Gunslinger Leveling Guide In Lost Ark: The Right Way To Level

lost ark gunslinger class

Lost Ark features many classic MMORPG classes, but it also flaunts some more modern and high-tech classes for players to enjoy throughout their gaming journey. The Gunslinger class is a common favorite among Lost Ark players, boasting some impressive and fast-paced skills topped with a range of handy weapons. But, it can be tricky to get the hang of the Gunslinger at lower levels.

Gunslinger Class Overview

The Gunslinger is an advanced class within the Gunner main range class, equipped with a set of different weapons. Players who choose the Gunslinger can select between either of her three weapons, each of which has unique benefits during battle, making her more of a hands-on class in Lost Ark.

Using the Gunslinger will naturally demand quite a lot of swapping, tons of mobility, and a variety of hard-hitting skills. This makes the Gunslinger perfect for any gamer who loves unloading flurries of high damage range attacks and enjoys fast-paced combat mechanics.


While she may be weaker than the defensive or tanky classes, she can still hold her own fairly well as you level up. Create two setups for you to switch between as you level up, and try to create a build for Chaos Dungeons and Cube as well as a build for Raids after you hit level 50.

Gunslinger Abilities

Gunslingers have almost everything to offer, including mobility, AoE damage, and single target damage. This blend of skills makes her quite versatile and well-balanced, even throughout the leveling phase.

This class is equipped with a small range of high-tech weapons – essentially, a special gun for every occasion. Each of her weapons is lethal at different ranges, but her effectiveness does rely on keeping a fair distance overall since she does have comparatively low HP and defense stats.

Gunslinger Identity Skill

Gunslinger’s abilities entail switching out between her weapons throughout the duration of each encounter. The rotation between these weapons is influenced by her Identity gauge, cooldowns, as well as what is needed in each battle.


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Below is a list of each of the Gunslinger’s weapons, as well as what they can offer in an enemy encounter:

  • Dual Pistols: These are the Gunslinger’s main utility weapons, providing buffs and essential movement abilities topped with some useful debuffs for enemies.
  • Shotgun: This is the Gunslinger’s choice weapon for close ranged damage, and is the staple for inflicting serious burst damage to foes.
  • Sniper Rifle: This is the Gunslinger’s weapons for ranged attacks, and is the most powerful of her weapons.

The main benefits of the Gunslinger class are her mobility, speed, and high damage. But, her controls, cooldowns, and demanded positioning on the battlefield can take some time to get used to. Newer Lost Ark players may find this sort of managing process fairly challenging at first, but the Gunslinger class is definitely worth the effort.

Gunslinger Awakening Skills

It will take some time and solid Lost Ark grinding before you can unlock the Gunslinger Awakening skills. You will first need to complete the Main Questline until you reach Vern city, after which you should continue until you meet Beatrice who will ask you to visit her in Trixion.

Once you acquire the Awakening skill, you will need to check your mailbox and consume the item to unlock the skills. Below are the Gunslinger Awakening skills and how you can choose which Awakening skill would be best for your preferred Gunslinger build:

Eye of Twilight

This Awakening skill will apply a highly effective debuff to enemies, reducing their attack speed and movement speed for a short timeframe. It will also inflict Stagger and Weak while dealing damage to enemies, and all debuffs will disappear once the ability ends.

High-Caliber HE Bullet

This Awakening skill involves a high stagger AoE attack, topped with a backward leap. It will deal significant damage to any opponents or monsters that get caught in the blast’s line of fire.

Both Awakening skills can be extremely useful, and there is no bad choice when it comes to Gunslinger’s Awakening skill setup. But, High Caliber HE Bullet typically provides more advantages overall, especially in PvP encounters where high movement speed is crucial.

Gunslinger Leveling Guide

The Gunslinger offers a nice balance between hard-hitting mobility attacks (Pistols) and heavy-hitting AoE attacks (Sniper). For this reason, the Gunslinger class can be pretty straightforward to level up as she can take down waves of evil enemies even at lower levels.

Gear & Combat Stats

Focus on equipping the highest item level gear possible throughout the leveling process. Players should also focus on Swiftness for even more movement speed, as well as reduced casting time and faster skill cooldowns.

lost ark gunslinger 1

Prioritize the Crit and Specialization Combat Stats, as this will increase the Gunslinger’s overall damage and clear speed. The Gunslinger can still clear out mobs at a decent speed at lower levels, but these stats will be helpful for increasing the speed of the entire leveling process.

Best Class Engravings

Unlocking the Gunslinger’s Class Engravings will take some time and gameplay, but they’ll be incredibly valuable once you reach Lost Ark’s endgame phase. It’s important to know what to expect once you reach this point as you’ll need to make sure your Awakening skills, