article won’t contain too many spoilers, but still, be careful how you approach it if you don’t know the whole story.

Senku was always dedicated to science

Senku Ishigami is the protagonist of Dr.STONE. He is exceptionally clever and boasts considerable knowledge in every scientific discipline, with a special interest in astronomy and space travel. After being petrified, he was able to stay awake by counting seconds continuously for 3,700 years. His present objective is to establish the Kingdom of Science, or a new civilization, in the Stone World.

Despite his seeming haughtiness, he is actually quite honorable and kind, seeing science as a tool to improve everyone’s lot in life. He also has unwavering faith in his friends. Senku becomes their leader after pretending to be dead to get away from Tsukasa. He learns that he is a legend in the village because of the influence of one of their ancestors, his adoptive father, Byakuya, who was one of the survivors of the original petrification.

Senku 1

Senku exhibits an exaggerated attitude through his leadership and comedic style. He has the capacity to support himself and is self-assured. Nevertheless, he never allows his confidence to make him act foolishly or belittle others around him. Instead, he serves as a motivator and an inspiration to everyone around him. People frequently congregate around him, both coworkers and well-wishers, because of his humor and compassionate attitude. Although he has a strong sense of justice, he sometimes uses trickery to achieve his goals because he doesn’t always follow the laws.


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Despite his frequent portrayals of doing so in the name of science and for personal gain, he has a kind heart below all of his hubris and scheming. He declares that he will employ science to save the seven billion frightened people, going against Tsukasa. In a flashback, he said he would find a way to save everyone when asked who he would choose to save: himself, his friend, or his lover. He demonstrates this by deciding to “sacrifice” himself in order to save Yuzuriha from Tsukasa, even though doing so would require him to tell the latter about the components and preparation method for the potion that would de-petrify stone statues.

Most popular ships involving Senku

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the more probable ships involving Senku Ishigami:


Senku 28229

Senku and Kohaku had a very close bond. The two of them first meet when Senku goes off on his own. She was impressed by his demeanor and his skills, seeing in him a true gentleman, especially after he saves Yuzuriha. She was impressed by his demeanor, and it was obvious from the start that she fancied him. As time passed, the two of them became increasingly close to each other, and the Senhaku ship became one of the most popular fanon ships in the whole series (a lot of other ships actually became canon at some point).

Kohaku considers Senku to be a close friend, and Senku shares the same sentiments. She is very loyal to him, whereas he is very protective towards her and cares for her a lot. Senku was definitely willing to do what it took to protect Kohaku, and Kohaku was definitely the most loyal friend Senku had in the series. But, underneath that close yet friendly bond, Kohaku had genuine feelings for Senku, although she was perfectly content to live with them not being reciprocated. This is evident throughout the story.

For example, Senku constantly teased her by calling her lioness or gorilla, knowing that she hated these names, but she never really got mad at him for that; on the other hand, if Chrome would do the same, Kohaku would kick his ass promptly. Kohaku was also quite shocked when Senku married her sister, Ruri, although he did divorce her promptly, as it was all part of a plan, and Senku never intended to be with Ruri, as he knew that she and Chrome loved each other. On top of that, she actually admitted that she found Senku physically attractive at one point.


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The two of them even kissed once, or, to be more precise, Kohaku kissed Senku, but it was more of a reflex reaction at the moment than anything else. She did hug him sincerely, though, and she never really hid the fact that she cared deeply for him. But, regardless of that, Kohaku and Senku never became a couple. Kohaku was seen attending a wedding alone, while Senku went back in time to save those he could not, so the two of them remained close friends, but they never became a couple in the canon.


Kohaku’s sister Ruri taught Chrome and Senku Momotaro and “complicated” words. And while they were childhood friends, Senku never viewed Ruri as more than a friend. He was aware of the feelings Ruri had for Chrome and Chrome’s feelings for her. But, the fact that Ruri was terminally ill interested Senku, and he decided that he would come up with a cure for her disease. But, the story became more complicated at one point.

Namely, Senku, in order to save Ruri’s life, had to participate in the Grand Bout tournament to become the Village Chief. This was a way to expand the Kingdom of Science but also save Ruri’s life. The winner of the tournament would end up marrying Ruri, which is why it was arranged for Chrome to win, but Chrome passed out during the fight, and to everyone’s surprise, Senku was declared the winner. After this victory, Ruri and Senku actually spoke for the first time in the series.

Senku did end up marrying Ruri in order to be as pragmatic as possible, but he never really intended to take her away from Chrome. He cared for Ruri, and the marriage was a way to save her life, which is why he accepted it as a condition. This is why even Chrome was not angry with him. But, soon after, Ruri’s condition worsened, and before even getting a chance to celebrate the marriage, Senku quickly divorced her and left the village to come up with a cure for her. He would eventually succeed, and Ruri would go on to marry Chrome later in the story.

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