Every Hokage in Naruto Ranked by Strenght

Minato Meets Kakashi Minato Becomes The 4th Hokage English Dub

The Hokage is the Kage of Konohagakure, a title given to the leader of the village in the world of Naruto. The Hokage is generally considered the strongest shinobi in the village. There have been seven Hokage in the history of the village. The office of Hokage was created shortly after the founding of Konoha by Hashirama Senju, one of the founders of the village. He intended to give the title to his co-founder Madara Uchiha, but the people of the village elected Hashirama as the first Hokage instead.

Madara feared that Hashirama’s election was the first step in making the office of Hokage an extension of the authority of the Senju clan, but Hashirama denied this. Nevertheless, all the Hokage of the village trace back in some way to Hashirama: the Second was his brother; the Third was a disciple of his brother and of himself; the Fourth was a disciple of the Third; the Fifth is his granddaughter and another disciple of the Third; the Sixth was a disciple of the Fourth; the Seventh is a disciple of the Sixth and the son of the Fourth.

Stongest Hokage Ranked

In this section, we are going to rank the seven Hokage by strength, beginning with the 7th and ending with the 1st. We are going to bring you some basic information on each of them.

7. Kakashi Hatake

Hokage Kakashi

Kakashi Hatake is a jônin from the hidden village of Konoha. As the leader of Team 7, he is the first mentor to the main protagonists of the story. He is known worldwide for his use of the Sharingan, under the nickname “Copy Ninja”. Following the Fourth Great Shinobi War, he became the Sixth Hokage. Kakashi is a natural genius as evidenced by his speed.

He indeed crossed the ninja ranks with disconcerting ease: at 5 he graduated from the Ninja Academy, at 6 he became a chûnin, at 13 he became a jônin and he had a long career in Anbu. During his career, he acquired a thousand techniques thanks to his Sharingan which makes him a very complete ninja.

His various achievements earned him much praise from his comrades which made him have a lot of influence to the point that the council almost made him the Hokage. He was often tasked with important tasks like watching over Naruto and his seal in case he got weak. In the second part of his fight against Naruto and Sakura, Naruto pointed out that he had as good a flair as Kiba, that he used his Sharingan better than Sasuke, that he had a taijutsu as good as Lee and that ‘he was as smart as Shikamaru.


Naruto: Here’s When (& How) Kakashi Became a Hokage

He turned out to be very smart. His abilities also improved between Part 1 and Part 2: In Part 1, he could only use Slayer Lightning four times, but now he can use it at least six times while maintaining his Sharingan. He has the Sharingan, a hereditary attribute only possessed by the Uchiha, he received it from his friend Obito during a mission.

He handled it perfectly, to the point that Itachi himself recognized his talent. Thanks to this, he was able to copy a thousand different and varied techniques which earned him his nickname “Ninja copier”. He can also predict the movements of his opponents which gives him an advantage. He is also proficient in taijutsu and fûinjutsu. His taijutsu is, according to Naruto, as good as Lee’s.

He fought on equal terms in a taijutsu fight with Hidan and his scythe. His knowledge of Fûinjutsu is also recognized by Orochimaru because Kakashi knew how to stem the cursed mark of Sasuke.

6. Tsunade

Why Did Tsunade Stop Being Hokage?

Tsunade is one of the legendary Sannins of Konoha. Considered in the world to be the strongest kunoichi and the greatest medical ninja, the repeated deaths of those dearest to her caused Tsunade to give up the life of a shinobi for several years. She was eventually persuaded to return to Konoha and became the Fifth Hokage, where her skills proved invaluable to the village.

Tsunade has a perfect mastery of ninjutsu. This allowed him, allied with his great handling of the seals, to be the greatest medical ninja known to date. She thus developed a jutsu allowing her to regenerate all the cells in her body by releasing a large amount of chakra and by activating a seal on the forehead.

This allows it to instantly heal any injury (even fatal), to the detriment of its lifespan. She also hates aging and constantly uses a technique to keep her appearance young. But her mastery of ninjutsu is not limited to medical jutsu, so by combining her complete mastery of her chakra with her perfect knowledge of taijutsu, she is also capable of melee combat and inflicting blows of incredible power by releasing his chakra all at once.


Why Did Tsunade Stop Being Hokage?

Tsunade is today in the manga the ninja with the most physical strength known to date, she can destroy a village with a single kick without necessarily needing to focus chakra. Due to his perfect mastery of his chakra, Tsunade can concentrate a large amount of chakra in each part of his body and give them more power.

