Frieren: What Are the Perfect Replicas & Who Created Them?

Frieren: What Are the Perfect Replicas & Who Created Them?

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has perfectly combined Japanese fiction’s artistry with Western fiction’s tropes to create a wonderful fantasy work that is extremely popular worldwide, and for a good reason. While the protagonists are the story’s focus, in this article, we will discuss something different – a very specific and special type of enemy that the examinees of the First-Class Mage Exam had to face in the Ruins of the King’s Tomb. They have been described as the “Perfect Replicas” and are basically clones. What are they, who created them, and how powerful are they? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Perfect Replicas are a special and highly dangerous type of enemy that the examinees of the First-Class Mage Exam encountered in the Ruins of the King’s Tomb.
  • The Perfect Replicas were actually perfect yet colorless clones of the examinees created by a mysterious enemy from within the Ruins.
  • Each of the clones was a perfect physical replica of the original, but they also had the same powers and abilities as they were created from the memories of the examinees.

The Perfect Replicas are the defensive mechanism of the Ruins

After taking a break from the first stage of the Exam, the examinees were summoned to the Ruins of the King’s Tomb, where Sense told them about the second part – they had to cross the ruins and reach their center before dawn. It seemed an easy enough task, but the Ruins were full of traps and even some monsters (Gargoyles), aside from being a complex maze. But, the Ruins also contained a very powerful enemy that kept itself hidden. Still, its presence was felt when the Mages were suddenly attacked by what looked like “Perfect Replicas” of themselves.

They were identical physically, save for the fact that they were colorless, they had the same powers and abilities, and Denken correctly deduced that they even shared the memories with the originals. The main enemy of the Ruins was actually able to take the memories of everyone inside the Ruins and then turn these memories into clones of the originals, which is why they were so precise and so dangerous. We have seen several of the clones in the series and we have seen that they were very powerful and difficult to defeat.

They seem to be a defensive mechanism of the Ruins and its inhabitants, with Wyrbel concluding that he now understood why no one had conquered these Ruins. Fighting a copy of oneself that is as powerful as the original is tough even without the confusion that comes from seeing yourself attack you. This is why these clones are so dangerous and why we are writing about them. We are now going to answer some additional questions about the “Perfect Replicas.”


Frieren: Unified Dynasty, Explained

Who created the Perfect Replicas?

The anime has not revealed who actually created the Perfect Replicas, but we do know the answer from the manga. The only thing that the anime revealed was a strange gem with a violet light, after which the clones appeared. In case you thought that it had something to do with the clones, we can confirm that it does; this light is actually the source of these replicas. We won’t be spoiling too much for you here, as we are going to be covering the story later, but we can confirm that the light actually comes from a legendary monster called Spiegel, which is also the source of the clones.

Will Denken’s Group be Able to Defeat Frieren’s Replica?

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Now, as you might assume, the most dangerous foe among the clones is Frieren’s clone, because Frieren is the strongest among the Mages in the Ruins. We know that Denken already fought Frieren during the first stage and lost to her, which is why another clash against her – even though it was a clone – was something he wanted to avoid. This time, he had Richte, Laufen, and Methode by his side, but still – Frieren was a formidable foe, especially since the clone wouldn’t really hold back as the real Frieren.

Will they win? Well, we can confirm that all of them passed the second exam, which means that Frieren’s clone did not defeat them, but… we are not going to reveal the details here, as we’d like you to see the fight for yourselves when it is shown in the next episode. This is just a short overview of what happened, as we’d like you to experience the fight in full in the next episode.

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