Goku vs Beerus: Who Would Win?

Goku vs Beerus: Who Would Win?

With the continuation of the Dragon Ball franchise in 2015 with the latest entry Dragon Ball Super, fans found themselves with a lot of information to process, especially the concept of Super Saiyan God. The introduction of new powers meant that Goku and his friends would have to fight stronger opponents and it comes in the form of Beerus. So now a question forms in the mind of the fans, Who would win in a fight between Beerus and Goku?

There is no official confirmation as of now if Goku can beat Beerus. But as of the recent chapters, a lot of fans are speculating that Beerus can beat Goku at any time. But what factors made other fans think like this, and will Goku improve further to beat the God of Destruction in the future?

To find out all the answers to these questions, and to see if Goku can ultimately beat Beerus someday, I shall explain more about the strength of these two. In that way, you can make a better power comparison as I will reveal the full potential of two of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe, or should we say Universe 7.

Goku And His Powers

Goku vs Beerus: Who Would Win?


Hailing from the alien warrior race of Saiyans, Goku possesses a vast array of superhuman physical attributes. He continually hones his physical prowess to God-like levels during the progression of the Dragon Ball Saga. He possesses superhuman strength to the point where he can break most of the earth’s weaponry. He’s so strong that he can hurt beings like 100% final form Frieza (Who can survive a planet explosion while weakened). 

Aside from strength, he also has access to superhuman speed. He is shown to at least move and reacts to Beerus who is shown to move significantly faster than light speeds and fly at hypersonic speed. With superhuman strength, He also has superhuman durability. His durability is so great that he can even survive the universal force of energy. 

Although he is tough, he still has limits because other powerful beings as himself can hurt him. He can be hurt by traditional weapons like a gun if caught off guard and his Ki is lowered. He also wields superhuman Senses. He can think and react at extremely high speeds, is easily able to dodge or catch projectiles fired from weapons, or even keep up with incredible combat speeds from his opponents. 

As a Saiyan, He also has enhanced senses of smell, taste, and sight, which further increase his combat senses and instincts. Thanks to his physiology and willpower, Goku is capable of exerting himself even if fatigued from using techniques or transformations that cost a lot of his energy or wounded as shown when he defeated Piccolo when he was younger while his limbs are broken and being mortally wounded. 

The most impressive display of his endurance is during the final moments of the Tournament of Power. He pushed himself despite having little stamina and being severely injured due to the side effects of Perfected Ultra Instinct through his willpower to defeat Jiren alongside Frieza. He also possesses powerful lungs as he can breathe in the stratosphere while fighting Beerus. 

Goku’s Other Abilities

Goku also has Godly Ki Mastery wherein he can change him to that of the Gods, increasing his power drastically. With the Godly Ki, Goku gains access to god-level transformations such as the Super Saiyan God and the Super Saiyan Blue. He also has flight, Ki sense, Energy Nullification, Ki transfer, and spirit control which allows him to use Instant Transmission. 

Through years of combat training and bettering himself, Goku is in a sense, a combat genius. He can adapt to a fight and even learn his enemies’ moves using a lesser version of Beerus’ Hakai. Goku would be trained by Whis who is also the God of destruction’s teacher. Under Whis’ training, he would learn Autonomous Ultra Instinct and during the Tournament of Power arc, he would unlock a special state and perfected it.

Beerus And His Powers

Goku vs Beerus: Who Would Win?

As a God of destruction, Beerus usually uses his power to destroy planets and their inhabitants, But he is strong enough to destroy entire Solar Systems with ease. That in itself should explain just how powerful Beerus is when compared to other fighters in the dragon ball universe. He is so powerful that he completely dominated super Saiyan 3 Goku by suppressing his power a lot and defeating him with a neck chop that rendered the Saiyan unconscious. 

Even fusing with Vegeta can’t beat Beerus at that time. Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta even got knocked out with a simple forehead poke. Against Goku’s Super Saiyan God power, the two seemed evenly matched, but Beerus eventually wins. Beerus also admits to Goku that there are indeed individuals in the various universes that are stronger than him, including his attendant/teacher Whis. 

