GTA V: Here’s Why You Can No Longer Get Strawberry Auto Shop for Free

GTA V Heres Why You Can No Longer Get Strawberry Auto Shop For Free

Rockstar Games always has fresh content and fun freebies for its most dedicated Grand Theft Auto fans, particularly those with Prime accounts on other platforms. The Strawberry Auto Shop has become pretty popular among many GTA 5 players, and many are eager to find out if you can still get the Strawberry Auto Shop for free.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Strawberry Auto Shop (Flints Autos) was free to GTA 5 Online players in 2021.
  • However, this freebie was only available for Twitch Prime members during July, while Amazon Prime members had until August.
  • Players can still obtain the Strawberry Auto Shop by visiting the LS Car Meet, speaking to Mimi, and purchasing it from Maze Bank Foreclosures for $1,705,000.

The Strawberry Auto Shop in GTA 5

GTA 5 is infamous for its vast array of incredible vehicles, whether classic stolen street cars, more nifty two-wheeled vehicles such as the iconic Western Nightblade, or even heftier military-styled vehicles such as the tough Terrorbyte. However, just about every GTA Online player will need the help of an experienced mechanic and an auto shop at some point.

auto shop 3 in gta

Rockstar Games decided to add auto shops to GTA Online with the Los Santos Tuners update, which also brought a flood of new fun content for players – such as the Pursuit Series races. These properties support vehicle repair and can be personalized by players like other properties in-game.

The Strawberry Auto Shop, also known as “Flints Autos,” is inaccessible in GTA 5 Story Mode – but, since the update, it can be super handy for just about any GTA Online player. Much like other auto shops, this property features a small workshop, a shop floor, a recreational area, a mod shop, and 10 garage spaces for players to store more vehicles.

Players with access to an auto shop will be able to make use of the relevant modding bay features as well. It offers a fun way for players to customize their vehicles at more convenient locations.

Where is the Strawberry Auto Shop in GTA 5?

The Strawberry Auto Shop is located in Strawberry, which is situated in South Los Santos. The auto shop (Flints Autos) is located on the corner of Innocence Boulevard and Power Street in Strawberry, Los Santos.

strawberry autoshop

Strawberry is a neighborhood that comprises both residential and commercial spaces. It borders Davis to the south, Chamberlain Hills and La Puerta to the southwest, Rancho to the southeast, Pillbox Hill and Little Seoul to the northwest, and Mission Row to the northeast.

How Did Players Get the Strawberry Auto Shop for Free?

Considering that GTA Online is likely Rockstar Games’ most well-loved title to date, it’s no surprise that it frequently receives many updates packed with new content. To top it off, the developers often eagerly hand out freebies each month.

The Strawberry Auto Shop was one of these freebies, initially given away for no charge after its release – although this was restricted to Prime members. In addition to $400,000 in free cash, Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime members could claim this auto shop as a monthly reward during 2021.

Depending on whether the player was a Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime member, they would need to head to the relevant loot page to claim the reward – in the very same way that other loot would be claimed. Players who had never claimed loot before would have needed to sign in to the Rockstar Social Club and link it to their Prime Gaming account, after which they could simply click on the “Claim Now” button and receive the Strawberry Auto Shop.

Issues Claiming the Strawberry Auto Shop

A handful of players had issues when trying to claim the Strawberry Auto Shop for free in 2021. Some players said they bought the Strawberry Auto Shop in-game, expecting a rebate on Rockstar Games’ end.

flints autos

Others stated that the reward would simply appear in-game after claiming it via the Rockstar Social Club website. Still, although some players may have encountered problems when trying to claim the freebie, most players who encountered issues stated that it simply took far longer than expected.

While Rockstar Games stated that it would take up to 72 hours for the 100% rebate to come through and for the Strawberry Auto Shop to appear in-game for each player, fans and other sources have stated otherwise. It took up to 7 days for the Strawberry Auto Shop to appear, or even 10 days in some cases.

Is the Strawberry Auto Shop Still Free?

Unfortunately, the Strawberry Auto Shop is no longer free in GTA 5 Online – although some fans claim that the Strawberry Auto Shop is still free for Prime Gaming players. Twitch Prime members could claim the Strawberry Auto Shop for free during July 2021, while Amazon Prime members could claim the Strawberry Auto Shop for free up until August 2021.

How to Get the Strawberry Auto Shop in GTA 5

Since the Strawberry Auto Shop was only free to Prime Game members in 2021, players who want to get their hands on it in more recent times will have to purchase it. Fortunately, players do not need LS Car Meet memberships to buy auto shops in GTA 5.

However, players will still need to head to the Los Santos Car Meet building and speak with Mimi before being able to buy any auto shop in the game. From there, players can head to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website to purchase the Strawberry Auto Shop in GTA 5.

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The Strawberry Auto Shop is the second cheapest auto shop in the entire game, although it’s still pretty expensive at a base cost of $1,705,000 in-game. While this may not seem like too much money compared to many other investments, such as various properties like Nightclubs in GTA 5, this is still a lot of in-game money.

It can take a really long time to save up, especially for newer players, and players who own an auto shop will automatically incur a standard daily fee of $250 for maintenance. However, the Strawberry Auto Shop is only really worthwhile for players who do not have another auto shop already, as it includes the basic features of any auto shop in GTA 5.

That’s everything there is to know about the Strawberry Auto Shop in GTA Online, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although many players were disappointed that they could not claim this auto shop for free without being a Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime member, it’s still a great location that can be worth the price for many fans.

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