Dr.STONE: What Is the “Drone” & What Does it Do?

Dr. Stone: What is the "Drone" & What Does it Do?

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Dr.STONE has never achieved the fame that some other shonen titles have over the years, but this fantasy work has nevertheless become a modern classic and has a very solid fandom. Dr.STONE is a truly beautiful tale filled with various fantastic elements and moments, so, understandably, fans love it. Aside from the plot and the characters, many other concepts proved exceptionally important in the series, including Senku’s inventions. This article will be dedicated to the “Drone,” one such invention that Senku came up with during the Treasure Island Arc.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • During the Treasure Island Arc, Senku opted to make a special weapon called the “Drone”, which would be used to fight their enemies during that arc, but he was unable to do it himself, as he needed the technical knowledge of an experienced builder.
  • When old man Kaseki was revived, he helped Senku finish his “Drone,” which was then used to infiltrate enemy territory in one of the most epic moments of the whole arc.
  • The “Drone” is actually a real drone, a large invention that was able to fly into enemy territory and which also has some offensive and defensive capabilities, so while the quotation marks might have been misleading, the whole story behind the name “Drone” was actually not misleading in any way.

The “Drone” is actually nothing more than an actual drone that is capable of fighting

Okay, so, as far as the story is concerned, we’re talking about the Treasure Island Arc, which was one epic arc with a lot of content involving both Senku, who is – of course – the focus of this story, but also other characters who did play a (relatively) significant role in the arc as a whole.

So, we’re in the middle of the infiltration, and Senku is with Kohaku, explaining the whole infiltration plan to her. After he is done with that part, he tells her that he is going to work on the “Drone,” a drone whose purpose would be to help all of them infiltrate enemy territory and do their task successfully. And while we know that Senku is an absolute genius and had an idea on how to build the drone, we have to say that the task was not easy, even for someone of his caliber. So, what happened?

Well, the first thing he managed to create was the motors, and to test them, he sent a small mouse-like robot to Kohaku, who sent it back with a pictograph that confirmed that they had found the platinum. Senku then uses his wits once again and retrieves the platinum, which he uses to produce nitric acid, which is, in turn, used to produce more potions for depetrifying people. That was the initial phase of the “Drone’s” construction, as Sanku was still getting ready and doing the basics before the necessary help arrived.

So, what was the help? Well, with more potion, Senku was able to revive the old inventor Kaseki, who immediately helped him build the “Drone,” and the two of them were able to finish the whole thing – which was of an impressive size, might you – in a relatively short period of time. Namely, Kaseki’s skills were of vital importance to Senku, so it was necessary both to retrieve him and to revive him; without this, we doubt that he would have been able to finish the drone alone, let alone on time, so it is definitely great that this worked out.


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As the “Drone” is finished, Senku and his allies launch their attack. While they are initially successful, Ibara manages to use a chaotic last-ditch move and petrifies the whole island once again, but Senku somehow manages to avoid it and continue the fight. He also manages to depetrify Ryusui (for the third time), and the two of them are ultimately able to defeat Ibara, thus bringing the battle to an end, although this was not the end of their struggles.

As we have no intention of spoiling the story for you, we will stop the story here, as this is where the role of the “Drone” in the Treasure Island Arc ends. We will tell you a bit about Senku’s genius and skills before we end this article.

Senku ‘s genius intelligence has once again come to the forefront here

Senku Ishigami is the protagonist of Dr.STONE. He is exceptionally clever and boasts considerable knowledge in every scientific discipline, with a special interest in astronomy and space travel. After being petrified, he could stay awake by counting seconds continuously for 3,700 years. His objective is to establish the Kingdom of Science, or a new civilization, in the Stone World.

We know that Senku is the resident genius of the series, and his skills are truly impressive. Aside from being a brilliant chemist and a scientist to be reckoned with, he also proved himself to be a skilled inventor, and the invention of the drone confirmed this. Aside from the ability to fix things and repair them, he has also proven himself to be an excellent engineer and a brilliant inventor.

This is why Senku’s genius has to be emphasized over and over, and the invention of the drone (although he did have some help there) is a prime example of how skilled Senku actually is as a character. That is something we wanted to stress before finishing this whole article, as Senku Ishigami is truly a character that needs praise and a character that has consistently been proving that he has a truly brilliant mind and that without him, the world of Dr.STONE wouldn’t be the same.

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