Gojo vs. Toji: Who Is Stronger & Would Win in a Fight?

Gojo vs toji

Satoru Gojo and Toji Fushiguro are two of the strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. The two did fight once in the anime, but that was way ago. If there were to be a rematch, who would win in a fight between Gojo and Toji?

Although Toji did defeat Gojo when they were younger, now, Satoru Gojo is so powerful that he would certainly be able to defeat Toji. Toji’s power at the time was a surprise for the younger and less experienced Gojo, but Gojo has grown so much since then that he would easily deal with Toji now.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to compare Satoru Gojo and Toji Fushiguro in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see exactly who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.


Satoru is claimed to be one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, characters in the series, wielding both immense amounts of occult energy and dangerously powerful techniques. Today, Satoru Gojo’s power is feared even by the highest dignitaries of the exorcist society, and it is such that he can overturn decisions made by the pundits, like capital punishment of a person.

He declares, in particular, that it would be easy for him to kill them all and overthrow the current society if he really wanted to. Satoru even claimed that he could defeat Sukuna at his full power.

PV1 Satoru Gojo

Although Toji is technically a non-exorcist with no innate talent for the occult and is simply devoid of occult energy, he was one of the best fighters in the occult world during his lifetime.

With innate physical prowess significantly above average, Toji has fought against his time’s most dangerous and highest-ranked exorcists. Yuki Tsukumo, an S-class exorcist, even declared that he was a true Superman. Toji used the occult knowledge of the Zenin family and turned it against the exorcists, earning him the nickname “Slayer of Exorcists.”


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Despite Toji’s skills and the fact he became so powerful despite being a non-exorcist, he is currently nowhere near Gojo’s levels, which is why Gojo wins this one easily.

Points: Gojo 1, Toji 0

Powers and abilities

Gojo has great physical strength and can fight against powerful plagues without problems, delivering powerful punches and even being able to throw them a great distance with a single kick. He has great speed, managing to keep up with the movements of an S-Class exorcist effortlessly and throwing almost imperceptible punches and kicks.

He is able to move faster than the eye can perceive. Satoru has proven to be quite tactical and has shown that he can figure out what his opponent is planning with just enough information. He’s also shown to be extremely adaptable to almost any enemy he’s encountered.

Showing Jogo the Infinity 28Anime29

Toji possesses a superhuman degree of physical strength, enough to effortlessly snatch Floating Cloud from the hands of Maki, another person with great physical gifts. Using Floating Cloud, an item that depends on the user’s physical strength, Toji could easily crush Dagon’s toughest familiar.

With another cursed object, he could slice off Suguru’s most resilient plague and only used his hands to strike Takuma Ino’s face, and this so badly that he nearly died. Toji has been repeatedly described as having superhuman speed, so much so that his opponents cannot read his movements. Regarding his missions, Toji approaches them with discretion, caution, and patience.


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Just as it was in the former category, Gojo has far surpassed anything that Toji has to offer, and that is why he is the clear winner in this category as well.

Points: Gojo 2, Toji 0

Fighting skills

In addition to his overwhelming level of occult energy, Satoru is also an incredibly fearsome martial art master with extraordinary physical prowess to support his skills. He could completely dominate Jogo in melee, delivering several precise attacks on the scourge kill points.

He could even fight and largely dominated Jogo and Hanami in close combat, easily countering their attacks and delivering powerful blows to them that quickly forced them into submission.

Hollow Technique Purple

Toji is able to use a wide variety of weapons in combat. His entire fighting style is based on the use of weapons to replace occult energy. He keeps a vast arsenal in his scourge, allowing him to effectively change weapons as needed.

Whether it is a cursed object or not, and whether the weapon is sharp or not, Toji has shown extreme skill and intelligent use of his weapons. He can fight with multiple weapons at once and can even combine them. Armed with a pistol, Toji has shown himself to be a sniper with extremely precise aim.


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The two of them have a completely different approach to fighting – Gojo prefers melee techniques, while Toji prefers weapon-based techniques – and they’re both experts in their respective fields. That is why we are going to give a point to both.

