‘Fallen’ Movies In Order To Watch

Fallen Movies In Order To Watch

The fallen series is an American action thriller movie that features three different movies from the series. It is one of the top-ranked series and features two of the best actors in the industry, Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. Though it currently has three series, there is a plan to produce more movies under the fallen name.

The story follows the story of a United States Secret Service agent, Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler, as his attempts to save the US President and also save his name. The first series is about Banning rescuing the United States President from North Korean Terrorists who attack the White House. 

The second installment follows Banning trying to save world leaders from an assassination attempt instructed by a Pakistan terrorist. In the third installment, Banning fights to save his name after he is framed for an attempt to assassinate the President. All Fallen series features Gerard Butler as Mike Banning as well as Morgan Freeman, who initially plays Speaker of the House before then becoming the President.

Fallen Movies Order At A Glance

The Fallen movies in the right order are;

  • Olympus Has Fallen
  • London Has Fallen
  • Angel Has Fallen

Fallen Movies In Order

If you’re looking to watch the fallen series or you are a fan of action movies looking for a recommendation to watch, then you should consider watching from the first installment with the name, “Olympus Has Fallen”. The movie was released in 2013. After the first installment, the second movie in the series was released in 2016 with the name, “London Has Fallen”. The Third movie in the current three-series movie was released three years later from the second in 2019.

“Angel Has Fallen” is the most recent of the series. In the next subheads, I’ll be taking you through the summary of the three Fallen movies from the series starting with the pilot, Olympus Has Fallen.

1. Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Fallen Movies In Order To Watch

The first installment in the series was released in 2013 and was directed by Antoine Fuqua and distributed by FilmDistrict. The movie follows Mike Banning, who is a former Army ranger appointed to be the Chief of the United States Presidential Detail. He has a good relationship with President Benjamin Asher, his wife Margaret, and his son, Connor. During a drive to a campaign fundraiser, the car with the President and his family develops a problem causing the First Lady to die with Banning able save the President.

Eighteen months after the incident, Banning was removed from the Presidential Detail and now works at the Treasury department.

Soon, a North Korean Terrorist group, Koreans for United Freedom (KUF), attacks the White House during the meeting between the President and the South Korean Prime Minister and keeps them hostage in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), with the help of rogue members from the South Korean Prime Minister’s detail, also including former secret service agent, Dave Forbes.

Banning finds his way into the White House and somehow can gain access to the President’s satellite earphones which he uses to stay in touch with Secret Service Director, Lynn Jacobs and Speaker of the House, Allan Trumbull, who has now assumed the role of Acting President. Leader of the KUF, Kang Yeonsak, kills the South Korean Prime Minister and tells Trumbull that he has to withdraw U.S forces from the Korean peninsula to avoid American opposition from a third Korean War. 

Kang also plans to detonate the U.S Nuclear arsenal with Cerberus system and before he must do that, he needs to get the codes to access the system from President Asher, Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Joseph Hoenig, who all have different codes and are present in the Emergency Operating Center.

Meanwhile, Banning has been given the go-ahead and he first saves Connor and takes him to safety before going head on with the terrorists and he is able to kill some of them including Forbes. Elsewhere, Kang kills Vice President, Charlie Rodriguez, when he finds out of the assault force ordered by Trumbull. Banning continues on his moves to take down the terrorists and finds his way to Kang after the Terrorist leader faked his and the President’s death. Banning kills him but after he had gotten the last code to the Cerberus system from the President, having already gotten the other two.

Banning can disable the system and successfully get the President out of the White House. He is then reinstated as the Head of the President Detail.

2. London Has Fallen (2016)

Fallen Movies In Order To Watch

The second installment to the series dropped in 2016 and was directed by Babak Najafi and distributed by Focus Features. In the movie, a terrorist, Aamir Barkawi, is attacked by the U.S air force during his daughter’s wedding. The attack seemingly kills Barkawi and his family.

