GTA Online: “Transaction Pending” Error Explained

GTA Online Transaction Pending Error

Grand Theft Auto has a ton of amazing content to offer, especially when it comes to GTA Online – Rockstar Games’ most popular and prized gaming title to date. However, fans have been met with an odd notice that reads “Transaction Pending,” and players are eager to find out what this means and how to fix it in-game.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The “Transaction Pending” error in GTA Online appears in the bottom right-hand corner alongside a white/orange loading circle.
  • The cause is unknown, as it can occur whether purchasing/upgrading an item or not, but some fans theorize this “error” could actually be a form of detecting fraudulent purchases or drops for each player in different sessions.
  • Some players experience freezing in-game, but most have found that the error has no effect.

What Does the “Transaction Pending” Error Mean in GTA Online?

The Transaction Pending error in GTA Online has brought a flood of speculation within the community – for good reasons. Unlike many other issues, errors, and even glitches that may occur in GTA 5 (such as radios not working or even more complex problems), the Transaction Pending error does not seem to occur at specific times or due to a specific reason

Many fans may assume this notice pops up while trying to purchase something in-game, but the Transaction Pending error can appear for every GTA Online player at just about any moment. The Transaction Pending error can occur when players are trying to purchase or upgrade an item, but it’s also commonly experienced when trying to simply pick up items and drops – particularly when it’s ammo found at random locations.

It’s easy to spot when a player is experiencing the Transaction Pending error. Instead of players getting a pop-up notice that prevents them from continuing their gaming session, most see a small “Transaction Pending” notice in the bottom right-hand side of the screen – alongside a loading circle that changes in color.

Many players have suggested that the color of this loading circle can help deduce how long the error will continue. Players have suggested that it should not take much longer for the Transaction Pending notice to disappear if the loading circle is orange, while a white loading circle may suggest the error will take much longer.

“Transaction Pending” Error Effects in GTA Online

In some cases, the Transaction Pending error can continue for around 15 minutes (or even for ages in some instances), while other players have found that it sporadically appears and disappears throughout each gaming session. Thankfully, most GTA Online fans have found that the Transaction Pending error does absolutely nothing and has no aftereffects.

However, there may still be cases of players who experience downfalls as a direct result of the error – such as players who have their entire game frozen after the Transaction Pending notice pops up or players who encounter problems when trying to purchase crates. This is particularly common at CAO and MC and for players who die quickly after spawning.

Why Does the “Transaction Pending” Error Happen in GTA Online?

GTA Online players were relieved to find out that the Transaction Pending error has no negative side effects for most of the game’s player base. But this has only sparked a string of questions and speculation.

No official or solid evidence indicates the exact reason behind the Transaction Pending error in GTA Online. However, some more tech-savvy gamers have theorized that the error could be a more strategic and tactical approach to cheating on the game developers’ end.

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Rockstar Games has taken some drastic measures to ensure that players cannot cheat or use mods in GTA Online, or dupe in extra money and items. The developers have included numerous additions via patches and updates in an attempt to make cheating that much harder – although it’s a fanmade theory, it’s not farfetched.

Some fans believe that the Pending Transaction notice and relative loading circle could indicate a form of detecting fraudulent transactions and purchases, with the “Transaction Pending” notice only being the label for what occurs in the background. Of course, this is still up for debate, but it is believable to a degree considering the sheer number of fraudulent money drops and duped items picked up by players.

How to Fix the “Transaction Pending” Error in GTA Online

Since this error has been ongoing for many years, making its first appearance towards the end of 2018, most fans have already given up on finding a permanent solution – which can be extremely frustrating for those who encounter more inconvenient side effects. Some players have suggested that the following methods can help resolve the issue.

1. Restarting GTA Online

Restarting the game is an age-old trick most gamers use – in fact, restarting the game may have been your first instinct. While some players have found that this did help the issue resolve itself, most fans have stated that this approach only takes some time, after which the Transaction Pending error will begin popping up again.

2. Repairing GTA Online

Repairing GTA Online may be a solution for some players, as this method is often used to fix odd errors, glitches, and bugs, especially those caused by corrupted game files. The method would depend on the gaming platform chosen, whether you’re playing on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

PC users can attempt to repair game files by searching for GTA 5 in their program folders, after which they should select “Modify” and then “Repair.” Players enjoying GTA Online on PlayStation or Xbox will have to perform a clean sweep, which will have a similar effect to repairing corrupted files on a PC. Either way, always make sure that your game saves are backed up on a USB before attempting this method.

With all that being said, the general consensus is that there is no permanent fix for the Transaction Pending error in GTA Online. Since the error is more annoying than problematic, most players have simply begun finding ways to enjoy their gaming sessions despite the notice’s presence.

However, if you experience any in-game money losses or further issues due to the Transaction Pending error, it’s always advised to contact Rockstar Games directly. Hopefully, the developers can provide more tailored assistance or compensation, depending on the situation.

How Do You Stop a “Transaction Failed” Error in GTA 5?

The “Transaction Failed” error in GTA Online is very different from the above-mentioned error – it is primarily caused by a discrepancy between the price the player is trying to pay for an item and the price it’s being sold at. Players have found that the issue can be resolved by clearing the cache via Steam, the Social Club, or the Rockstar Launcher.

Players who encounter the “Transaction failed because inventory or price data is invalid” error can try the approaches below.

  1. Reboot the Game and Device.
  2. Check the Internet Connection.
  3. Check the Rockstar Games Server Status.
  4. Update GTA Online.
  5. Verify and Repair Game Files.
  6. Clear the Game Cache/Saved Data.
  7. Clear Cloud Save Data.

How Long Does it Take to Get Money in GTA Online?

GTA Online funds purchased through Shark Card often arrive almost immediately or within the hour, but this is not always true. It can take up to 72 hours for the purchase to be processed, and the funds to be visible in the player’s GTA Online account.

That’s everything there is to know about the Transaction Pending error in GTA Online and similar errors regarding payments in-game. While encountering the Transaction Pending error can feel stressful, especially when it occurs for seemingly no reason, fans can be glad that this error does not appear to cause any major issues.

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