Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Here’s What Happened to Melodias!

Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Here's What Happened to Melodias!

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As far as The Seven Deadly Sins manga and anime are concerned, it is a well-known fact that the whole series was very popular around the world, despite the fact that a lot of people criticized it for being one of the (best or worst, you pick the word) examples of fan-service in the world of anime. Still, the series did offer us some epic moments and some interesting characters, and the protagonist, Meliodas, is certainly one of them. We know that he was the protagonist of the original series… but what happened to him in the series? What is he doing in the sequel, the Four Knights of the Apocalypse? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Meliodas is the protagonist of the original The Seven Deadly Sins series and the hero of the story, who ultimately managed to defeat the evil of the world and usher forth a new time of peace.
  • After the ending of The Seven Deadly Sins, he married Elizabeth Liones, as was expected, and thus became the new King of Liones. The two of them had a son, Tristan, one of the Four Knights.
  • Although he is still present in the Four Knights of the Apocalypse sequel series, his role is much smaller and he can now be considered as a supporting character in the series.

Meliodas is now the King of Liones and is less active in the series

As everyone knows, Meliodas was the male protagonist and leader of the Seven Sins in the original The Seven Deadly Sins series. Physically, he looks like a young man of no more than fifteen years old, but his personality and attitudes, such as his habit of drinking beer or his lascivious behavior towards Elizabeth, make it evident that he is much older than he appears. He is actually a thousand-year-old demon who is cursed with immortality, his main motivation being to find a way to stop the curse and live next to his beloved Elizabeth.

Meliodas was the first commander of the Ten Commandments, a group of strong demons that were at war with the Goddess’ Clan, thousands of years ago. But Meliodas fell in love with Elizabeth, one of the Goddess’ Clan members, and betrayed his people in order to work with her to find a solution to put an end to the battle. He was sadly cursed by his father, the Demon King, to always rise from the dead, no matter how badly he was hurt. As a result, he gradually lost his humanity and his feelings for Elizabeth and others around him.

However, thanks to his love for his partner, Meliodas develops empathy, and he dedicates himself to trying to protect the rest of the races in addition to his own clan. Meliodas is ironically kind, cheerful, and optimistic, only showing his anger when he is unable to protect his loved ones or in combat against his enemies. Over the years, he dedicated himself to recruiting a group of individuals with exceptional magical powers who, like him, were accused of crimes to create a more powerful order of knights in Britain who would eventually be baptized as the Seven Deadly Sins.

Thanks to his intervention, he, along with the other Sins, manages to expose a conspiracy of the Holy Knights against the Kingdom of Britannia, restoring peace to the kingdom and clearing his name in the process. However, Meliodas is forced to go back to the battlefield when the group known as the “Ten Commandments” are awakened. Knowing that the Ten Commandments are vulnerable when not together, Meliodas confronts and incites his former companions to invade Britannia, causing the Commandments to be separated and causing the subsequent defeat of some. But when Meliodas participates in a tournament organized by Drole and Gloxinia, the demon loses his life in a fight and, after spending an indefinite time in a coma while the rest of the Commandments continue their conquest of the kingdoms, Meliodas regains consciousness in time to intervene.

After taking care of them, he ultimately fought his father, the Demon King, and managed to defeat him. In the epilogue, it was revealed that he finally married Elizabeth and that the two of them had a son, Tristan, who is now known as one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. He is the current King of Liones, with Elizabeth as the Queen, and while he is not as active as he was, he is still present in the series and is very much alive, but in the role of a supporting character.

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