Later on, World leaders have to come together for a funeral following the sudden death of British Prime Minister, James Wilson. Mike Banning is assigned by Secret Service Director, Lynn Jacobs, to be the Head of the Security Detail for the U.S President, Benjamin Asher, despite his wife, Leah, being due to give birth soon.

As they arrive at the city, a series of coordinated attacks are made by terrorists disguised to be members of the Metropolitan Police, the Queen’s Guardsmen, and other first responders. The attack kills five western leaders. The U.S President’s Marine One helicopter is also attacked and in the process, Jacobs is fatally injured and eventually dies not before she tells Banning to uncover those responsible and also stay alive for his unborn child.

The attack was led by Kamran, Barkawi’s son. Back in the U.S, Vice President, Allan Trumbull gets a call from Barkawi, who is alive and well. He tells Trumbull of his plan for revenge and how he poisoned the British Prime Minister to get the World leaders including President Asher to come to London. He also threatened that he would have the President killed while it is filmed live online.

Meanwhile, Banning has gotten the President to a safe house where they meet Agent Jax, who briefs them about the situation. Jax is then informed that Banning’s sign which he left for the satellite to pick up has been found and they would be sending a team in. Not long after, a team approaches them but Banning is able to figure it that it’s the enemy. He kills them and takes the President headed for the U.S Embassy.

On their way, they are ambushed and the President is taken, prompting Banning to suspect a mole in the government. Meanwhile, in the United States, the team working for Trumbull can get the location of Kamran and the execution team attacks the place before the President is killed. One of Kamran’s men drops a grenade and before the whole building goes to the ground, Banning can get the President out safely but Kamran and his terrorist gang are unable to escape and die in the process.

They soon discover who the mole was and Jax kills him. Soon after, a drone strike attacks Barkawi and this time kills him and other members of his group.

After successfully rescuing the president, Banning has time to spend with his wife and child, Lynne, named after Secret Service Director, Lynn Jacobs, who dies during the attack. Banning then decides against resigning after watching Trumbull speaking about the events.

3. Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Fallen Movies In Order To Watch

The third movie in the series was released in 2019 and was directed by Ric Roman Waugh and distributed by Lionsgate. In the movie, Banning gets a recommendation from current President, Allan Trumbull, to be the Next Director of the Secret Service to replace David Gentry, who is retiring. 

He also undergoes training at a military facility owned by a former Army commanding Officer, Wade Jennings, who now owns Salient Global, a private military company, despite his issues of insomnia and chronic back pains which he hides. When President Trumbull is attacked during his Private fishing trip, Banning rescues him, though he eventually ends up in a state of coma, but is framed with the incriminating evidence.

FBI agent, Helen Thompson, arrests him for this but on his way to the detention facility, the vehicle he is being transported in is attacked and he can escape not before he finds out the mercenaries were Jennings men, who were also part of the training. After his escape, he is able to call his wife to explain the real situation but with that Thompson gets his location. He is able to evade capture again and soon gets to his father’s place. 

There, he and his father, Clay, can defeat Salient mercenaries who approached the house. Meanwhile, Vice President, Martin Kirby, has declared Banning responsible for the attack on the President and he was working with the Russian Government.

Clay is able to save Leah and Lynn from a kidnapping attempt and soon Trumbull wakes up from his coma. Kirby is then revealed to be behind the assassination attempt together with Jennings. Thompson, who has now deduced that Banning was not responsible, finds Jennings but he kills her together with another agent. 

On reaching the hospital where Trumbull was, Banning surrenders but is eventually released. He takes the President to safety and soon after the hospital’s intensive care unit is destroyed by mercenaries sent by Jennings. The men then go after Banning and the President. Most of the President’s security detail are killed in a gun battle and as Jennings and his men plan to escape with a helicopter on the rooftop, Banning blows it, and Jennings is the only survivor. Banning then gets to kill Jennings while his other men are arrested. Kirby, on the other hand, is arrested for Treason and Corruption.

Banning gets exonerated and he resigns but Trumbull offers him the role of Director of Secret Service and he accepts.

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