‘Fast X’: Why Does Letty Hate Cipher? Did Dom Cheat on Letty?

Cipher Dom and Letty in Fast and Furious

Fast X finally brought the ultimate showdown between Letty and Cipher, something fans have been waiting for since Fast & Furious 7. While the fight was one of the most epic in the movie, many fans believe it wasn’t necessary anymore. Cipher was no longer fighting Dom. Besides, Cipher and Letty had a deadlier enemy to fight and not each other. So, what is it that Cipher did that Letty can’t forgive? Did Dom actually cheat on her with Cipher in Fate of The Furious?

Cipher was Fast & Furious’s supervillain from Fast 6 to Fast 9, and in that period, she orchestrated some of the most despicable damage to Dom and his family. Cipher forces Dom to turn on the family and work for her to get God’s Eye in Fate Of The Furious and even kisses Dom in front of Letty to assert her dominance. She kidnapped Elena and little Brian Marcos, so Dom has no choice but to obey her commands.

After watching Cipher kill Elena, most of the franchise’s fans considered her unforgivable as she rendered Marcos an orphan. However, Dom allowed her into the family in Fast X. Letty’s vendetta against Cipher in Fast X was on a whole other level, though, and even felt like she was the jealous wife. So, what does Letty hold against Cipher? Does Cipher kissing Dom have something to do with it?

Why does Letty hate Cipher so much?

Cipher was behind all the attacks that Dom’s family faced since Fast 6 since she was the mind behind Deckard Shaw’s plan.

Her evil plans caused the family unimaginable pain and nearly got Letty and the rest of the family killed.

Some of Dom’s family and friends, including Elena, died because of Cipher, so most of Dom’s friends will never allow her into the family.

Fast X tries to transform Cipher’s character arch from a villain into a protagonist, just like they did with Shaw.


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However, considering the ferocity of her attacks as a villain and the depth of losses Dom’s team incurred at her hands, Cipher’s redemption seems farfetched.

Despite partnering with her against Dante, Dom still understands that Cipher just can’t be trusted.

Dom and Cipher partnering against Dante can only be treated as a marriage of convenience at best.

Cipher has repeatedly proved that she only cares about herself and would hurt anyone to get what she wants.

Since Cipher tried to launch a nuclear bomb to start a world war, it is difficult to argue that she cares about making the world better.

So, while Letty’s hatred for Cipher could be because of personal reasons, her anger and dislike are justified.

Who is the better fighter between Letty and Cipher?

letty cipher fast x fight

While they were evenly matched during the fight, Letty delivered the ultimate blow that knocked Cipher out.

Cipher is a well-trained fighter that stays organized while attempting to deliver pain cleanly.

On the other hand, Letty, who learned to fight in the streets, fights dirty and goes for the kill with whatever object she has in sight.


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While training and skill give Cipher an upper hand in the battle’s early stages, the streets win in the end because Letty proves to be too ferocious for Cipher to keep up.

While locked in a chokehold by Cipher, Letty braced against the wall with her legs, launching Cipher through a glass window, causing them to fall.

Letty then blinds Cipher with pieces of broken glass before delivering the ultimate blow before Cipher can recover.

However, the victory was short-lived because only Cipher planned to get out of the Black site and away from Antarctica.

Did Dom have an affair with Cipher?

While Dom abandoned his family and moved in with Cipher in Fate Of The Furious, there is no evidence that the two had an affair.

Dom didn’t have a choice because Cipher had kidnapped Elena and Brian Marcos and forced him to work with her to keep them alive.

Dom continues to dislike Cipher during the encounter and doesn’t share any romantic moments on the screens until Cipher coerces him during the heist.

However, Letty doesn’t seem to have forgiven Cipher for kissing Dom in front of her during the heist.

Unfortunately, Dom also cooperated when Cipher kissed him and kissed her back, making Letty even more jealous.


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Letty had no way of knowing whether it was all part of Dom’s play to fool Cipher or whether he was actually having an affair.

Dom, on the other hand, was only trying to play along with Cipher to keep Elena and Marcos alive until he got the opportunity to get them to safety.

The whole plan collapsed when Cipher discovered Dom had gone behind her and cooperated with Hobbs.

After Cipher killed Elena, Dom seemed too broken-hearted to forgive her, but he changed his mind in Fast X.

Letty clearly doesn’t share Dom’s generosity, and her distrust of Cipher is justified, jealous wife notwithstanding.

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