Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Is Ban the Fox From the Series? Truth Revealed!

Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Is Ban the Fox from the Series? Truth Revealed!

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You may accuse The Seven Deadly Sins of being a fanservice franchise, but they do seem to be doing a good job nonetheless. The series is popular and entertaining, and it has most things you’d want from an anime series, including some very interesting characters. It also has a sequel, Four Knights of the Apocalypse, set after the ending of the original manga. Building on the charm of the original, the Four Knights of the Apocalypse continues the story of the original manga and brings in a lot of new characters. One of them is the enigmatic fox Sin, whose identity is a major question that keeps bugging fans. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Ban is actually the fox and everything else you need to know!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sin is an enigmatic fox who appears as a major character in the Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga and anime series.
  • The identity of Sin the Fox has been discussed by fans for a while now, with many thinking it is actually Ban due to the fox’s personality and the many mysteries surrounding Ban’s story in the sequel.
  • And while Sin is definitely connected to Ban, it has since been confirmed in the manga that Sin is not Ban, but someone close to him.

Ban is not Sin the Fox in Four Knights of the Apocalypse, despite many theories

As far as the original The Seven Deadly Sins series is concerned, everyone knows that Ban has been one of the most popular characters from the series. It’s simply like that. He had a certain charm to him, and he was a somewhat atypical hero for the time, which is why many fans started to like him a lot, and in all honesty, it is more than understandable. Ban’s story was concluded in a way that he ended up marrying Elaine, and the two of them had a son named Lancelot. The family moved to Benwick, and Ban became the king of that kingdom, with Elaine becoming queen.

Despite all the chaos, Ban seemingly got a very quiet and peaceful ending, which was well-deserved, seeing how intense the fighting in the original The Seven Deadly Sins series was. But, while Ban definitely did enjoy a period of peace, sudden disappearings all across the world ultimately came to Benwick as well. They were associated with rain, and the people who would enter the rain would simply disappear.


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At one moment, Lancelot and Jericho decided to investigate, and as they entered the rain, they also disappeared. Since that moment, Ban has not been in focus so much, but Sin the Fox appeared soon enough, and with the fox having a similar personality to Ban’s and Ban’s story being full of enigmas, many fans speculate that Ban transformed or was transformed into the enigmatic fox. Well, we can now confirm that the fox is not Ban, but… well, just keep reading to find out everything!

The true identity of Sin the Fox – revealed!

As we have said above, Ban is not Sin the Fox. There are many theories explaining this, but they are all false, as the series has – indeed – revealed the true identity of the fox. And while it is not Ban, it is someone very close to him – his son, Lancelot. Yes, the one who disappeared.

Namely, Lancelot and Jerico found out that the rain was hiding a special doorway, and they decided to enter it to explore it, disappearing for three years. Lancelot then returned to the Kingdom of Liones, but since no one knew that, he was still considered missing. Six years after the initial disappearance, the King of Liones decided to give Lancelot an important task – to find the prophesied Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Since the forces of Camelot had to be kept in the dark as far as this mission was concerned, Lancelot had to hide his identity, so he transformed himself into a pink-white talking fox named Sin.

And that is the story of Sin the Fox, alongside its true identity. Fans who suggested that it could be Ban weren’t far off, as Ban and Lancelot share many personality traits, but the truth was ultimately revealed later in the series when we found out the whole truth. This is what we needed to tell you and with this information, you will be able to understand and follow the series without any issues.

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