Dr.STONE: What Happened to Ginro & Where Is He Now?

Dr. Stone: What Happened to Ginro & Where Is He Now?

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Dr.STONE has never achieved the fame that some other shonen titles have over the years, but this fantasy work has nevertheless become a modern classic and has a very solid fandom. Dr.STONE is a truly beautiful tale filed with various fantastic elements and moments, so, understandably, fans love it. Of course, another forte of the series are its characters, and that is why this article is going to be dedicated to one of them. It has been brought to Kinro’s attention that his younger brother, Ginro, is missing, and in this article, we will explain what happened to him and where he is now.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ginro is Kinro’s younger brother. He is a member of Senku’s Science Kingdom, known for being cowardly, as he constantly avoids dangerous missions.
  • Although Ginro was reluctant to join his friends on Treasure Island, he was dragged there by accident, and he showed a lot of courage while helping his friends and allies.
  • Ginro was, at one point, dressed in a female costume and was sent to Ibara. After Ibara saw through the ruse, he killed Ginro, but Ginro was ultimately revived and healed by Senku.

Ginro was on a mission, which is why he disappeared

When the Treasure Island Arc began, Ginro was offered the opportunity to sail with his brother and the others on a mission, but due to cowardice, he did not want to. Ryusui then told him that the travel was optional, so Ginro retreated. But he had a plan. As the ship set sail for the Petrification Kingdom, Ginro jumped into the water and started swimming towards it. Why? Did he change his mind? Well… no…

Namely, Ginro wanted to impress the girls, and he jumped into the water, pretending that the ship had sailed without him and that he was trying to catch up to it; he would, of course, fail to do that and would return to the shore, sad, but would still leave the impression of a hero because, well – he tried. He was careful to swim far enough from the ship so that they would not see or hear him, but he did not account for one thing – Senku’s radar. Senku noticed him on the radar, and Ginro was soon picked up and brought on board, so his trick ultimately failed.

When they arrived on the island after Senku cured his sea sickness, he was forced to do various chores and whatnot; he was soon sent to explore some strange objects underwater and observed that they were statues that were not modern. This proved to be a lucky break for him, as Ginro was not petrified after Ukyo’s arrow hit the weapon, as he was underwater and out of range when most of the crew ended up being petrified.


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Of course, not everyone was petrified there, and Ginro was among the survivors. He returned to the ship and hid in a barrel while the enemies came onboard. Soon, he noticed Senku’s group, and although he was ready to escape, noticing his brother’s statue motivated him to help. He created a distraction, and they could all escape, soon reuniting with Senku and the others in the mobile lab. Ginro thus showed a bit of heroism when needed, and this earned him some praise but also a lot of work later on, as you might suspect. So, what happened?

He was killed and revived in the same arc

Well, after the survivors consolidated their forces, Ginro was, alongside Kohaku and Amaryllis, sent to infiltrate Ibara’s location, but he had to dress up as a girl to do it. Now, Kohaku and Amaryllis being selected by Ibara made sense. Still, the costumed Ginro was also selected in yet another (un)lucky break for him, as Ibara liked boyish-looking girls. Kohaku soon managed to find the capsule they were sent for, while Ginro and Amaryllis decided to distract Ibara. The situation became more complex sooner rather than later, but Ginro was still brave enough to help the girls and remain at their side.

At the same time, his brother observed that he was missing and swore he would find him and bring him back. And it was as if he knew Ginro would soon get in trouble.

Namely, while he was there, Ginro found out the truth about Ibara and the Petrification Kingdom. Namely, as it turned out, Ibara had usurped the rule in the Petrification Kingdom, and that immediately put him in danger, as Ibara was a dangerous fellow who took over the Kingdom. Ibara would soon pierce Ginro, but before the boy died, he managed to tell Kohaku the truth, although he soon realized that it was all just a ruse. He was ultimately revived after Ibara’s downfall, and his wound was healed by Senku, which meant that Ginro was now okay and that he lived on, joining his friends and allies on future adventures. And that is all we have to tell you about his story.

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