Frieren: 10 Strongest Mages Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

Frieren: 10 Strongest Mages Ranked from Least to Most Powerful

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The mages of Frieren are a very specific and important group. Represented chiefly through Frieren, the Mages come in various shapes and sizes, and we’ve seen several of them, with the First-Class Mage Exam revealing a lot of details about this specific group and its role in the series. We have also come to understand how powerful they are and how versatile their powers and abilities can be. And this fact actually inspired our article.

Namely, this article is going to bring you a list of the 10 strongest Mages in Frieren, ranked from least to most powerful. We are going to tell you about each of the Mages, their powers and abilities, as well as why we have put them on this list. Note that the series has not provided us with an official ranking, so this is based on what we know from the series and is not an official ranking. On top of that, this article is not going to include Demons, as they are a completely different category because they have a special relationship with magic.

10. Lawine


Lawine is a powerful Mage who was introduced as a Third-Class Mage on her way to pass the First-Class Mage Exam. It was quite obvious that she was more powerful than a First-Class Mage, but due to the series not having a completely clear system (and due to a lot of characters’ powers and skills being unknown), there is no way to properly compare her. Based on what she did during the exam and how skilled she was with her ice magic, we have decided to rank her as the tenth on our list, as we do think that her skills and abilities merit such a ranking, as she might well be one of the ten strongest Mages in the series.

9. Wirbel


Wirbel is a Mage who has a lot of non-heroic traits, but it cannot be doubted that he is a powerful mage and that his overall skill level is such that we had to include him on this list. As Ehre said, he has a lot of experience and cunning, and while he might not be as strong as some others, his magic is devoid of character, and that makes him extremely dangerous. His specialty is the binding spell called Sorganeel, but he also has a lot of other techniques at his disposal in battle.


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8. Übel

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We decided to rank Übel above Wirbel simply because Übel seems to be willing to go further and lower to win in a battle. Plus, she has the advantage of appearing weak and innocent, which gives her the element of surprise in the series. But, regardless of this, she is a really powerful and skilled Mage and was able to take on Wirbel during the exam without problems, actually. Plus, her ability to copy the spells of other Mages gives her a significant advantage.

7. Methode


Methode was introduced during the First-Class Mage Exam as an extremely powerful Mage who helped the protagonist and their allies. It is clear that Methode is one of the most skilled Mages in the series, and that is why she is in the top five of this list. Why not higher? Well, we took into account the potential Fern has, but the difference between the two of them is not that big. It is important to understand, though, that Mage has a very versatile set of skills and that her overall abilities are simply amazing.

6. Denken


As far as Denken is concerned, he may look like a helpless old man, but he is exceptionally intelligent and skilled and is undoubtedly one of the most skilled and dangerous Mages in the whole series. He has a lot of experience, and his extreme intelligence is what makes him even more dangerous; this is why his approach to the First-Class Mage Exam was efficient for the most part. His special move is called Mystil’zla, and it allows him to deflect anything he senses to be a curse back at the caster, making Denken extremely powerful; the main issue is that it eats up huge amounts of mana.

5. Lernen


Lernen is the first-ever First-Class Mage in history and an apprentice of Serie, the most powerful Mage in the series. Although he is now old and is generally reserved, Lernen is exceptionally powerful. His specialty are Golems, but he is versed in various fields of magic, which is why we had to put him so high on this list. Why not higher? Well, we took into account the potential that Fern has, and the other three names… well, you’ll see for yourselves.

4. Fern

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Like Frieren, Fern is a Mage who doesn’t seem to be powerful, but the series has proven that her powers are truly amazing on more than one occasion. She is very knowledgeable, and as Frieren’s pupil, she managed to learn about various aspects of magic. She demonstrated her skills when she defeated the Demons in Graf Granat’s domain and during the Fist-Class Mage Exam when she showed that her skills were far superior to her rank. There is no doubt that Fern is one of the strongest and that she has even more potential to grow as a character.


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3. Flamme

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Flamme’s influence and the respect she holds even after her death say more than enough. She was one of the strongest and most influential Mages of her generation and one of Serie’s best pupils. She was able to sense Frieren’s potential and taught her to become one of the most powerful Mages in history; despite the of them not always getting along, Frieren holds a lot of respect for Flamme, and she knows that Flamme’s teachings are responsible for her becoming so skilled. Flamme specialized in fire-related magic, as her name says, and there is no doubt that she was among the three strongest Mages in the series as a whole.

2. Frieren

will frieren die

Were it not for Serie, there is no doubt that Frieren would be on top of this list. Frieren is an amazing Mage, and while she seems to be weak and somewhat clumsy, she can actually hide the true level of her mana; when she actually does release it, it becomes obvious that she is enormously strong. She is also quite knowledgeable and has been able to collect a large amount of various spells, which makes her even more formidable. She was able to slay the most powerful Demons, including the Demon King himself.

1. Serie


Serie is by far the most powerful Mage in the series, more than even Frieren; there is a story between the two of them, but that is a topic for a different article. Serie is incredibly skilled and powerful, so much, in fact, that it is said that her power is comparable to that of the Goddess, which speaks for itself. Serie was Flamme’s mentor, and she is the only character that is – and we can confirm that – stronger than Frieren, and there is no Mage more skilled than her in the series.

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