Dr. Stone: Who Is Soyuz? & Why Is He Important?


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We know that Dr. Stone has a lot of different characters that are important to the overall storyline of the series, and we’ve seen quite a lot of them already. One of the characters that we know is going to be important to the entire Treasure Island arc, even though he didn’t do a lot in the previous arc, is Soyuz, who is one of the characters that accompanied Senku and his allies in their journey to Treasure Island. So, who is Soyuz, and why is he important?

Soyuz is one of the villagers that lived in Ishigami Village. However, the truth is that Soyuz was the son of the head of the Petrification Kingdom on Treasure Island but was taken to Ishigami Village due to a coup that Ibara mounted against Soyuz’s father. He forgot his memories of the island while living in Ishigami Village.

It has always been the case that there have been a lot of different characters in Dr. Stone that have larger roles to play in the storyline, and Soyuz is one of them. Even though he may not seem like an incredibly important character to the larger plot of the series, he still has a role to play. So, with that said, let’s look at who Soyuz is and understand more about his character.

Soyuz’s Background Explained

Back in the previous arc, we learned that Senku and his allies over at Ishigami Village are looking to travel the seas to go looking for the island that his father, Byakuya, landed on thousands of years ago as he thought that his father had left “treasure” for him to find. As such, Senku is on his way to Treasure Island to look for this treasure that his father left, and one of the villagers he took with him on this exploration was Soyuz.

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Of course, Soyuz was unimportant during the earlier part of the storyline because he didn’t have a lot of story angles. However, his background and history were given more attention in the Treasure Island arc, especially because he was actually from the Petrification Kingdom on Treasure Island.

When Senku and the others reached the island, they discovered it was inhabited by villagers who never left it when the colony that established Ishigami Village left years ago. However, they found out that there was something wrong going on on the island as the adviser, Ibara, was ruling it with an iron fist and was the one leading the Petrification Kingdom in place of the actual leader, who was absent.


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However, the truth was that centuries ago, countless petrification devices landed on Treasure Island. But when they feared that the devices would be used for evil by someone on the island, a benevolent person decided to destroy all of the devices except for one. Ibara eventually got his hands on the petrification device and used it to mount a successful coup against the rightful leader of the Petrification Kingdom.

Ibara used the petrification device to scare off anyone who tried to challenge his rule. Everyone who found out the truth behind what Ibara was doing was turned to stone. And that was why no one on Treasure Island could challenge him.

However, it was eventually revealed that Soyuz was actually from the Petrification Kingdom. He was born on Treasure Island before Ibara mounted his successful coup against the leader using the petrification device. And this is where Soyuz’s importance comes into play.

Why Is Soyuz Important?

Soyuz wasn’t only born on Treasure Island because he was the son of the leader of the Petrification Kingdom. What happened 20 years ago, Ibara turned Soyuz’s father to stone and tried to kill Soyuz before a woman, presumably Soyuz’s mother, took him and escaped the island. The woman reached Ishigami Village but died of exhaustion after handing Soyuz over to the villagers.

In that regard, Soyuz is very important in the Treasure Island arc because he is the only one that could challenge the rule of Ibara, who was unlawfully leading the Petrification Kingdom in place of Soyuz’s father, who the people didn’t even know had been turned to stone. Soyuz and his allies eventually found where Soyuz’s father was, but they realized that he couldn’t be revived using the de-petrification formula because he was missing some pieces.

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Senku, Soyuz, and their allies confronted Ibara, only for them to realize that he was tougher than expected. Ibara eventually used the petrification device to turn almost everyone to stone, including Soyuz, who trusted that Senku would be able to defeat Ibara. Senku successfully defeated Ibara and took the petrification device from him.


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With the help of his remaining allies, Senku could use the de-petrification formula to de-petrify all of the people that were turned to stone, including Soyuz. However, Soyuz, who had regained his memories of the island when he was still just a baby, wasn’t too happy about the victory because his father couldn’t be revived as he had missing pieces.

Because he was the rightful heir of the leader of the Petrification Kingdom, Soyuz decided that it was best for him to remain on Treasure Island and rule his people in place of his father, who was still petrified. That was why Soyuz didn’t return to Ishigami Village with Senku and the other members of the Kingdom of Science. The good thing, however, was that the Petrification Kingdom became an ally of the Kingdom of Science because Soyuz, a former villager from Ishigami Village, was now leading the people of Treasure Island.

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