Dr.STONE: Who Is Chrome & How Did He Help Senku?

Dr.STONE: Who Is Chrome & How Did He Help Senku?

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Dr.STONE has never achieved the fame that some other shonen titles have over the years, but this fantasy work has nevertheless become a modern classic and has a very solid fandom. Dr.STONE is a truly beautiful tale filled with various fantastic elements and moments, so, understandably, fans love it. Of course, another forte of the series is its characters, and this article will be dedicated to one character from the series who has been here for a while but whose skills have proved extremely useful and important in the current arc. The character in question is Chrome, an ally of Senku’s, and in this article, you will be able to read about his story.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Chrome is a young and intelligent boy living in Ishigami Village, known as a “wizard” for his scientific skills. It later turned out that he was a naturally gifted scientist.
  • Initially a rival of Senku’s, they became great friends, as Chrome became one of his most trusted and reliable allies. He is, technically, considered to be Senku’s right-hand man.
  • Senku survived three petrifications in total, fake pneumonia and being captured by the Tsukasa Empire. We can confirm that he is alive and well as of the manga’s official ending.

Chrome is a supposed “wizard,” but he is actually just a very intelligent scientist

Chrome is one of the principal protagonists of Dr.STONE. He is a young and intelligent boy from Ishigami Village, where he was – due to his amazing skills – known as a “wizard,” although his “witchcraft” was just a natural talent for science. Although he initially considered Senku a rival, they soon became friends and allies, and Chrome became not only Senku’s protege but also his right-hand man and one of his most trusted allies.

Chrome would go on to help Senku on more than one occasion, both through actually assisting Senku in his work or by coming up with plans and ideas of his own. He did that during the initial arcs but also during the Treasure Island Arc. All of this confirms that Chrome is an exceptionally important character and that is why we have decided to tell you more about him.

Is Chrome smarter than Senku?

Chrome is exceptionally intelligent, and that cannot be denied. He used scientific methods by pure instinct, without proper training and knowledge, as he had no idea what humanity had achieved in the period before the petrification. This proves that he is exceptionally gifted in that aspect. But is he smarter than Senku?

His intelligence is certainly above average, and he is smarter than his fellows from Ishigami Village. Even Yo and many other characters admitted that Chrome was far superior to them intellectually. He also came up with some ideas that helped Senku, but we cannot be so brave as to tell that he is smarter than Senku. He is very close to his level, but Senku remains the resident genius of Dr.STONE, while Chrome can probably be placed in second place. This proves, though, why he is so important for the story as a whole.


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How did Chrome escape in Dr.STONE?

We know that Chrome was, at one point, captured by the Tsukasa Empire after having enabled his friends to escape. Chrome did a lot to help them, but Tsukasa and Hyoga caught him and offered him the chance to join them. Being loyal to Senku and his village, Chrome refused and told them that they could drop him from the waterfall above, where they had hung him earlier. And they did just that, believe it or not.

He was, of course, saved because Ukyo fired an arrow at him that caught his sleeve and saved him. He was then taken to a cage and imprisoned by the Tsukasa Empire. But, after receiving some help in the form of a battery, he was able to trick Yo and escape, which was a major moment in the arc and a very important moment in Chrome’s story.

Who gave Chrome the battery in Dr.STONE?

We now know that the battery actually saved Chrome’s life in the series. But who brought him the battery that saved his life? Well, it was actually Ukyo, the skilled archer who had saved his life before, as he was falling down from the waterfall. So, you can imagine how important Ukyo was for Chrome.

Does Chrome survive in Dr.STONE?

As for his future, we can actually calm you down and confirm that Chrome does, indeed, survive until the end and that he is still alive and well in the series. We know that he survived being captured by the Tsukasa Empire, we know about that fake pneumonia as well; and before we conclude, here is an overview of his (de)petrification history:

  • Year 5741: He was petrified by Kirisame on Treasure Island.
  • Year 5741: He was quickly depetrified by Senku and his allies.
  • Year 5741: He was once again petrified on Treasure Island when Ibara used Medusa.
  • Year 5741: Shortly afterward, he was again depetrified by Senku.
  • Year 5742: He was once again petrified by Why-man alongside many other characters.
  • Year 5749: Senku finally depetrified and revived him after everything was over and done with.


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As you can see, he was born later and was not petrified with the rest of humanity during the original petrification incident, but he was petrified thrice later (including twice on Treasure Island). Senku managed to save him every time, so he was eventually depetrified in 5,749 and he is now alive and well, so we can confirm that he does, indeed, survive the events of Dr.STONE.

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