Fresh ‘Loki’ Speculations Suggest Loki Takes on the Role of He Who Remains, and the Temporal Loom Might Not Be What It Seems

Fresh Loki Speculations Suggest Loki Takes on the Role of He Who Remains and the Temporal Loom Might Not Be What It Seems

We’re well into the second season of ‘Loki,’ and the upcoming two episodes are expected to be the show’s best, at least if you believe the hype. Loki’s debut solo project in the MCU has been a thrilling yet captivating journey into pseudo-science, redemption, and consequences. Despite this, the intriguing mystery surrounding He Who Remains and his role in the grand order of things remains untouched.

Various speculations have arisen regarding the final two episodes of the season. According to MyTimeToShineHello, a reliable source for leaks on X, it seems Loki will indeed step into He Who Remains’ shoes. He’ll take charge of the Multiverse, ensuring that all timelines retain their individuality and freedom.

Well, dropping such a major spoiler without any heads-up seems a bit extreme, so approach it with caution. What’s even more intriguing is a different post by Alex P. that straightforwardly states, “The Loom is a lie.”

Just a quick reminder, the Temporal Loom and its current threat have been the central focus of the series. Everything Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie have been up to is in an effort to fix the Loom, which teetered on the brink of explosion due to its inability to handle the growing number of timeline branches since the TVA lost its true leadership. At the conclusion of episode 4, it appeared that the Loom had indeed exploded.


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Alex’s tweet might suggest that either the Temporal Loom didn’t explode after all, or it’s not as crucial to holding the timelines and Multiverse together as we initially thought. It’s possible that mending the Loom was merely a way for He Who Remains to guide Loki, Mobius, Sylvie, Ravonna, and the others along a specific path, ensuring the success of his “backup plan.”

We’ll get the answers to these questions and more soon, with just two episodes left in the series. Episode 5 of ‘Loki’ will be available on Disney+ starting November 2.

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