The Seven Deadly Sins’ Power Levels, Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

The Seven Deadly Sins' Power Levels, Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

The Seven Deadly Sins is a franchise that has become quite popular and is often quoted as one of the most entertaining anime series of the 21st century. It’s quirky, it’s epic, it’s mildly pervy, and has a great plot, which is what a lot of people would expect from an anime show. The Seven Deadly Sins has a plethora of interesting characters on its roster and we have decided to present one group from the series in this article.

Namely, this list will focus on the Seven Deadly Sins as a group, as we will bring you each character along with their official power levels. The characters will be listed from weakest (lowest power level) to strongest (highest power level), as we will also bring you some additional info about each of them.

7. Gowther

Gowther interrupted by Fraudrin

Estimated Total Power Level: 35,400

During his fight against the Dawn Roar in Ordan’s Village, Gowther demonstrates the ability to catch Weinheidt’s charged arrow with his bare hands and easily slice off the armored creature’s head with his hand as well. He possesses enchanted armor that is capable of suppressing and preventing some powers from becoming uncontrollable and possibly amplifying his strength. Also, he is absolutely resilient. After Slader breaks his neck, he stands up and fixes his neck back to normal as if nothing happened.


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The same thing happened when Hendrickson decapitated him, Gowther’s body was able to move on its own, and he put his head back on as if nothing had happened to him. Not much is known about Gowther’s true strength. This is because Gowther often uses his Invasion to trap people in an illusion instead of fighting them directly. However, despite not fighting on his strength, Gowther is still known as the most dangerous of the Seven Deadly Sins due to his mind-breaking ability, as evidenced in his fight against Dreyfus. Gowther can easily parry attacks with his bare hand, as demonstrated by parrying Weinheidt’s arrow, and can quickly dodge.

6. Diane (Giant Size)

Diane caught by Gilthunder27s magic

Estimated Total Power Level: 55,000

Diane is demonstrated to be extraordinarily resilient. According to Matrona, who oversaw Diane’s training, she has the potential to emerge as the Giant Clan’s top warrior. She could stop a swarm of insects that were about to destroy the city by drilling into the dirt and using it as a barrier. She has also demonstrated incredible strength by withstanding a Gilthunder bolt and even managing to escape from it. She demonstrates her extraordinary physical prowess and speed during the fight festival’s preliminary round by swiftly and easily defeating more than ten men as Matrona (average human size).

Later in the story, after having passed Drole’s test and mastered her sacred dance, Diane increases her powers and abilities even more, now being able to use Drole’s dance to deepen her connection to the Earth. Melascula compared the force of her blows to Drole’s, although she is not as powerful as most other Seven Deadly Sins members.

5. Merlin (True Power)

Aldan Anime

Estimated Total Power Level: 220,000

Merlin is a particularly strong member of the Seven Deadly Sins. She was regarded as Britannia’s top magician. When confronted, she was able to outclass Vivian, her former student and Liones’ top mage, as well as some of the most powerful holy knights Liones had to offer. Grayroad, who is one of the Ten Commandments, was defeated by her after she managed to escape from Galand’s petrification. She praises Chandler and Cusack, the “genie kid” who betrayed the Demon King, also the highest deity, as she beats the two most powerful demons while taking part in the Battle of Camelot. The leader of the Four Archangels, Ludociel, pledges that he will never oppose Merlin.

4. King (Full Grown Wings)

King flying with his spear

Estimated Total Power Level: 416,000

As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and the number and most powerful Fairy King in history, King is extremely powerful. He is strong enough to singlehandedly overpower a great sacred knight. As a fairy, King displayed a number of skills unique to his species. Such as the ability to hover or fly, the ability to change looks and clothes at will, and high speed similar to both Ban and Meliodas.


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He had “an unbelievable level” of strength, Meliodas and Ban noted after releasing his true power. This was later reinforced when he won his fight against Helbram, a combatant of the Holy Grand Knight rank, while also tending to the wounded nearby. Despite the wounds he received in his fight with Helbram, he next quickly defeated Dreyfus, one of the Knights of the Great Holy Lion.

3. Ban (with Sacred Treasure Release & after Purgatory)

Ban shaving from Jericho27s attacks

Estimated Total Power Level: 675,000

Ban is a particularly strong member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is faster and stronger than any regular human being, with his strength and snatch ability, which he uses to rip the organs of opponents, ideally their hearts, with the help of his speed, being his specialties. His immortality, though, is what truly amazes me. No matter how serious the injuries, Ban’s wounds all heal almost rapidly thanks to sipping from the Fountain of Youth.

In addition, he never ages, doesn’t require food or water and is impervious to all poisons. Because of the fact that he is actually immortal, he is able to fight far more brutally than most people are willing to. Ban’s blood is able to totally recreate the Fairy King Forest and heal the wounds of others because it has been merged with the Fountain of Youth. Ban, however, lost this skill when he revived Elaine using the Fountain of Youth.

2. Escanor (The One Ultimate)

Escanor wielding Rhitta

Estimated Total Power Level: 798,000

Escanor has been referred to be the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins because, when the sun rose, he quickly vanquished both Melascula and Galand, two powerful members of the Ten Commandments, while Ban and Jericho were powerless in the face of the two formidable Commandments. By both allies and adversaries alike, Escanor’s strength is regarded as monstrous. One of the Ten Commandments most powerful members, Estarossa, was paralyzed by the terror of Escanor’s strength and refused to accept that a being so strong could be human.

1. Meliodas (True Magic Form)

Meliodas serving beer at his bar

Estimated Total Power Level: 1,000,000

Meliodas was known for his strength and skill in combat. When Meliodas was part of the Demon Clan, the enemies of the Demon Clan as well as other demons, regarded him be the most powerful demon after the Demon King, and were very scared of him. He was the legendary head of the Seven Deadly Sins, and while he was a member of the Demon Clan, he previously held the positions of leader of the Ten Commandments and the sole rightful heir to the Demon King’s throne.


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So strong that the demon Gowther claimed that his defection alone tipped the scales of power in favor of the goddess clan and allowed it to initiate the holy war, In a last-ditch effort to gain the upper hand over the goddess clan in Estarossa, Gowther coerces Mael, the strongest member of the goddess clan, into converting from the demon clan.

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