All 3 ‘Has Fallen’ Movies in Order

has fallen movies in order

‘Has Fallen’ is an American action-thriller franchise starring Gerard Butler in the role of a secret service agent in which he tackles various threats to national security, mostly from terrorist organizations and other violent paramilitary groups. The franchise so far wasn’t as successful but managed to score several sequels and another, fourth movie is on the way with the undisclosed release date.

Considering that ‘Has Fallen’ is a medium-sized franchise, we decided to bring you a comprehensive watch order that takes into account both the release dates and chronology of the series.

Editor’s Note: this watch order was updated in October 2023 and includes all installments in the franchise.

‘Has Fallen’ movies in release date order

The franchise started back in 2013, and across six years, it gave rise to two additional sequels. The fourth movie is on the way. Its development was complicated by the lawsuit and various strikes that occurred this year.

  1. ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ (2013)
  2. ‘London Has Fallen’ (2016)
  3. ‘Angel Has Fallen’ (2019)
  4. ‘Night Has Fallen’ (TBA)

Are all ‘Has Fallen’ movies connected? What’s the best way to watch them?

All ‘Has Fallen’ movies are connected and take place within the same continuity. The specific threats that Banning tackles are different, even though in the first two movies, Banning needs to save President Asher, while in the third movie, he sort of works toward clearing his name. Nonetheless, Banning’s story is central to all movies, and you can see the evolution of the character slowly progressing. The best way to watch the movies is in release date order.

All ‘Has Fallen’ movies in chronological order

The chronology of the events isn’t as complicated as some franchises with plenty of prequels and sequels. The events build upon the events that took part in the previous movies forming a single timeline.

1. ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ (2013)

Fallen Movies In Order To Watch

The first movie introduces a disgraced secret service agent, Banning who in his past failed to save First Lady Margaret Asher. He finds himself inside the besieged White House during the assault. As chaos unfolds, Banning takes it upon himself to rescue the President and save the day restoring some of his reputation.

2. ‘London Has Fallen’ (2016)

Fallen Movies In Order To Watch

The second installment to the series dropped in 2016 and was directed by Babak Najafi and distributed by Focus Features. Banning accompanies the U.S. President to the funeral of the British Prime Minister in London. However, the event becomes a target for a massive terrorist attack. The world leaders attending the funeral are systematically killed, and chaos ensues throughout the city. Banning once again finds himself at the center of the crisis.


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3. ‘Angel Has Fallen’ (2019)

Fallen Movies In Order To Watch

The third movie in the series was released in 2019 and was directed by Ric Roman Waugh and distributed by Lionsgate. Banning faces a new set of challenges when he is framed for an assassination attempt on the President of the United States. After a drone attack targets the President, Banning is wrongfully accused and must go on the run to clear his name.

Where to watch the above-mentioned movies?

All three movies from the ‘Has Fallen’ franchise can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, the movies can also be purchased on Apple TV.

Will there be more ‘Has Fallen’ movies?

In November 2020, the fourth film in the Has Fallen series, titled ‘Night Has Fallen,’ was approved for production with Gerard Butler reprising his role as Mike Banning and serving as a producer. Following his lawsuit resolution against the studio in October 2023, production is set to begin after the conclusion of ongoing actors’ strikes. One more sequel has been announced but the production status of that movie is unknown.

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