Dragon Ball vs. Marvel Universe: Which Characters Would Win? (Comparison)

dragon ball vs marvel

We know that there are a lot of different fictional universes with powerful characters and entities. The two that we are going to talk about here are Dragon Ball and Marvel, which have incredibly powerful characters that are capable of some of the most ridiculous feats of strength and power. Of course, there are a lot of different characters in both of these universes, and all of them are incredible in their own right. But who would win in a battle between the Dragon Ball and the Marvel universes?

The Dragon Ball universe is likely going to win against the Marvel universe. It might be true that the Marvel universe has its own fair share of entities that are cosmic in nature and could destroy entire galaxies, there are more of these characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

It is true that the Marvel universe has a lot of different incredibly strong characters, but we could also say the same about the characters of the Dragon Ball universe, which has plenty of characters that can easily destroy planets with their powers. But we’re going to get into this discussion in greater detail.

Physical capabilities

Dragon Ball

The characters in Dragon Ball are some of the most ridiculous in terms of their strength and physical capabilities. That’s because they can basically destroy boulders and planets alike with their punches. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we even saw Gogeta and Broly breaking the boundaries of time and space while they were fighting. Of course, we’ve seen Dragon Ball characters moving at the speed of light.

goku lift2

While not all of the Dragon Ball characters are capable of these feats, we know that Goku and Vegeta have always been improving their physical capabilities, as their strength and speed seem to be limitless. But even if we were to look at the other characters, like Krillin and Yamcha, who are just regular humans, they are still quite strong and are capable enough to destroy an entire planet as well.

There is also the fact that the cosmic beings like the Gods of Destruction and the Angels are so powerful that they exceed imagination. The Angels, in particular, are masters of a state called Ultra Instinct, which allows them to instinctively react to incoming attacks while mounting counterattacks of their own as well. This makes them incredibly difficult to hit.

Almost all of the different fighters in Dragon Ball are expert martial artists that are capable of holding their own against anyone in a fight. This means that they are not just brutes that use their strength and speed as an advantage in any kind of fight, as they are capable of holding their own against just about anyone using their martial arts skills.


The Marvel universe has its own fair share of physical powerhouses like the Hulk, Thor, and Hercules. All of these characters are capable of lifting incredible amounts of weight, as Hercules is said to have unlimited strength. Meanwhile, there are also characters that specialize in moving incredibly fast and are able to move from one planet to another in a hurry and without the use of any special equipment.

In particular, Sentry is one of the strongest superheroes in Marvel history, as he is capable of doing some of the things that the other superheroes are capable of but at a level that’s far above them. He can move as fast as the speed of light and can lift incredible weights that are unbelievable. Guys like Sentry, Hulk, and Gladiator are strong enough to move and destroy planets on their own.


Then there are cosmic beings like Galactus, Knull, and the Cosmic Pantheon that are capable of incredible physical feats that not only allow them to destroy planets but take over entire universes. It is said that these beings have physical capabilities that are beyond imagination.

Some Marvel characters are also expert hand-to-hand fighters, as they use their skills to make up for their lack of superpowers. These include the likes of Punisher and Black Widow. And these characters are capable of taking out opponents that have superpowers but are not as skilled in terms of their fighting abilities.


Even though Marvel has its own fair share of incredibly strong characters, the Dragon Ball characters are simply too ridiculous in terms of their physical capabilities. And Dragon Ball has more characters with planetary destruction capabilities compared to Marvel.

Dragon Ball 1, Marvel 0

Powers and Abilities

Dragon Ball

Most of the characters in Dragon Ball are capable of powerful attacks that are based on their ki, which is the innate energy that they all possess. They use this inner ki to channel energy through their bodies and release the energy in the form of powerful blasts. For example, the Kamehameha is strong enough to destroy the moon when Master Roshi (who isn’t one of the strongest characters in the series) uses it. When used by the likes of Goku, these attacks are capable of destroying entire planets or even solar systems.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku Kamehameha

Different characters have different ki attacks, but the point is that all of these guys are capable of unleashing incredibly powerful attacks using their ki. Some of them are capable of creating smaller yet concentrated ki attacks that are still strong enough to destroy planets. Meanwhile, others use larger ki attacks that can take out an entire solar system.

Some ki-based powers are also capable of allowing the characters to instantly move from one place to another, as that is the case when it comes to Goku’s Instant Transmission. Goku could also use his own ki to improve his own physical capabilities, as that is what he does when he uses his Kaio-Ken.