Points: Gojo 3, Toji 1


Satoru is known within exorcist society as the most powerful exorcist. He got this pseudonym because of the immense amounts of occult energy and powerful techniques he possesses. Unlike other exorcists, Satoru’s occult energy is large enough to use Territory Expansion multiple times a day.

He has excellent control over his occult energy, activating his Territory Extension in a fraction of a second, using the inversion spell, and even combining positive and negative occult energy.

Gojo brushing off Jogo27s volcanic attack 28Anime29

Unlike any other known case in the world, Toji does not possess any occult energy. His innate oath completely removed the occult energy from his body. This makes Toji undetectable to other exorcists, making him able to move through barriers undetected or even sneak past the Sixth Eye.

This aided his unpredictability in battle and caused others to underestimate him based solely on occult energy.

You do have to credit Toji for becoming as powerful as he did without any occult energy whatsoever, but Gojo is simply on a different level when compared to Toji, and he has to get this point.

Points: Gojo 4, Toji 1

Satoru Gojo Vs. Toji Fushiguro: Who Win?

If you’ve read Gojo’s Past arc, you know that Toji defeated Gojo when they fought some time ago. Gojo was much weaker then, and he wasn’t experienced as he is now, which enabled Toji to defeat the exorcist with relative ease.

But, this fight does deserve some attention, nevertheless, especially now that it has been portrayed in the anime so all fans of Jujutsu Kaisen can now see it beautifully animated, as they did with all the other epic fights in the series. So, how did it all start? Well, using his skill to hide his presence and the fact that Gojo was exhausted (due to Toji’s own machinations), Toji arrived at the school and used a katana to pierce Gojo’s chest.

And although it was a shocking moment, Gojo was still able to recover from that attack easily, and he felt no consequences whatsoever. This amazed even Toji, but this was when the fight became more interesting.

Toji Fushiguro started using his amazing speed and the terrain to hide from Gojo, a move which proved to be quite successful for him as Gojo, being exhausted, couldn’t sense him anymore. Of course, Gojo being Gojo, he used one of his techniques to completely change the battlefield so Toji had nowhere to hide.

But, Toji also summoned a swarm of Fly-Heads which clouded Gojo’s visions and senses, so Toji outsmarted him again. At that point, Toji arrived, and while Gojo did instinctively sense him, he was too tired to properly counter him and Toji used the Inverted Spear of Heaven to brutally slash and stab Gojo, leaving him to die in a pool of his own blood.


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It was a brutal fight, and Toji demonstrated both his intelligence and just how powerful he was thanks to his Heavenly Restriction, and while it seemed enough to defeat Gojo, Toji underestimated him. Now, we have to stop here and say that Gojo was, at the time, already considered to be the strongest jujutsu sorcerer, but since he was still a student, Gojo was nowhere near his full potential at the time, and he couldn’t really control his powers like he would be able.

So, had Gojo been at the peak of his powers at the time, Toji, despite his superhuman abilities, couldn’t do much against him in a direct fight.

But, using Gojo’s skill level at the time, Toji took advantage of it and defeated him. But only once. Toji would then, as we know, proceed to defeat Geto as well, but just as he thought it was over, Gojo arrived, and… well, he defeated Toji.

He killed him in a very elegant fashion, and he proved that, even at that level of power and with Toji being as skilled as he is, he was stronger than him. Toji owned a lot to the element of surprise, as well, as he picked the right place and the right time to surprise Gojo, and as Gojo, who is a genius himself, did not know Toji from before, he did not have the time to prepare an approach to the battle.

So yes, Toji figured out the proper way to fight Gojo at the time, but that was just then, as Gojo was younger and less experienced. This is why Toji could exploit Gojo’s weaknesses at the time, despite having zero cursed energy himself. He surprised him, and was fast enough to do enough damage to seemingly defeat Gojo, but even Toji wasn’t ready for Gojo’s power.


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This is why he left him to die instead of ensuring he was dead. This is why Gojo was considered the most powerful character at the time, and this is why, today, the situation would be largely different, as Gojo now is one of the most powerful characters in the whole franchise – if not the most powerful – whereas Toji is a simple remnant of the past.

That is why Gojo is the clear winner in this match-up.

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