Fallout 4: Piper Disappeared? Here’s What To Do

How to find Piper in fallout

Piper Wright is one of the most beloved companions in Fallout 4. She has an overwhelming personality at first, but once she accompanies you on an adventure or two, you’re soon going to notice that she only does what she considers best for the people in the Diamond City. Piper operates out of Public Occurences, which she runs with her sister Nat Wright. And speaking of adventure, sometimes, after parting ways with Piper, she can disappear from the game altogether, and you might not be able to locate her that easily. Due to that, we’ve decided to put together this guide. Let’s see how to find Piper when she disappears. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • If you dismissed Piper without specifying the location where she should go, you could look for her at Public Occurences, where she usually hangs out.
  • You can also start quests In Sheep’s Clothing and Reunions, as these quests cause Piper to reappear
  • If nothing above works, you can always use console commands to teleport to Piper or Vault-Tec Population Management system to track her down. 

What causes Piper to disappear from the game? 

Piper is just one of the many companions that can seemingly disappear from the game, sometimes, the reasons for this are not exactly clear, but it can happen due to a bug or due to a quest connected to that companion. Sometimes lost companions in Fallout 4 resurface on their own, and sometimes you might need to employ console commands and other strategies. 

Piper fallout 4

Piper has a long history of disappearing after certain quests and is one of the most sought-after followers. This can be a good thing since several strategies are available to locate her.

How to find Piper in Fallout 4? 

You can find Piper in several locations where she is scripted to appear by using console commands or by using the Vault-Tec Population Management System to locate her. In the rest of this post, we’re going to analyze in more depth each of these approaches. 

Piper might be at Public Occurrences 

Public Ocurrences Fallout 4

Sometimes if you dismiss Piper without specifying the locations or settlement in which she should wait for you, she might return to her default locations – at Public Occurrences. Public Occurrences is a two-level building near the main entrance to Diamond City. Nat and Piper use this makeshift office as the base of operations. The terminal inside the building can be used to gain access to all of Piper’s articles. 

You can find Piper in Valentine’s office 

If Piper disappeared from the game and you have trouble locating her through the usual means, try finishing the main storyline quest, Reunions. Since she is part of that quest, sometimes finishing it causes Piper to reappear at Nick Valentine’s office, trying to score an interview with him. 


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Alternatively, you can always start the quest In Sheep’s clothing. However, there are several prerequisites before starting this quest. Before you start the quest In Sheep’s Clothing, you need to finish the quest Political Leanings and be banished from the institute. If this is not an option for you, in that case, you need to finish the main storyline and main quest, The Nuclear Option. In either case, the quest will trigger when you travel to the Diamond City for the first time after the aforementioned events. 

Use console commands to locate Piper 

If you don’t feel like wrapping up the main story or turning every rock until you find Piper, you can always help yourself by using console commands. One command in particular will teleport Piper to you instantly. Follow these steps to locate Piper with console commands:

  1. Open the console by pressing “~.”
  2. Type prid 00002F1F and press enter. 00002F1F is Piper’s reference ID. Every NPC in the game has one, and likewise, you can use it to teleport them to you. 
  3. Type player moveto and press enter.
  4. If you’ve done everything correctly, Piper should be standing next to you. 

Alternatively, instead of teleporting Piper to you, you can teleport to her location. Once again, you need her Ref ID. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the console.
  2. Type player.moveto 00002F1F and press enter 
  3. If you’ve typed everything correctly, you should teleport to Piper’s locations. 

Use Vault-Tec Population Management System to locate Piper

VTPMS Fallout 4

Vault-Tec Population Management System is a constructible object added by the Vault-Tec Workshop add-on. It can be constructed in your settlement by using the workshop if you have 4x aluminum, 2x circuitry, 2x copper, and 2x rubber. Vault-Tec Population Management System, as the name implies, can be used to manage your settlers, and also it can be used to track down companions by adding a map marker on the map of their current location. 

To find Piper by using the Vault-Tec Population Management System, follow these steps: 

  1. Interact with the terminal 
  2. Choose the option “Access VIP tracker.” 
  3. Choose Piper 
  4. Exit the terminal and open your map. The map marker should appear after you hover over it and should say simply “Piper.” 

And that would be all. As you can see, with the right commands and the right tool at your disposal, just about any companion can be tracked down. If you have trouble finding Piper, she is most likely in Public Occurrences or in Valentine’s office. If you don’t feel like searching for her all over Commonwealth, you can use player.moveto commands to teleport yourself to you or vice versa. Lastly, if you have Vault-Tec Population Management System or you are considering investing in one, you can always use the terminal to set a map marker on any of your follower’s locations. 


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