There are also the gods and the cosmic beings with ki attacks that use their energy for more destructive purposes. For example, the Gods of Destruction are capable of using their ki in a manner that is meant to eradicate a person’s entire existence and destroy entire solar systems. Meanwhile, the Angels can use their ki to control time. And the supreme god called Zeno can basically erase an entire universe with a single finger.


The thing about the Marvel universe is that the different characters are all unique in their own right, as they have different powers and abilities that vary from one character to another. For instance, Tony Stark is a regular human being with the intelligence and the money that allow him to construct suits of armor that are strong enough to stand up to godlike beings. Of course, godlike beings like Thor are capable of manipulating thunder


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There are also the likes of Captain Marvel, whose powers are cosmic in nature. Her incredible powers allow her to blast energy beams through her body and even augment her physical capabilities. 

Of course, there are also those with magical capabilities, such as the likes of Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. Strange uses mystical abilities that allow him to use the mystic arts. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch’s powers are darker in nature and have the ability to allow her to manipulate reality itself.

captain marvel vs thanos

The mutants are also incredibly strong characters with powers and abilities that vary from one mutant to another. Professor X is capable of using his telepathic capabilities to enter minds and even “fry” his opponent’s brain. Some are more physical in nature, as is the case of Wolverine, whose healing factor allows him to recover from any wound or injury in an instant.

But there are also incredibly powerful cosmic entities that are nigh-omnipotent, as is the case for the Cosmic Pantheon, the Living Tribunal, the Beyonder, and the One Above All. These characters have powers that allow them to do whatever they want, as that is how strong they are.


While Marvel has a lot of powerful characters that are capable of incredible things, they pale in comparison to the non-god characters of Dragon Ball, as these guys are strong enough to destroy planets with a single blast. Of course, in terms of the godlike entities, Zeno’s ability to erase entire realities with a single finger is pretty overpowered.

Dragon Ball 2, Marvel 0

Prominent characters

Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball universe has one central character in the form of Goku, who is the most prominent out of all of the characters in the series. However, Vegeta is not far behind in terms of prominence, as he has always been second only to Goku in terms of how strong and important he is in the storyline.

goku vegeta

But the protagonists are also full of different secondary characters in the form of Gohan and Piccolo, who are both quite strong as well and can even stand up to Goku and Vegeta on any given day.

Then there are the other characters that are usually antagonistic in nature but have always been quite prominent in the entire Dragon Ball universe. We are talking about Frieza, whose Black form has allowed him to become so powerful that hardly anyone can stand up to him in the Dragon Ball storyline.

Of course, there are the godlike beings like Beerus, Whis, and Zeno, who are all so powerful that they exceed imagination. Zeno, for example, may be childlike in his approach but is powerful enough to erase entire existences with a thought.


The most prominent characters in Marvel are the original Avengers, which is composed of the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Thor, among others. Hulk and Thor are the strongest in the original Avengers. But the Avengers have also expanded their membership to include incredibly powerful characters like Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel, who are both strong enough to stand up to just about anyone in Marvel.


In the comics, Sentry is often regarded as the most powerful Earth-based hero, as he is capable of altering molecules and is basically unable to die. Someone like Molecule Man may not be as popular, but he is still just as powerful.

Meanwhile, when we’re talking about the antagonists, there are simply plenty of powerful characters in Marvel. Thanos and his Infinity Stones can alter reality. Galactus is capable of eating entire planets. And Knull is a being that existed before time itself.

Of course, there are cosmic entities that control the entire universe with their powers. The Living Tribunal is often regarded as a being second only to the supreme god of the Marvel universe. Meanwhile, the Beyonder is an “invader” outside of the Marvel universe and is strong enough to kill the Living Tribunal. Of course, the One Above All is the omnipotent god of the Marvel universe. 


It might seem like Dragon Ball’s most important characters are incredibly strong, but the prominent Marvel characters are not only popular but are also omnipotent in their own right as well. While the protagonists of Dragon Ball are easily more powerful than the ones in Marvel, the cosmic beings of the Marvel universe control time, space, and reality themselves.


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Dragon Ball 2, Marvel 1

Dragon Ball vs. Marvel Universe: Which Characters Would Win?

Even though both Dragon Ball and Marvel have different characters with different strengths and weaknesses, the fact is that the Dragon Ball characters are still physically stronger than their Marvel counterparts and are capable of planetary destruction feats that blow the imagination away. Even though the cosmic entities of Marvel are omnipotent, it’s just tough to imagine how Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America can beat Goku and Vegeta.

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