Dr.STONE: Tsukasa’s Revival Explained!

Dr.STONE: Tsukasa's Revival Explained!

Among all the various Dr.STONE characters we usually talk about, Tsukasa is an exceptionally important name and a character with one of the best (redemption) arcs in the whole series. Tsukasa was initially a primary antagonist in the series. Still, the development of his friendship with Senku is the true gist of his story, as it shows us just how layered and deep Tsukasa is as a character. And while his story, in general, is not going to be the focus here, we will talk about Tsukasa. In this article, you will find out how Tsukasa was revived in Dr.STONE.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Tsukasa was first petrified in 2019, along with the rest of humanity, which makes sense. He was depetrified by Senku in 5739 while the latter was searching for strong allies.
  • Tsukasa then became a villain but later redeemed himself and became Senku’s ally once again. After he was fatally injured, Senku petrified him and immediately depetrified him to heal his injuries.
  • He was petrified for the last time by Whyman near the end of the series, and was ultimately depetrified in 5749 by Senku. He is still alive and well in the series.

Tsukasa was petrified three times

As we have said, this article will focus on Tsukasa and how he was revived throughout the series. But, to understand most of these cases, we have to talk about Tsukasa’s relationship with Senku, as the two of them were initially bitter rivals when Tsukasa was a villain but ended up being friends and allies later. This is why this is an important fact and why Senku will be heavily featured in this article despite the focus being on Tsukasa.

What we are going to do now is tell you all about the three times that Tsukasa was petrified and the three times that he was depetrified and revived by Senku Ishigami. Here we go:

1. 2019 to 5739: First Petrification

As for Tsukasa’s first petrification, he was, like the rest of the world, petrified in 2019, which is not strange. At the time, he was a well-known teenage MMA fighter and one of the strongest fighters of his time, so it makes a lot of sense that he was well-known worldwide. This fact brings us to the present timeline of the series when Senku and his allies were slowly starting to revive some of the petrified people with the limited resources they had at the time.

Three thousand years after everyone on Earth was turned to stone, Senku and Taiju needed someone to defend them from the world’s perils, so they brought the adolescent MMA fighter back to life early in the narrative. Tsukasa was Senku and Taiju’s best option because he was known as the strongest teenager on the planet. But, while this seemed like a prudent decision, it turned out to be a problem, as Tsukasa soon became their enemy.


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2. 5741: Second Petrification

The story and experience that we all had with Tsukasa in the meantime was complex. He was initially an ally of Senku and then became a mortal enemy who sought to create a better society without technology and with fewer people (which is why he kept smashing petrified people) around; this caused a rift with Senku. However, the two of them actually managed to reconcile at one point and even became allies again.

Together, the two of them fought and managed to defeat Hyoga, the traitor, but since Tsukasa took a fatal blow for Senku, he was critically injured and frozen (put in a state of cryosleep) until healed. It is then that Senku decided to petrify him and depetrify him again so that the process would heal him, and that is exactly what happened in 5741. Later, Tsukasa went with Senku to America.

3. 5742 to 5749: Third Petrification

As far as the final petrification is concerned, it happened in one of the final arcs when Tsukasa was on the side of the good guys. He was, actually, like the rest of them, petrified by Whyman, but was eventually revived seven years later, again by Senku, who thus ended the final cycle and the situation was finally brought to an end, and Tsukasa was revived once and for all, as he is still alive and well.

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