Fans Noticed Striking Connection Between Cavill and Corenswet & I’m Starting to Believe It

corenswet cavill

When James Gunn and Peter Safran assumed control of the DCEU, now known as the DCU, it was surprising that nearly all actors playing major superheroes were released, and their projects were scrapped. Henry Cavill exited ‘The Witcher’ Season due to his commitment to an upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, only to discover the film’s cancellation.

Later, it was clarified that he departed ‘The Witcher’ production due to disagreements with the writers over the source material.

Cavill’s fans understandably expressed frustration over the news that their beloved Man of Steel wouldn’t be returning. Many regarded Cavill as one of the few successes of the DCEU. However, Gunn sought a younger actor for the upcoming Superman movie, necessitating a recast to align with the film’s focus on a younger version of the character. Additionally, having Cavill appear in two different origin movies would be confusing.

While David Corenswet’s casting initially received mostly positive feedback, some negative comments surfaced on social media. Recently, Cavill’s fans have noticed a peculiar similarity between him and Corenswet. There’s a theory circulating that Corenswet might be Cavill’s doppelgänger due to their striking resemblance, although not in a literal or scientific sense.

It all began when Corenswet was shooting a commercial in Mexico, and locals confused him for Henry Cavill.

While I acknowledge their resemblance, there’s a simple explanation for it: they both have to fit a certain physical and facial profile. As many fans have noted, Superman typically has a distinctive and enduring appearance, so casting choices often prioritize actors who are tall, muscular, dark-haired, and blue-eyed (sometimes).

Regardless, it’s an amusing theory circulating on social media, and some DCEU fans have humorously used it to critique Gunn’s decision to cast a comic-accurate Superman. Do you notice the similarities? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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