GTA V: “Sorry We Don’t Need Any Vehicles Right Now” Meaning (& Fix)

GTA V Sorry We Dont Need Any Vehicles Right Now Meaning How to Fix It

Grand Theft Auto fans have tons of activities to keep them occupied, but buying and selling cars remains one of the most popular pastimes. However, quite a few fans have found that they are met with a message that reads “Sorry we don’t need any vehicles right now” when trying to sell cars in GTA 5, and many are curious to know what this message means as well as how to fix it.

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  • Players have to wait 48 minutes (1 day in-game) before trying to sell another personal vehicle or stolen car in GTA 5 and GTA Online, or they will be met with a message that reads “Sorry we don’t need any vehicles right now.”
  • Selling personal vehicles counts toward the daily selling limit but does not involve waiting times until the 1.09 patch, while stolen cars only count towards the daily selling limit if fitted with the Tracking feature.

What Does the “Sorry We Don’t Need Any Vehicles Right Now” Message Mean in GTA 5?

Plenty of players prefer selling cars in order to make some quick cash in GTA 5, whether it be in order to purchase a brand new car, invest in properties, or even start a new business in GTA 5. Selling cars can often be far more reliable as a means of income in GTA 5, especially when compared to riskier approaches that involve luck or strategy – such as robbing banks in GTA 5 or participating in a game of Blackjack at casinos.

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Players can sell just about any car they’d like in order to bring in some easy money, including personal vehicles and even vehicles stolen off the streets. However, the type of vehicle players are trying to sell will influence their ability to sell it at that particular moment.

Quite a few fans have been met with a notice that reads “Sorry we don’t need any vehicles right now” when trying to sell a car in GTA 5, and many have become incredibly confused as to why they’ve been capped. This is essentially a variation of the message that reads, “You’ve reached your daily limit,” but it involves players trying to sell street vehicles instead of personal or bought vehicles.

Daily Selling Limits in GTA 5

Players have to wait certain times before attempting to sell a car in GTA 5, as there are daily selling limits and conditions depending on the type of car – specifically, whether it’s a personal vehicle or a street vehicle.

Different selling limits also apply for players who play classic vanilla versus players who have already been caught duping in-game, as duping often lowers the total daily selling limit each time.

Both bought cars and personal vehicles count towards the daily limit (this applies to 1 in-game day, which is just under an hour in real-time – typically about 48 minutes). Selling personal vehicles or purchasing cars did not involve any waiting times in the initial stages.

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It was presumed that no player would want to sell all of their personal vehicles at once, but this perspective may not have considered duped cars which change the game entirely. Much to many GTA fans’ dismay, Rockstar Games changed this system with the 1.09 patch (which also brought some players a string of issues and bugs, such as the infamous freezing issue for PlayStation 3 users).

Since this update, players have to wait 48 minutes before selling another personal or purchased car in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Cars stolen and sold right off the street are slightly different, although players can only sell one stolen car per in-game day and will have to wait the 48-minute cooldown time.

The main difference is that stolen cars will not count towards the daily limit if they are sold. However, if a stolen car has been upgraded with a Tracking feature to transform it into a personal vehicle, it will count towards the daily sell limit.

Why Is There a Daily Selling Cooldown & Limit in GTA 5?

There’s been a ton of debate surrounding why players are restricted in terms of what cars they can sell to Los Santos Customs and when they can sell them. Most fans believe that the main reason for these restrictions is to ensure that players spend more time grinding the game to make money.

While these restrictions may seem extreme for many fans, it’s actually quite understandable. For example, players could have stolen a decent common car off the streets and sold it for between $9,000 and $9,500, equating to around $250,000 per hour, including Tracking costs – just off selling stolen cars and not even playing the game!

Doing the math, just about every player could have ended up hoarding cash far too easily without being restricted to some degree – not to mention the millions many players have made off duping vehicles. It’s no surprise that the developers barred players from selling too frequently to prevent this.

Since there was no waiting time for selling personal vehicles in GTA 5 initially, most players got comfortable selling them as often as they’d like. GTA 5 players were understandably frustrated by the change brought by patch 1.09, as many players relied on selling multiple cars per in-game day.

Rockstar Games likely created this new system in order to prevent cheats and exploits, which enable some players to “hoard money” or make far more money than is “normal”.Instead, it’s believed that the developers would rather players focus on skilling up in GTA 5, making money through businesses, and participating in missions or heists with cash rewards.

Can You Bypass the Daily Selling Limit in GTA 5?

While this limit does at least prevent cheating and exploitation to an extent, many fans still feel that it’s unnecessary. As a result, quite a few players have tried finding various methods to work around or even bypass this daily selling limit entirely.

Before patch 1.09, the only safe way to work around the limit was to steal a car and fit it with a Tracking feature to make it a personal vehicle, after which the player could immediately resell the car. However, since players would have to pay for Tracking, this was only worthwhile in cases where the car is highly valuable.

Other popular methods still include duping, which is a serious offense in multiplayer, although the majority of methods are no longer effective due to Rockstar Games constantly adding updates and patches that counteract these approaches. Still, bypassing this daily limit comes with various risks – including the chance of the player’s account getting banned on GTA Online.

That’s everything there is to know about the “Sorry, we don’t need any vehicles right now” message in GTA 5. While this message can be pretty frustrating for many GTA 5 players worldwide, there is a fairly understandable reason behind it.

Rockstar Games has put this measure in place to prevent players from making too much money too quickly or manipulating the game unfairly. On the plus side, players can still sell multiple cars per day in real-time with some solid GTA 5 grinding – after all, where’s the fun without a challenge?

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