Thus, she can crush gigantic pillars, walls or even break Susanô’s armor while the Fourth Raikage himself has not succeeded, which proves her exceptional strength. She became legendary not only because of her physical strength but mainly because she was the best kunoichi doctor on the planet. Her reputation is not usurped, when she visited Sasuke she healed him in a few moments thanks to her ninjutsu.

This requires a very sharp chakra control which indicates his great mastery of the chakra. She also knows a lot of healing spells and the right way to use them but she will find her master in this area where Kabuto will show her his incredible talents in medicine. Tsunade even says he’s stronger than she was when she was at the peak of her art. She also heals very quickly and efficiently.

5. Minato Namikaze

Hokage Minato

Minato Namikaze nicknamed the “Yellow Lightning of Konoha” was a legendary ninja who became the Fourth Hokage of Konoha Village. Ninjas from enemy villages were ordered to flee if they came across him. He was the husband of Kushina Uzumaki and the father of Naruto Uzumaki. Today he is considered a legend.

According to Jiraiya, Minato was one of the most talented ninjas the world has known, so much so that he was considered the Child of Prophecy, the “savior of the world”. He was considered the greatest of geniuses by his master. His skills were so advanced that even the Fourth Raikage said no Man could surpass him.

During a discussion between the Third Hokage and Anko, the latter regrets that the Fourth Hokage is no longer part of this world to stop Orochimaru. At a very young age, Minato single-handedly defeats 3 experienced ninjas from Kumo, in charge of capturing Kushina Uzumaki. During the Third Great Ninja War, enemy ninjas were ordered to flee if they encountered Konoha’s “Yellow Lightning” on the battlefield.

During that same war, he brought down an enemy army on his own in seconds and ended the Third Great Ninja War. Minato was also able to stop an attack from Kyûbi, to the point that Tobi found it necessary to intervene to stop Minato and buy time for the destruction of the village of Konoha. At the end of their fight, Tobi had to retreat after being seriously injured by Minato.

The masked man also says that he does honor to his title of Fourth Hokage. Like the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju, he was able to sense the presence of several enemies around just by placing his finger on the ground. Moreover, for his fighting style Minato was inspired in part by the Second Hokage by using his same sensory technique and by perfecting the Flying Thunder God teleportation technique invented by the latter. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Minato received compliments from Tobirama Senju.

4. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi, nicknamed the God of Shinobi, was the Third Hokage. Along with Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado, he was a student of the first two Hokages, Hashirama Senju and Tobirama Senju. He was also the master of the legendary trio, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. He had a wife named Biwako Sarutobi with whom he had two children, one of whom was Asuma Sarutobi.

He was also the grandfather of Konohamaru Sarutobi. Hiruzen Sarutobi was very early a great ninja prodigy, spotted and trained by the first two Hokage. Later, still very young, he was thus chosen by the Nidaime Hokage (Tobirama Senju) to succeed him before he sacrificed himself during an important mission.

He is therefore officially recognized as the best ninja in Konoha, and this for decades. He then became famous for his abilities to the point of being nicknamed by some ninjas the God of the Shinobi. Later, his very advanced age made him lose some of his abilities, particularly in endurance, speed and strength, but his very extensive knowledge (it is said that he mastered all of Konoha’s techniques!) and his wisdom earned him the nickname of Professor.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, when he was at his best, can be considered the most powerful ninja in Konoha. According to Kabuto, Sandaime Hiruzen was the strongest Kage in all villages and according to Orochimaru, he would never have attacked Konoha if Hiruzen was 10 years younger (i.e. in his 60s) because he would have no chance, which shows that Hiruzen must have been extremely powerful.

Moreover, before dying, his eternal rival, Danzô says that he ran as far as possible, he was never able to catch up with Hiruzen. Faithful to his nickname of Professor, he masters all the techniques of Konoha and has a very vast knowledge in this matter. His mastery of Jutsu is total, which allows him to be both precise and overpowering in their use as well as formidable in order to parry them. When he is about to fight seriously, his chakra production is of a rare intensity and the execution of the seals is very rapid.

3. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju was the Second Hokage of Konoha. Alongside his brother, the First Hokage, who founded Konoha, Tobirama worked behind the scenes to bring political stability and set up the institutions that put the village into operation, thus ensuring Konoha’s prosperity. Tobirama was recognized as one of the most powerful ninja in history, even earning praise from his rivals.

A worthy successor to his brother as Hokage, he stood out in particular by his perfect mastery of Suiton. He was able to kill Izuna Uchiwa, the brother of Madara Uchiwa, the equal of the latter. He was able to survive a battle against the Gold and Silver Brothers, a formidable duo who possessed the Kyûbi chakra and wielded the Treasures of Rikudô Sennin.