It was later revealed by Whis that Beerus has used not quite 70% of his full power, a feat he had not had to do in quite a while. He is so strong that he tapped just his nail and half of a planet was obliterated. He also destroyed a planet completely by letting a tiny bit of energy drop from his finger onto its surface. 

It is stated by the Supreme Kais that Beerus has enough power to destroy the entire universe if he was provoked enough – and it is again later implied that at full power, Beerus would destroy the entire universe. It is also stated by King Kai that Beerus is at a level “far beyond strong”. Beerus is shown to also have immense speed, able to go from his temple to another planet located in another star system or galaxy in less than two minutes, making him able to cross great distances within space without Whis’ help. 

This God of Destruction can simply sneeze and blow planets up. Even when suppressing his power, he beats Gotenks with only two fingers, pummels aside Majin boo and Ultimate Gohan. His ki is so strong that he repelled a joint attack from Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and Android 18 with just a mere fraction being exerted. 

Even among other Gods of Destruction, he is the strongest one of them all. Even being ganged up by all other gods of destruction from other universes, he almost dodged all of their attacks. Though he was able to dodge it, he was still injured in the fight. 

Against Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta, who had become more powerful through Spirit Control, Beerus still held a decisive edge in battle and quickly defeated him. As powerful and feared as Beerus has become in his eons as a deity, his power is not truly supreme, as he openly states that Whis, his martial arts teacher, is superior in power. 

Beerus’ power also pales in comparison with Zeno, the supreme deity who rulers over all the universes and gods. He has been alive for so long that he has been battling other creatures for years honing his battle sense and how to respond to an attack and how to counter. 

Through years of training even before earning the title God of destruction, He has learned a lot of abilities. He has learned the abilities of all the Z-fighters including flight, Ki blast, Ultra Instinct (though imperfect), and many more. Being taught by Whis also ended up making him stronger than before and with years of training under Whis, he became the god of destruction for Universe 7. 

As the God of Destruction, Beerus possesses the ability to destroy anything, which includes Gods and ghosts. This ability is called Hakai. By extending one of his hands, with his four main fingers straight up and his thumb crossing his palm horizontally, Beerus can cause his target to disintegrate into nothing regardless of who or what it is, without any effort or waste of energy. In the film Battle of Gods, Beerus demonstrates his destructive power by turning an egg into dust with a simple touch. He uses this technique to destroy Zamasu and Dr. Mashirito. 

Goku vs Beerus: Who Would Win?

Goku vs Beerus: Who Would Win?

Going by the story so far, Goku has a shot of winning because he has already mastered using Ultra Instinct which Beerus has not. Beerus is also shown that he cannot follow instant transmission, which could give Goku the upper hand in the fight by striking the god from his blind spot. Knowing Goku and the theme of Dragon Ball (which is always improving yourself), Goku would continually hone himself to fight and protect Universe 7 even against Gods of Destruction or maybe even Angels in future Arcs. 

Goku has also beat Jiren, a person who also has power that can rival a God of destruction, though Beerus is still stronger than Jiren. Unlike Goku, Beerus has a limit on who he fights. Gods of destruction characters have a set of rules. Though not completely forbidden, they cannot fight another god of destruction from another universe cause that would spell out doom for the universe they are fighting in. It would hinder his growth in fighting, unlike Goku who can fight other weaker Gods of destruction to train himself if he were to fight Beerus again. 

Unless Beerus is still hiding 100% of his power, no one can say if Beerus is still stronger than Goku. Beerus is set up as an endgame when it comes to the limit on what Goku can fight and has to reach. As of now, we can not officially tell if Goku would win against Beerus unless a rematch is shown in the future pages (and anime) of Dragon Ball. But knowing how endless Goku’s potential can get, he might have a chance to completely win against Beerus at 100% power.