‘From Scratch’ Ending Explained: Do Amy and Lino Live Happily Ever After?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for From Scratch, a new romantic series arriving on Netflix this week. The series is based on a memoir written by Tembi Locke of the same name. The series tells the story of Amy, a young Texan woman who studies law but actually wants to be an artist. She then goes on an art program to Florence, Italy, to find inspiration from all the great art in the city. Life has other plans when Amy also finds the love of her life, an Italian chef named Lino.

From Scratch is one of those love stories that is filled with basically everything. The show explores both the good and the bad of being in love and everything that comes in between when two people decide to share their lives. The show is quite romantic, with both characters, Amy and Lino, having the most amazing chemistry. You really believe that they are a beautiful couple. However, the show is also a big tear-jerker, so you better get ready to cry your heart out as things start quite emotional.

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The following paragraph contains spoilers for From Scratch. Read at your own risk.

How Does Lino Get Sick?

From Scratch might be one of those beautiful love stories, but it is also a very sad one. Our two main characters, Amy and Lino have an amazing meet-cute while in Florence, Italy. Amy is a young Texan with aspirations of becoming an artist, while Lino is a chef working in a small restaurant in the city. Their love is unlikely, but it is equally intense. Once they manage to pass through the normal hiccups of expressing their real feelings for each other, the two become inseparable.

Not everything is easy. Lino moves with Amy back to Los Angeles. This ends up being quite a hard experience for him as he tries to adapt to life in America, but everything is so different. He gets a job as a waiter at a terrible Italian restaurant, and part of his soul dies every time he has to serve awful food to the clients. At the same time, Amy has found a job at an art gallery, but she still wants to find the time to become an artist herself. She manages to do a good job at selling pieces of art thanks to her passion.

After the restaurant where he was working closed, Lino takes the chance to open his own place, and he manages to get investors. Amy, on the other hand, decides to pursue a career with art and kids and leaves the gallery. Everything seems to be going fine, but Lino falls ill. What starts as a simple pain in the knee develops into a very strange case of cancer. Lino starts the chemo and gets weaker, so he can start working at the restaurant. Amy goes back to the gallery because she needs the money.

These are very desperate times, and Lino’s parents come from Italy. It is a very intense time as Lino gets into surgery, and he also tries to reestablish his relationship with his dad, which has been strained for many, many years. The surgery is a success, and they manage to take the tumor out. However, Lino is not completely out of the woods. His cancer might return, so he enrolls in an experimental trial for a new drug. For a while, Lino manages to stay healthy enough to live his life, but cancer is a silent killer.

Do Amy And Lino Live Happily Ever After?

Amy and Lino managed to build a family, and they have a beautiful girl named Idalia. She is smart and stubborn, just like her parents. For a time, everything is well, but Amy and Lino’s love story comes to an end when the disease keeps spreading through Lino’s body. Not even the most powerful medicine can help him survive this. Amy and the rest of the family fall into despair, especially Amy, who now has to say goodbye to the love of her life. Lino dies, and everybody says goodbye. His body is burnt, and so Amy travels to Sicily to spread Lino’s ashes.

Lino’s father, Giacomo, is already dead, so the only people there to receive the ashes are Filomena, his mother, and his sister Biagia. The funeral is done, and Amy and Italia decide to stay some days in town. Amy ends up knowing the inhabitants of the town, who see her as one of them. Filomena also tries to give the house and the land to Amy, so Idalia can have them when she grows up, but Amy is unsure about it.

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Amy starts partaking in the town’s customs in preparation for a procession that is coming to town. They even managed to meet one of Lino’s childhood friends. For the procession, Amy invites her father and the rest of her family. She says that between Texas and Castelleone there are more similarities than differences. The series ends as the two families join together to have a great meal and also join the procession, knowing that their two worlds are now joined forever.

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