Dr.STONE: Here Is Why Hyoga Betrayed Tsukasa!

Dr.STONE: Here Is Why Hyoga betrayed Tsukasa!

Among all the various Dr.STONE characters we usually talk about, Hyoga is an exceptionally important name and a character whose story has attracted a lot of attention in the series. Hyoga was initially a secondary antagonist in the series and was an ally of Tsukasa’s for a while, the two being very close until one point. The schism happened when Hyoga betrayed Tsukasa. And while his story, in general, is not going to be the focus here, we will focus on the titular betrayal here. In this article, you will discover why Hyoga betrayed Tsukasa in Dr.STONE.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Initially, Hyoga and Tsukasa were friends and close allies, as they shared the same ideals of a new world, which is why they clashed with Senku.
  • When Tsukasa decided to ally himself with Senku, as Senku promised to depetrify his sister, Hyoga decided to stay true to his ideals. After Mirai was revived, he betrayed Tsukasa.
  • Tsukasa and Senku fought Hyoga and eventually defeated him, although Tsukasa was heavily injured in that battle.

Hyoga betrayed Tsukasa because Tsukasa “had gone soft”

The relationship between Tsukasa and Hyoga was very interesting, as the two of them were initially presented as allies. This is why the events of the Communications Arc are so strange, as it seemed until that moment that the bond between Tsukasa and Hyoga was unbreakable, seeing how they were two close allies who shared common ideals.

But, it did not play out like that, and that was a big shock for everyone, as no one expected it to happen. This is why we have decided to use this article to explain what happened between Hyoga and Tsukasa, i.e., why Hyoga ultimately betrayed Tsukasa and almost killed him in the final moments of the Communications Arc.

So, we know that the Communications Arc changed the relationship between Senku and Tsukasa; Tsukasa and Senku were initially allies, as Senku revived Tsukasa, but clashed over their respective visions of the world. Tsukasa wanted a world with fewer humans and free of technology, while Senku rejected such an idea. Tsukasa would ultimately find a close ally in Hyoga, whom he liberated and took in as a member of his Tsukasa Empire.

Hyoga did share the same ideals as Tsukasa, but he also thought that only the strongest needed to survive, which made sense, seeing how both of them were strong fighters. Hyoga did not see a world with weak people, so he interpreted Tsukasa’s future actions as weakness.

Namely, when Senku promised Tsukasa that he could depetrify and heal Mirai, his sister, Tsukasa, agreed to peace, which disappointed Hyoga. And while he initially did not say anything, once Senku did revive Mirai, he attacked Tsukasa’s sister and then Tsukasa and Senku.


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He then explained his ideology to the two of them, and at that point, it became clear that his betrayal of Tsukasa was related to his ideology and not anything else. He considered Tsukasa weak for making a deal with Senku, their enemy, and he did not allow for a world with weak people. That is why he wanted to eliminate Tsukasa and Senku, but not before he tortured Senku into revealing information about the formula that Hyoga would use for his gains. But, as Senku did not want to tell him, the fight continued when Tsukasa returned, and the two faced Hyoga.

It was an interesting fight, as Hyoga was a powerful fighter like Tsukasa, whereas Senku dominated both of them intellectually. So, what happened? Well, during the battle, Hyoga managed to fatally wound Tsukasa, who took a hit for Senku. Still, the two of them were ultimately able to overpower the traitor, who was defeated in the end, and Senku and Tsukasa survived. To save Tsukasa’s life, Senku put him in a state of cryosleep until he would be able to heal him, while Hyoga was taken prisoner.

Hyoga expressed his doubt that Senku would be able to find a way to heal Tsukasa, but he was told by Kohaku to not be so sure about it, and she was right, as Senku did really find a way to heal Tsukasa later in the story.

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