Dr.STONE: Who Is the Head of Treasure Island?

Dr.STONE: Who Is the Head of Treasure Island?

As far as the locations of Dr.STONE are concerned, there are many intriguing ones in the series and Treasure Island, which is also the home of the Petrification Kingdom, is certainly among the most popular and important ones. The setting of the current anime arc, the Treasure Island Arc, the island is exceptionally important, and it was the setting of one of the best adventures in the series. One important question related to the story of Treasure Island is the issue of its ruler. Who is the Head of the Petrification Kingdom and, simultaneously, the ruler of Treasure Island? Keep reading to find out.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • As far as the canon is concerned, Treasure Island has three known rulers. The unnamed Head of the Petrification Kingdom and Soyuz’s father, whose rule Ibara usurped and who was a statue that could not be revived.
  • Ibara is the usurper the heroes encounter when they arrive on Treasure Island. He was a vile villain who wanted all power to himself and was the main antagonist of the arc.
  • Soyuz was chosen as the leader after Ibara’s downfall, which makes complete sense, seeing how he was the rightful Head’s son.

The Head of the Petrification Kingdom is the rightful ruler

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When we are first introduced to the Petrification Kingdom located on Treasure Island, it is said that its current ruler is the benevolent and unnamed Head of the Petrification Kingdom. He is worshiped as a statue, but something is unclear about his story, as the kingdom is run by his minister, Ibara, who seems to be hiding something when the Head is in question. We also find out that the Head is Soyuz’s father.

So, what is the big secret? Well, as it turned out, Ibara usurped the throne as the Head’s minister and became the sole ruler of the Petrification Kingdom. At the same time, he was keeping the truth hidden, and that was that the Head was actually still petrified and that he was simply a statue. Because the statue has been corrupted and corroded over the years, the Head could not be depetrified and that is the horrible truth that Ibara had been hiding from everyone in order to maintain his position.


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Ibara is the usurper and a vile villain

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Ibara is a vile villain, unlike the benevolent Head of the Petrification Kingdom. He knew the truth of the Petrification Kingdom and of the Head’s condition, but that did not stop him from usurping the rule and ruling over the Kingdom as an evil tyrant no one liked except those most loyal to him. Ibara was a tyrant, and his downfall was the only possible outcome in this arc. But he did not make it easy for anyone.

He had it in for Senku and the others, and using Kirisame and Moz, he wanted to get rid of his enemies, which he was ultimately able to do at one point, but not completely. He planned to petrify the whole island, but while he did activate the petrification weapon, he was ultimately unable to do what he intended, as there were some survivors. He was ultimately brought down and defeated and remained petrified until the end of the manga, so he received a very just and rightful ending to his own story.

Soyuz is the rightful air and the current ruler

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Soyuz is a well-known character to fans of Dr.STONE, and although he doesn’t really look like leader material, he is actually the only child of the unnamed Head of the Petrification Kingdom and is, in that aspect, the only rightful heir to the throne, seeing how his father cannot be revived due to the poor condition of his statue. Soyuz is best known as a loyal ally of Senku and his Science Kingdom, but this changed when Ibara was brought down.

Namely, after Ibara’s downfall, the people of Treasure Island agreed that Soyuz should take over as the new leader. While he was Senku’s friend and ally, he decided to remain with his people, which is a decision that Senku and all of Soyuz’s friends agreed with. And that is the story of how Soyuz actually succeeded his father as the only rightful heir to the throne of the Petrification Kingdom, which also granted him rule over Treasure Island. He is the current ruler and is as benevolent as his father was.

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