Hercules vs. Hulk: God vs. Monster, Who Would Win?

herc vs hulk

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The introduction of Hercules into the MCU should be one of the biggest moments in the future, as we now have one of the strongest gods fighting Thor. But we all know that Hulk, at his peak, is also one of the strongest beings in the entire Marvel universe, as he has always been portrayed to be incredibly strong and durable. You probably already know where this is going. So, in a battle between Hercules and Hulk, who would win?

A battle between Hercules and Hulk could go both ways. Hercules is perhaps the strongest character in the Marvel universe, but he might have a problem with Hulk’s durability and speed. Of course, Hercules might be the better combatant, but Hulk is no slouch as well. This fight could go either way.

Hercules and Hulk are two of the strongest Avengers in Marvel Comics history, and it becomes understandable why we are looking at this battle quite closely. Still, with the knowledge we know about Hercules and Hulk, it is difficult to tell who between them will win in a fight. And for you to understand that, let’s look at the details of this fight.


Hercules may only be half-god, but he has a body that far exceeds any of the other gods of Olympus or even the entire Marvel Comics universe. That’s because his physiology is unmatched, as his strength is seemingly unlimited. He is the strongest god in all of Olympus, and his might is only matched by Zeus whenever he uses his powers to increase his strength. Still, it is widely believed that Hercules is the strongest character in Marvel Comics history when we only look at his raw strength.


The Hulk is one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics history because his strength only increases the more he gets angry. As such, he can possibly reach unbelievable levels of strength when he is at his angriest as World Breaker Hulk has shown him to be powerful enough to shatter cities and continents. That means that Hulk’s strength is also unlimited when it comes to his potential, as he will only get stronger when he gets angrier.

While the Hulk’s strength is potentially unlimited, the thing is that his base strength is nowhere near Hercules. He may be able to reach Hercules’s strength at his angriest, but base Hercules is still stronger than Hulk.

God 1, Monster 0


Because of his godlike physique, Hercules is faster than any normal human being and is able to far exceed the limits of the greatest athlete on the planet. He can run as fast as a vehicle and has reflexes that allow him to dodge attacks that normal human beings aren’t capable of. This means that he is no bumbling beast in terms of his capabilities, as he has the speed that can match his strength.


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Despite his incredible size, the Hulk is actually quite fast. He is able to travel from one city to another quickly enough by either running or leaping. On top of that, he was shown to be able to swim at speeds of 80 knots, and that was enough to surprise someone like Namor, who is one of the fastest swimmers in the Marvel universe. And while he may be large, he is also quite quick and has the reflexes that allow him to catch missiles in the middle of the air.

hulk missile

Hercules may be powerful, but it seems like he just isn’t quite fast enough to match Hulk’s surprising speed. The gap between them might not be too great, but Hulk’s advantage in speed might be enough to make up for Hercules’s strength advantage.

God 1, Monster 1


Due to the fact that he is a god and has the physiology of a god, Hercules is incredibly durable and can survive attacks that not even some of the strongest Marvel characters are capable of withstanding. This is due to the fact that his incredibly strong muscle density acts as a protective shield against incoming attacks. On top of that, he also heals faster than most characters. And let’s not forget about the fact that Hercules is immortal in the sense that he will not die due to age.

The Hulk stands right at the top in terms of his incredible durability because this is a character that just wouldn’t die. There is evidence that would show that the Hulk is almost immortal due to his incredible regenerative healing factor, as he can heal almost all of his injuries in a hurry. On top of that, he has skin that is capable of withstanding the most powerful materials ever, like adamantium or vibranium.

hulk healing

While we know that Hercules’s godly physique makes him very durable, the Hulk is simply ridiculously hard to kill and is much more durable. There is also the fact that the Hulk is capable of healing almost any kind of injury, and that gives him a distinct advantage over Hercules.

God 1, Monster 2

Combat Skills

Hercules is the mightiest of all of the Olympians and is their strongest fighter. That means that he is a well-trained combatant that’s been honed in a lot of different fighting styles. He is excellent at using all types of different weapons, especially when it comes to close combat. On top of that, while mostly a brawler, Hercules is skilled when it comes to unarmed combat as he can match Thor’s might and combat prowess in many of the different battles that they had.


At first, Hulk may look like just a simple brawler, but he also has some training in close combat. He is skilled at using almost any kind of weapon for close combat and is capable of matching the might of certain characters like Thor when it comes to their combat skills. He may not have the most refined combat skills in Marvel Comics, but he can still surely hold his own against the most well-trained fighters.


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Yes, Hulk is also a well-trained fighter, but he doesn’t have Hercules’s more refined training and thousands of years of experience as a combatant. In fact, Hercules has always been a close-combat specialist because he only has his strength as a weapon.

God 2, Monster 2


Despite being a god, Hercules was never the smartest nor the wisest character in Marvel Comics. He was never portrayed to be dumb as well as he does have some knowledge when it comes to battle tactics and strategy. Still, he is far from the intelligence of some of the more intellectually gifted characters in Marvel Comics. But not being very intelligent has never hindered him from defeating an opponent he knows he can defeat.

As Bruce Banner, the Hulk is one of the smartest individuals in the entire Marvel Comics continuity. But the problem is that he is almost always a mindless beast whenever he is the Hulk. There are some incarnations of the Hulk that are actually as smart as an average human being, but the Hulk is almost always portrayed to have the intelligence level of a child. As such, Banner’s intelligence is only canceled out by the Hulk’s lack thereof.

hulk transform

Even though Bruce Banner is several times smarter than him, Hercules is also smarter than Hulk. In that regard, they both cancel each other out in this department.

God 2, Monster 2

Hercules vs. Hulk: Who Would Win?

This was an incredibly tough fight to judge because both Hercules and the Hulk have their own strengths. Yes, Hercules should be stronger than Hulk, who would need to be at his angriest to be just as strong. But the Hulk has always been faster and more durable than Hercules. As such, this fight could go either way, as even the smallest advantage that either character can find will allow him to win the battle against the other.

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