Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Is Sin Actually Ban? Theory Explained!

Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Is Sin Actually Ban? Theory Explained!

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You may accuse the Seven Deadly Sins of being a fanservice franchise, but they do seem to be doing a good job nonetheless. The series is popular and entertaining, and it has most things you’d want from an anime series, including some very interesting characters. It also has a sequel, Four Knights of the Apocalypse, set after the ending of the original manga. A character from the sequel, the mysterious fox called Sin, has been of particular interest to fans, and in this article, we are going to discuss its identity, focusing on the theory that Sin might actually be a well-known character from the original series, Ban. Is he? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sin is an enigmatic fox who appears as a major character in the Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga and anime series.
  • Due to the enigma surrounding Sin’s real identity, fans had speculated about who Sin could actually be and a lot of fans thought that he could be Ban.
  • It was later revealed that Sin is not Ban, but that he is closely related to him and that he is another important character from the lore.

Could Sin actually be Ban? Here’s what the fans think…

Whenever we are discussing some fan theories, we always make an effort to provide you with the best original theory that properly explains the issue at hand. Sin’s real identity in the Four Knights of the Apocalypse has been discussed by many, but the best and most comprehensive theory we could find was the one written by Reddit user ThatSilverbean, so here is how it goes:

The fox known as Sin is Ban and that’s my theory. I have a couple of reasons for speculating this.

  1. We know that he’s on a mission to bring Percival back to Liones to serve as a valuable asset to the current king (who is definitely Meliodas)
  2. His method of speaking is very similar to Ban. He’s rude, condescending, smug, and has a somewhat cruel sense of humor. He also has a distaste for humans like Ban.
  3. His color scheme is similar to Ban’s iconic clothing, they also have the same eyes.
  4. Ban is the fox sin of greed and the fox working for the kingdom is named “Sin”
  5. Redditor Worfrix426 has made the additional observation that during the Echo Gorge arc, Sin spontaneously conjures a rabbit from thin air with the wave of his tail. It’s possible that he has some sort of hammerspace in his tail to store items, or he’s using Ban’s snatch, which we know can make things suddenly appear in his hand like when he stole a Holy Knight’s teeth.
  6. There’s that scene where Sin disappears to help Percival and Co. kill a bunch of monsters in a town, but we don’t know who’s responsible for the attack. Sin attributes it to his forest friends, but it’s entirely possible that it’s Ban using Crazy hunt, which we know most people wouldn’t be able to reasonably identify as an attack happening.
  7. During Sin’s conversation with Anghalhad’s pet horse, the horse says something along the lines of “I never did think you was no normal fox… But I had no idea that you were really-“, implying that Sin’s actual origins are of major significance.
  8. Sin also very clearly knows who Howzer is, speaking to Howzer, he again showed off his eyes.

The biggest issue with this theory is that this assumes that Ban left the Fairy King’s Forest and Elaine behind so that he could be turned into a fox (for some reason) and guide the Four Horsemen back to Liones. And I can think of a few justifications there.

  1. He’s a fox so that he can remain inconspicuous. If he appeared as his normal human self in Camelot, then that would increase the likelihood of him drawing attention from unfavorable eyes.
  2. How he was turned into a fox? Magic. Vivian or something.
  3. He left the forest in order to complete this mission, because doing so will somehow contribute to him finding his son Lancelot, who went missing in the special one shot chapter. Elaine would be willing to part ways with him during this time so that she can serve as the surrogate ruler of the forest while Ban completes this mission.

There’s also the possibility that Sin is some sort of Familiar belonging to Ban, but that is what I have so far.

That is all.


As you can see, the theory is quite good and it emphasizes all the important points that are related to the mystery of Sin’s identity, as well as the connection that exists between Sin and Ban, who is one of the most important characters from the original series. The author also made an effort to point out some problematic aspects of his theory, which is always good. And, as we have said, this is a solid theory, but… in the meantime, we have found out Sin’s true identity so we can give you a proper answer.


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Sin’s true identity is actually known, and no – Sin is not Ban, but they are very closely related!

As we have said above, Sin is an interesting character and the fox has been attracting the attention of fans ever since its debut. While some fans thought it was Ban in disguise, it was revealed that Sin was not Ban, but someone very close to Ban – his son, Lancelot! Lancelot and his guardian Jericho disappeared when Lancelot was 10 years old and Sin appeared six years later. The series has officially confirmed this theory, so you now know what happened. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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