Fans Vote Killmonger as the 5th Best MCU Villain

Fans Vote Killmonger as the 5th Best MCU Villain

Killmonger has appeared in two MCU projects (excluding ‘What If?’), and recent polls have voted him as the 5th best villain in MCU history. His greatness as a villain comes from his multifaceted character, with motivations rooted in personal and systemic oppression. His relatively sympathetic backstory adds depth, and Michael B. Jordan’s charismatic performance brings him to life.

The rankings are from Ranker’s poll of MCU villains, which included 53 names. Some choices surprised me. Thanos predictably claimed the top spot, and it’s uncertain if this will change despite new villains. Loki came in second, although Hiddleston has hinted he doesn’t see him as a true villain.

Further through the rankings, Ultron claimed the third spot, a notable feat considering his single appearance. Hela secured fourth place, also standing as the sole female villain in the top 10. Helmut Zemo landed sixth, followed by Red Skull in seventh, and Bucky Barnes’ Winter Soldier in eighth. Mysterio and Vulture rounded out the top 10 in ninth and tenth place, respectively. Eric Savin, also known as Coldblood from ‘Iron Man 3,’ earned the last spot on the list.

Currently, Kang the Conqueror, High Evolutionary, and Dar-Benn are not included. Share your favorite MCU villain in the comments!

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