Tobirama proved to be a highly intelligent ninja, able to analyze and develop tactics in a short time. He was a great inventor of jutsu, he created in particular the Reincarnation of Souls, the God of Flying Thunder or even Multi Cloning. During his lifetime, Tobirama was hailed as the fastest shinobi of his time.

He had excellent reflexes capable of covering a target with explosive scrolls, as well as placing a mark of his Space-Time Ninjutsu without being noticed. In the anime, Tobirama was shown moving so quickly underwater.

He was a taijutsu follower able to compete with his former student Hiruzen, who was known for his absolute mastery of all shinobi skills. As a Senju, Tobirama was skilled in a variety of forms of ninjutsu. He had skills in Barrier Ninjutsu as well as in shurikenjutsu.

He was skilled with a sword, enough to take on Izuna on multiple occasions, and in the anime he was the holder of a powerful sword with electric properties called the Lightning God Sword. Its retractable blade was strong enough to counter a Chidori or Whirling Orb. The electricity it produced lets imagine terrible combinations with the Suiton affinity of Tobirama. He could also create multiple clones to aid him in battle.

2. Hashirama Senju

Hokage Hashirama

Hashirama Senju was a legendary ninja who became the First Hokage of Konoha. He called on the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan to found the village of Konoha. Hashirama Senju was reputed to be the most powerful shinobi of his time, having been referred to as the “God of Shinobi” also asserted by Madara Uchiha.

His power was so respected by the shinobi world that Tobi claimed that Hashirama was the person he admired and hated the most. Kabuto claimed that Hashirama’s strength was enormous, that there was no shinobi of the present day that did not match his strength. She was such that many considered her prowess to be a mere legend like the existence of the Sage of the Six Paths.

The best-known example was not only his competence to fight on an equal footing with Madara Uchiwa despite the power of his Eternal Mangekyô Sharingan and his control over Kyûbi but also to have achieved the victory and to have survived the fight. As posthumous proof of Hashirama’s power, Madara asserted that being the only one of the two alive, the landscape should not change as drastically as if Hashirama was there too, a reference to the battle that created an entire valley.


How Did the First Hokage (Hashirama Senju) Die?

As the leader of the Senju Clan, Hashirama had tremendous aptitude in several ninja techniques and possessed considerable knowledge in those he did not use. He had advanced skills in taijutsu with tremendous speed and strength. In addition, he was experienced in genjutsu and could cast powerful illusions such as Diving Into Darkness.

In the anime, he showed his skills in kenjutsu and fûinjutsu, using a scroll of parchment which he used to seal a number of great swords and then later, for the use of the Seal of contracts which he used to break Madara’s control over Kyûbi. According to Madara, Hashirama was also able to use medical techniques.

His technique was such that he could heal himself without forming any seals and his medical techniques, that his descendant Tsunade – who is considered the greatest medical ninja in the world – were on a whole new level. His ability to use medical ninjutsu demonstrates that Hashirama had excellent chakra control.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

When Does Naruto Become Hokage?

Naruto Uzumaki is a ninja from the hidden village of Konoha. He became the jinchûriki of Kyûbi on the day of his birth – which led to him being rejected by most of the inhabitants of Konoha throughout his childhood. After joining Team 7, Naruto worked hard to gain recognition from the villagers while pursuing his dream of becoming a Hokage.

In the years that followed, after many adventures and trials, he became a ninja considered a hero by the villagers and later by the rest of the world. He quickly proved to be one of the major players in the Fourth Great Shinobi War, allowing him to fulfill his dream and become the Seventh Hokage. At the start of the series, one of the techniques Naruto could do without fail was the Transfiguration technique, and his own variation of the technique, Sexy-Meta, which was creative, but useless, other than creating a diversion.

Throughout Part 1, he learned a number of short-range techniques, which were developed over the month with Jiraiya during the Chûnin Examination, and perfected them during the 2.5 years he left the village with Jiraiya. for training. Naruto also improved his knowledge of ninja skills under the tutelage of Jiraiya, using taijutsu and ninja techniques, like Multi cloning and Uzumaki Naruto Fury, During part 2 he began to master his own techniques, like Fûton – Rasen Shuriken, and the Chakra Arms of Bijû.


In Part 1, Naruto was regularly seen as having great potential, mainly due to the fact that Kyûbi was sealed within him. When Orochimaru saw him defeat Kabuto, he attempted to kill him for fear of what would become of him. His potential manifested itself in Part 2, when he proved his worth in battles against Akatsuki members.

His victory over the Six Bodies of Pain earned him the greatest fame in the ninja world, even more so than when he defeated Gaara’s demon: villagers in Konoha were beginning to believe that he should become Hokage and Zetsu, after seeing the battle, found that Naruto had grown stronger than Sasuke.

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