Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

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Scream has been one of the most popular horror movie franchises in existence, especially because of the iconic Ghostface mask that every Scream killer wears. That said, not all Scream killers are made equal because there are some that are better than the others. As such, we are here to rank every killer in the Scream franchise.

14. Mrs. Loomis (Scream 2)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

While Mrs. Loomis, Billy Loomis’ mother, maybe the main antagonist of Scream 2, the one thing you should know about her is that she only has one kill under her belt. She was responsible for killing her one and only victim, Randy, but she is actually the mastermind of the killings that were happening in the movie. 

So, while she is a killer in every sense of the word, she has the lowest ranking on this list primarily because she didn’t kill a lot of people and probably didn’t even wear the Ghostface mask for a long time. A mastermind, yes. But a good killer, no.

13. Sidney (Scream)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Yes, we know that Sidney Prescott wasn’t one of the killers in Scream because she was the main character of the first movie. However, she did wear the Ghostface mask for a very brief period of time when she had to don it to turn the tables on the killers.

In the first movie, Gale caused a distraction that caused Sidney to escape after Billy and Stu had revealed their plan. After that, Billy went around the house to look for Sidney. As he opens the closet door, Sidney pops out wearing the Ghostface costume and stabs Billy with an umbrella. While technically not a killer, the fact that she wore the iconic mask puts her on this list.

12. Stu (Scream)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Stu Macher is one of the two killers in the original scream movie and is more of an unhinged sidekick to Billy. Considering that he wasn’t the brains of the entire scheme, he didn’t get a lot of kills under his belt, as his job was only to play second fiddle.

That said, Stu only got two kills throughout the first film. And you would notice which Ghostface was which because Billy used a knife with one hand while Stu often stabbed his victims using two hands.

11. Amber (Scream 5)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Amber Freeman is the second killer in Scream 5. Think of her as the 2022 version of Stu because she didn’t have a lot of reasons to do the killings. Instead, her only reason for doing the killings was because she was a follower of the first killer in the film.

The thing about Amber and why we rank her so low on this list is the fact that a lot of her victims end up living to tell the tale. In fact, in Scream 5, we only see five confirmed on-screen killings done by the duo of Ghostface killers.

10. Richie (Scream 5)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

The first killer in Scream 5 is Richie Kirsch, who is also the boyfriend of the main character. Basically, Richie and Amber were fanboys of the original Stab movie, which was based on the first Scream film. So, what they did was re-enact the things that happened in the first film.

Richie is low on this list because, like Amber, he didn’t have a lot of kills under his belt. He is also quite sloppy, as he wasn’t able to always finish the job. This means that he and Amber didn’t have the best kill count in the entire Scream franchise.

9. Charlie (Scream 4)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Charlie Walker wasn’t the most popular character in Scream 4. He also wasn’t the best killer as well because he only had three kills under his belt in the movie. And the only reason why he was even doing the killings was that he loved Jill, the film’s main antagonist.


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Still, in our estimation, he has only killed three or even four people. He wasn’t the most impressive killer, but no sidekick in the entire Scream franchise was ever going to outdo the main killer. That means that Charlie needed to take a backseat to Jill throughout the entire film.

8. Billy (Scream)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Billy Loomis was the killer that started it all in the entire Scream franchise, as he worked together with Stu to produce the perfect con that fooled both the people in the movie and the audience that there was only one Ghostface. And while there are some people who still think that he is the best Ghostface (he probably is), his body count doesn’t support that.

Nothing beats the OG when it comes to how iconic Billy is in the Scream franchise. But the fact that he only has four confirmed kills in the entire movie makes it hard for us to rank him higher than he should. That said, he still belongs in our hearts as one of the best Ghostface killers in the history of the franchise.

7. Jay (Scream: The TV Series Season 3)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

While seasons 1 and 2 of the TV series of Scream happened in one single town, Season 3 rebooted the events and moved it away from Lakewood. And, in this season, we see two people donning the iconic Ghostface mask that was used in the Scream films instead of the newer mask used in the first two seasons.

Jamal “Jay” Elliot is one of the two killers in season 3 of Scream: The TV Series. However, his motive for killing stemmed all the way to family issues that bothered him. This made him easy to manipulate for the first killer named Beth.

6. Beth (Scream: The TV Series Season 3)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Beth is the first killer in season 3 of Scream: The TV Series. She has a higher kill count than Jay and is downright evil to the core compared to her accomplice. So, basically, we can blame her killings on her personality.

As a goth, Beth is obsessed with horror and death. She has anti-social tendencies that eventually lead her to kill people for fun because that’s what she wanted to do. Essentially, Beth didn’t kill out of revenge or anything like that because all she wanted to do was to kill for fun. And while she did kill a good number of people, her lack of motive puts her in the middle of this list.

5. Piper (Scream: The TV Series Season 1)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Scream: The TV Series was an attempt to bring a classic slasher-horror film into television, and it started with the first season that happened in a town called Lakewood. In this season, we see the Ghostface killers using an entirely different mask compared to the ones used in the film.

Piper Shaw is the first of the two Ghostface killers in the series. She has a total of five kills in the series. Her motive for the killing was her jealousy towards her half-sister, who was able to live with their mother. Meanwhile, she grew up with foster parents after she was given for adoption.

4. Mickey (Scream 2)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Mickey is the muscle of the two killers in Scream 2, as he is the one doing all of the killings, while Mrs. Loomis is the mastermind of the entire setup. And you can say that he is one interesting character because he doesn’t have the best motivation in the series.

Killing about seven people, Mickey only liked killing because he wanted to be the insane killer who gets famous through a public trial. That’s one of the most messed up things a man can be, but we are talking about a movie about some of the most messed up killers in the entire film industry.

3. Jill (Scream 4)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

With her cute and innocent face, Jill doesn’t look like a killer. She would also easily fool anyone into thinking that she is innocent, as she did a good job at keeping her hands clean throughout the entire movie. But, make no mistake about the fact that she has one of the highest body counts in the series with seven confirmed kills.

This is probably the first time in Scream history that a woman was able to kill more than her male partner in a movie, as Jill killed way more than Charlie, who she also had to kill in the end. Killing her secret boyfriend means that she is one messed-up girl. But she did a good job at hiding that fact throughout the entire film.

2. Roman (Scream 3)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

Roman Bridger is a very polarizing character in the entire Scream franchise because of the fact that he isn’t well-liked. Some people rank him as the worst Ghostface, but others rank him near the top because of his kill count. Whatever the case may be, he still is a pretty good killer as he killed nine people as the sole Ghostface in Scream 3.


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As the long-lost brother of Sidney, Roman was the one who forced her sister to go out of hiding so that he could be stopped. Then again, Scream 3 wasn’t the best film in the series because of the movie’s poor writing. On top of that, Roman hardly had any screen time. But that doesn’t take away the fact that he has nearly a handful of kills.

1. Kieran (Scream: The TV Series Seasons 1 and 2)

Every Killer In Scream Franchise (Including Scream 5) Ranked

After Piper’s death in the events of season 1 of Scream: The TV Series, what people didn’t know was that Kieran Wilcox was her secret lover and her accomplice. She assisted Piper in a lot of her kills and even had to be the killer himself. That is why Kieran has the most number of people killed in the entire Scream series.

Kieran has an estimated number of 11 people killed over the course of two seasons. That’s a lot of people and a lot more than some of the other Ghostface killers on this list. That said, he killed more people in season 2 when he was enraged after the death of his lover. He died in prison after he was killed by another Ghostface killer, who was never revealed because the plot was dropped in season 3.

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