Green Goblin Vs. Joker: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Green Goblin vs Joker: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin as part of his maniacal plot to become superior to everyone else, thus becoming one of Spide-Man’s rivals. On the other hand, the Joker still remains a big mystery, but we do know that Batman’s archenemy is arguably the greatest psychopath and madman ever to have appeared in American superhero comics books. Who would win in a fight, Green Goblin or Joker?

Ultimately, the Joker would win in a fight against Green Goblin. The Green Goblin is probably the closest to Joker that Marvel has to offer, but even DC’s cosmic villains fear the Joker due to his unpredictability and madness. That is why the Clown Prince of Crime would ultimately win against the Green Goblin.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to compare the Green Goblin and the Joker in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see exactly who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.


The Goblin formula fortified all of Norman’s body tissues, making them much more resistant to injury than a normal human. Although Osborn can be injured by objects such as blades or bullets, he is very resistant to large impacts or blunt force trauma.

He can withstand very strong shocks, such as falling from various floors or being repeatedly hit by an enemy with such superhuman strength as to seriously injure or even kill a normal human, without suffering any damage.

When injured, the Goblin’s body is capable of self-healing with greater speed and efficiency than a normal human. While he is nowhere near as good as Wolverine’s healing power, he can still heal injuries that would be fatal to a normal person. For example, he survived being impaled by his Goblin glider and recovered fully with only a conspicuous scar on his chest.

Exposure to chemicals provides Joker with advantages and disadvantages that make him different from a normal human being. From this derive some of his powers: superhuman pain resistance and immunity to joker Venom. Joker had a natural ability to escape deadly situations even before his transformation. This ability is so developed that it can be considered a real power.

Joker’s spine has absorbed a particular chemical agent, Dionesium. It grants the Joker powerful regenerative abilities: he instantly regenerated from a fatal gunshot wound and his face regrown after the Joker himself removed it.

Now, had it not been for the infamous events of Batman: Endgame, we would have given this point to the Green Goblin, clearly, but since the Joker actually got a lot of supernatural abilities after being exposed to Dionesium, we have to share the points in this category.

Points: Green Goblin 1, Joker 1


Since becoming the Goblin King, he has been able to conquer 52% of the New York City subway without anyone noticing. He was even able to implement the “Goblin Protocol” which blocked the presence of anyone with a Goblin mask or symbol in Spider-Man systems, meaning he is a skilled hacker because those systems were created by both Otto who by the child prodigy Uatu Jackson. Goblin also upgraded an abandoned subway line, diverting other trains.

As the Goblin, Norman uses a wide range of throwing weapons, such as explosives and razors, and is capable of throwing them with surprising accuracy, to the point of very rarely missing. He also proved to be a great marksman in the use of various firearms. His great ability to fight with his bare hands goes hand in hand with that of the use of various types of weapons for melee.

Joker is an extremely diverse character, and his set of abilities includes brilliant intellect, inventing skills, escape artistry, tactical analysis, leadership skills, camouflage (Joker had the ability to use muscle relaxants and skin pigments to pass himself off as a new Arkham Asylum attendant, under the name of Eric Border, going so far as to fool the Dark Knight for weeks before returning to his identity), advanced hand-to-hand combat skills, expert weapon user, indomitable will, intimidation skills, stealth skills, and investigative skills.

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This category was also very difficult to determine, as both of them are very similar. But, ultimately, the Joker’s skillset was much more diverse and intriguing, which is why we ultimately decided to give this point to the Clown Prince of Crime.

Points: Green Goblin 1, Joker 2

Physical Strength

Norman can lift up to 9 tons using his Goblin powers. With his Iron Patriot armor, he can lift a hundred.

As far as the Joker is concerned, he is a great fighter, but he doesn’t really have any special powers when pure strength is concerned.

This very short analysis gives us a clear winner here, and that is – the Green Goblin. The Joker is nowhere near his strength level, but in all honesty – that probably wouldn’t stop him at all.

Points: Green Goblin 2, Joker 2


The weapons used by Goblins are numerous and lethal. His most famous weapons are pumpkin-shaped bombs containing explosives, smoke and hallucinogens. He also makes use of incendiary pumpkin bombs, razor bats (throwing weapons similar to sharp, bat-like boomerangs), various hallucinogenic gases, and many other weapons, all of his own invention.

He usually keeps his weapons in a bag he always carries over his shoulder, nicknamed his “makeup bag”. He flies on a small and very agile bat-shaped rocket glider (initially it had the features of a rocket broom), capable of great maneuverability and speeds of up to 140 km per hour.

The Joker’s weapon of choice is the poisonous substance he invented and which bears his name: “Joker Venom”. This substance causes anaphylactic shock due to the blockage of the calcium and potassium channels. The visible effect is a frozen smile on the victim’s face, a sign of the Joker.

Depending on the dose, the skin may discolor and the hair may turn green, another sign of the criminal clown. In some adaptations, the Joker also uses more conventional weapons, such as submachine guns and other heavy rifles. He has a predilection for the various and varied knives, because they allow “to kill more slowly”. He sometimes uses explosives.

The Joker’s arsenal is simply astounding and although the Green Goblin is dangerous, he is nowhere near Joker’s level of imagination when it comes to utilizing weapons. Just remember his fight against Batman in Endgame.

Points: Green Goblin 2, Joker 3

Green Goblin Vs. Joker: Who Would Win?

This was a tough one, but as the points show, we managed to find a winner. The Green Goblin is a maniac and he will stop at almost nothing to get what he wants, but that “almost” is what differentiates him from the Clown Prince of Crime, who would stop at absolutely nothing to get what he wants. The Joker is an unpredictable maniac and we see him ultimately winning this one.

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