GTA V: Here’s How To Call in a Terrorbyte

GTA V Heres How to Call in a Terrorbyte

The Grand Theft Auto saga is already packed with a spread of incredible vehicles, including hot sports cars, racing cars, off-roaders, and even stolen cars that can be claimed or resold. The introduction of the Terrorbyte had GTA 5 fans feeling super hyped, but many GTA Online fans are still curious to know exactly how to call in a Terrorbyte when it’s needed.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Terrorbyte in GTA 5 Online can be purchased from the Warstock Cache & Carry site by players who own a Nightclub, and it’s usually parked on level 5 of the Nightclub basement – marked as “Terrorbyte Garage.”
  • Players can call in a Terrorbyte by selecting “Request Terrorbyte” within the “Terrorbyte” tab, which can be found in the “Services” panel of the Interaction Menu.

The Terrorbyte (Hacker Truck) in GTA Online

The Terrorbyte in GTA Online (also known as the Hacker Truck) was manufactured by Benefactor and reportedly designed by Paige Harris herself, who was the assistant to Lester and the brains behind the main GTA Online Heists. The Terrorbyte is a military vehicle with an armored command truck style, and it’s suited for four people, including the driver and three passengers.

gta terrorbyte truck

Among many amazing features, the Terrorbyte flaunts a stunning interior and many amenities suited for just about any stylish GTA Online criminal. It was initially released as a part of the After Hours update during The Black Madonna Residency Week that took place back in August 2018, becoming immensely popular for many fans over the years – for many good reasons.

This huge command truck was inspired by the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 Expedition Vehicle, with some minor adaptations to the front lights and other details. The vehicle itself comprises a front cab and a rear box module, with the box module containing numerous electronics, devices, a touch screen, and other assets that are purchasable for GTA Online players.

Terrorbyte Purchase Requirements

Since there is so much to take in, players are met with a grand tutorial detailing all of the Terrorbyte’s seemingly endless availabilities. Based on how handy this vehicle can be for just about any GTA fan, it’s really no surprise that so many players were eager to get their hands on it after its initial release.

gta terrorbyte 3 1

However, the Terrorbyte is restricted to players who are already well-versed in running businesses in GTA Online, as it’s only available to players who own a Nightclub. From this point, the player will be given the option to purchase the Terrorbyte via the Warstock Cache & Carry site.

The Terrorbyte has a base value of only $1,375,000, but players should definitely prepare to spend much more on extras. It can cost up to $3,459,500 in-game, depending on purchasable additions and decor – most of these extras are unnecessary, but many of these features will be worth the price, particularly regarding things like drones and target-locking turrets.

gta terrorbyte interior

In addition to the variety of features the Terrorbyte flaunts, it also serves as an Operation Hub for all eight business types in GTA Online as well – Vehicle Cargo, Special Cargo, M/C Club Businesses, Supplies, and Air Freight Cargo, alongside Paige’s Client Jobs as well. CEOs, MCs, and Presidents can access these jobs, and they can be triggered on the touchscreen computer within the truck module, making it far easier for players to keep their businesses going.

Where to Find the Terrorbyte in GTA Online

Once players purchase the Terrorbyte, they should be able to find it inside the player’s owned Nightclub. The Terrorbyte should be parked in a bay within the lowest level of the Nightclub basement, and players can access the Terrorbyte in its standard location by following the steps below.

  1. Head to the Nightclub and access the garage.
  2. Head toward the back alley until the player reaches an elevator.
  3. Choose to go to the lowest basement level available from the elevator selection panel. This level should be the 5th level of the basement and be listed as the “Terrorbyte Garage.”
  4. Once the player has reached this level, all they’ll need to do is head down the short flight of stairs. The Terrorbyte should be parked in the middle of the large parking bay.
  5. To access the Terrorbyte from this location, players must enter the blue circle indicator.

There are multiple ways to access the Terrorbyte while it’s parked at the Nightclub, but this is by far the easiest method for most players. Players who have never used the Terrorbyte before should be met with a cutscene and a tutorial, while others will simply get into the Terrorbyte and be able to use it.

How to Call in a Terrorbyte in GTA Online

Among many amazing benefits, the Terrorbyte also offers specific services to players who own them, from adjusting Cab Access to requesting the Oppressor Mk II and even adjusting the Radio station inside the Terrorbyte as well. One of these services allows players to request the Terrorbyte, which will result in a technician delivering the Terrorbyte to the player’s location – or to the nearest available point.

gta terrorbyte 2

To call a Terrorbyte in GTA Online, all players must open up their menu and navigate to the relevant tab. Follow the steps below to call a Terrorbyte in GTA Online.

  1. Open up the Interaction Menu in GTA Online.
  2. The player must scroll down until they reach the “Services” tab.
  3. After selecting the Services tab, players must select “Terrorbyte.”
  4. The numerous services available for the Terrorbyte will then appear. From there, players will need to select “Request Terrorbyte.”
  5. The Terrorbyte will then spawn at the nearest available location.

In some cases, the nearest point could be as far as half a mile away from the player’s location, which can cause some confusion. The Terrorbyte should be marked on the player’s minimap as soon as it spawns, after which the player should make their way over to the Terrorbyte and enter the blue circle.

Once the player no longer needs their Terrorbyte, they can simply request that the Terrorbyte be returned to storage – in which case, it will be returned to the aforementioned basement area at the player’s owned Nightclub. Follow the steps below to return the Terrorbyte to storage.

  1. Open up the Interaction Menu in GTA Online.
  2. The player must scroll down until they reach the “Services” tab.
  3. After selecting the Services tab, players will need to select “Terrorbyte.”
  4. From there, players will need to select “Return to Storage.”
  5. The Terrorbyte will then despawn, after which it can be called again or be found in the basement of the Nightclub.

Players may need to wait a moment for these services to work, as it generally takes between 10 and 20 seconds for the Terrorbyte to either spawn or despawn.

That’s everything there is to know about the Terrorbyte in GTA 5 Online, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although many players have become frustrated when trying to call a Terrorbyte to their location, using the Terrorbyte in GTA 5 can be surprisingly simple with the right methods.

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