‘Echo’ Director Explains Why Maya Lopez Got Her Own Show: “Let’s See How Far We Can Go Down That Rabbit Hole”

Echo Director Explains Why Maya Lopez Got Her Own Show Lets See How Far We Can Go Down That Rabbit Hole

Tonight, ‘Echo’ debuts on Disney+, marking a significant milestone for the MCU. It stands as the first Marvel Cinematic Universe show under the Marvel Spotlight banner, offering a unique entry point for viewers unfamiliar with the character. The narrative is character-driven, allowing audiences to engage without prior knowledge of related shows or movies. Notably, ‘Echo’ is the first Disney+ show to receive a TV-MA rating, attributed to its intense violence and themes.

Fans anticipate the excitement of Daredevil’s appearance and speculate on the importance of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin in the series. ‘Echo’ diverges from the typical redemption story, showcasing Maya Lopez as a character who started as a villain and remains one throughout the show. Sydney Freeland, the director of ‘Echo,’ explained in a press conference the deliberate decision to take the series in a unique direction compared to other MCU projects.

And you have Maya Lopez, you have Wilson Fisk, and you have this whole sort of New York criminal underworld as a jumping-off point. And so, you know, in the conversations early on, it was always talking about, like, hey, this is actually very interesting.

Freeland elaborated on the character development in ‘Echo,’ clarifying that the series won’t depict a typical anti-hero. Expectations include a level of violence and borderline gore, contributing to the distinctive nature of the show.

And the fact that she’s a villain. And so, the goal was never to try to turn her into, like, Captain America. Right? In the conversations with Marvel, the response was like, hey, let’s lean into that. Let’s see if we can push it out a little. Let’s see how far we can go down that rabbit hole. And so, really, the tone and the visual style came from the story and the circumstances of the character.


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The series will delve deeper into the connection between Echo and Kingpin, shedding light on how Maya, despite numerous obstacles, ascended to the pinnacle of the criminal underworld.

One of the most interesting aspects about the character is the fact that she’s a villain in ‘Hawkeye,’ right? But then within that, once you start, sort of, pulling in that thread, then you look at where she comes from, right? And you look at, “Oh, this is a deaf, indigenous amputee girl from Oklahoma. How the hell does she end up being one of the top-ranking lieutenants in Kingpin’s army?” And answering those questions was such an exciting place to be.

The inception of ‘Echo’ dates back to 2021, when the announcement was made that the ‘Hawkeye’ series would have a spinoff centering on Maya Lopez. Initially, the project remained relatively unknown, seemingly trapped in development limbo, creating an impression that Marvel Studios wasn’t prioritizing it. Fans, too, were skeptical about a seemingly inconspicuous character receiving their own show, especially when other more captivating and established characters were overlooked for years.

Fast forward three years, and ‘Echo’ is now set for release, dispelling initial doubts. We eagerly anticipate discovering what all the hype is about. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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