16 Best Superman Nicknames

16 Best Superman Nicknames

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!” is a quote that was immortalized in the 1952 TV show Adventures of Superman, and with that immortalized this notable DC character. Superman is the most iconic superhero of all time, and his stature and popularity never truly faded, especially since he was portrayed and adapted in every media. Besides being mistaken for a bird and plane, Superman has been called a lot of names in his existence. This article will go through our picks of the best 16 Superman nicknames.

We will include all the media, like TV, movies, and comics, and say a few words about each. If you are interested in our picks, stay with us until the end of the article.

16. Atticus

16 Best Superman Nicknames

The first nickname comes from the popular TV show Smallville, where Lex Luthor refers to Clark as “Atticus,” after the character of the popular American novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Atticus Finch. In the first season, episode eleven, Lex Luthor calls Clark after the journalist decides to be objective concerning Kyle Tipper, even though it risks his relationship with Lana Lang and Whitney Forman.

We will have a lot of Superman nicknames from the Smallville show on this list, so buckle up.

15. Superguy

16 Best Superman Nicknames

This one is funny, so it had to be on this list. Another Smallville nickname, this time from Clark’s close friend Jimmy Olsen. The “superguy” nickname was dropped in the last episode of season eight when Jimmy sees Clark and says that “he is some kind of a superguy.” It’s generic, for sure, but it is really funny.

This episode sees Clark as “dead” (not really) and Jimmy Olsen dying – Zod is the season’s main villain. Check it out.

14. Good Samaritan

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Good Samaritan originates from the parable in the Bible, where Jesus tells a story of people helping each other despite their origins. The phrase integrated itself into popular culture, and whenever someone helps others in trouble, they are called Good Samaritans.

In the case of Superman, this nickname is not odd at all since he dedicated his life to helping others in need. This particular nickname was given by the headlines, which named Superman a Good Samaritan. For a good reason, we got to say.

13. Supes

16 Best Superman Nicknames

This nickname was really popular back in the day. The beginnings of the Superman comic book series in the 1940s saw a lot of things change – most of the things faded away in history. That is a natural flow of things as time and trends change constantly, and with time faded the popularity of the Supes nickname.

More specifically, in the 1980s, when we last saw this popular nickname used regularly, different writers decided different things, and Supes was put aside.


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12. The Light

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Another Smallville nickname on this list comes from one of the biggest Superman villains of all time – Darkseid. Smallville was a really popular show that aired on the CW TV network for an impressive ten seasons. In the series finale in two parts, Superman looks his destiny in the eyes by fighting the New God of the Apokalipse.

In this context, Superman is the Light or a Saviour that will save the universe by defeating their biggest evil, Darkseid.

11. Kryptonian

16 Best Superman Nicknames

The Kryptonian nickname stems from the earliest Superman comics and is still referenced today. Superman comes from the destroyed planet Krypton, and when he was sent by his parents to Earth and taken by Kents, Superman became an alien whose powers enhances by the Earth’s Yellow Sun.

Superman’s enemies, allies, and even normal people “dropped” this nickname at least once during the comics, movies, and TV shows, and because of that, this nickname needs to be on this list.

Superman’s enemies, allies, and even normal people “dropped” this nickname at least once during the comics, movies, and TV shows, and because of that, this nickname needs to be on this list.

10. Red-Blue Blur

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Smallville is dominating this list, and we are not sorry at all. The Red-Blue Blur references traditional Superman colors, but Clark Kent is not yet a full-fledged Superman in the TV show. He is a high schooler trying to learn his powers and become the protector of his city. Of course, in the full comic book foreshadowing fashion, Clark likes wearing red and blue combinations, and Metropolis media filmed the “blur” that saves people.

Since then, the Red-Blue Blur nickname was immortalized by the Metropolis media.

9. Mild-Mannered Reporter

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Daily Planet is a media company in the city of Metropolis, and Clark Kent has worked there as a journalist since the very beginning of his tenure in the DC comics. Another notable character that works in the Daily Planet is Lois Lane, Clark’s most important and notable love interest in his life.

In the beginning, Lois Lane and Clark Kent were work rivals, and Lois, a hard journalist, referred to Clark as “The Mild-Mannered Reporter.” Sometimes, Lois would call Clark “The Mild-Mannered No-Show.” Well, she did marry him eventually.


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8. Superman

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Okay, hear me out. This nickname originates from the Smallville TV show series finale when Chloe Sullivan finally uttered the words “Superman” to refer to Clark.

As we already mentioned, Smallville presented us with Clark Kent’s journey through high school and ultimately becoming the superhero Earth and the universe need. The significance of that namedrop was impeccable since that was the first time anyone said “Superman” in Smallville, and it happened at the series finale.

Quite significant., I got to say.

7. Clark Kent

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Clark Kent is more of a civil identity or alias for Superman. Still, we decided to include this noticeable name in the history of comic books. The name Clark Kent connected Kal-El to his Earth family and humanity significantly, and in the later stages of his life, even when he knew who he was, Superman was mostly Clark Kent than Kal-El.

The civilian identity is a major part of the Superman persona, and he embraced it massively.

6. Smallville

16 Best Superman Nicknames

You might think this nickname originates from the CW’s TV show, but it doesn’t. According to the Q&A that occurs monthly on DC forums, Alex Jaffe said that the first Smallville name drop originates from Lois Lane in the DCs animated Superman: The Animated Series in 1996.

Clark and Lois displayed their rivalry in the animated series well, and the Smallville nickname stayed relevant until today – it even appeared in the 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice blockbuster movie.

5. Boy Scout

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Batman and Superman don’t always agree on things, but their teamwork is unmatched when they work together to protect the world. Batman’s broody and intimidating character can overwhelm the hardest of criminals. However, his witty and teasing personality comes out every once in a while – usually when teasing the similarities of Superman’s values to the Scout’s Law – trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Batman is witty when he wants to be, not when anyone else wants.


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4. The Last Son of Krypton

16 Best Superman Nicknames

We are getting to the more dramatic nicknames of this list, which means we are getting to the serious ones. The Last Son of Krypton is a nickname that appeared in all of the adaptations of the Superman character.

Of course, the nickname suggests that he is the last of his descendants from his home planet, Krypton – until Kara Zor-El appears. The Last Son of Krypton has a nice ring to it, even though it highlights Superman’s tragic past.

3. Metropolis Marvel

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Metropolis Marvel nickname is not that popular amongst the fans these days, but anything to do with relations between Metropolis and Superman is important for our alien hero. The nickname reminds us of the old times and the beginnings of this iconic hero, and we could not leave it out of the list.

Remember that quote from the beginning of the article? Metropolis Marvel is from those times – and fear not, the fans still remember.

2. The Man of Tomorrow

16 Best Superman Nicknames

In the TV show Smallville, Clark uses the nickname, or slogan in this case, to run for the school president. “The Man of Tomorrow” slogan is suggested by his friend Lex Luthor.

In the comics, “The Man of Tomorrow” nickname stemmed from the aspirations of the human race to become developed like Kryptonians and strive to be strong and brave as Superman.

1. The Man of Steel

16 Best Superman Nicknames

Of course, The Man of Steel needs to be first on this list, at least in my opinion. Probably the most famous and longstanding Superman’s nickname on this list – it first appeared as a news headline in 1939 in Action Comics #6.

According to the comic book “historians,” the nickname was inspired by then notable character Doc Savage, who was known as “The Man of Bronze.” There are whole comic books series called Man of Steel from the 1980s and a 2013 movie where Henry Cavill portrayed Superman.

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