Filming for ‘Avengers 5’ Set To Commence in the UK in Late 2024

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Marvel Studios faces delays and reshuffling of movie releases due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, controversies, and other issues. Among the highly anticipated projects are the next installments in the ‘Avengers’ franchise, and recent months have been filled with developments.

On June 13, 2023, a film originally with an unspecified release date was pushed back to May 1, 2026. Then, on November 15, 2023, Deadline reported that the appointed director, Destin Daniel Cretton, stepped down to focus on directing ‘Shang-Chi 2.’ Additionally, on November 27, 2023, Michael Waldron replaced Jeff Loveness as the scriptwriter.

A major turn of events unfolded on December 18, 2023, when Jonathan Majors was terminated by Walt Disney Studios following an assault and harassment verdict earlier that day. Simultaneously, Marvel Studios shifted the film’s internal reference from ‘The Kang Dynasty’ to ‘Avengers 5,’ hinting at a potential change in direction or focus within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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As per Production Weekly, the commencement of filming for ‘Avengers 5’ is scheduled for late 2024 in the UK. Originally planned for spring 2024, the filming faced delays attributed to evident issues with the cast, script, writing, and the primary antagonist.

Despite the setback in filming, a sense of being “rushed” lingers, likely influenced by the dynamic nature of the MCU. Postponing a significant project necessitates similar actions for others, or extensive reshoots are required to maintain coherence in the interconnected universe. Presently, details about the status of ‘Avengers 5’ remain scarce, with rumors suggesting a potential reduction in Kang’s role or even a complete recasting, as Kang continues to play a pivotal part in the ‘Multiverse Saga.’ Official confirmations are awaited to provide clarity.

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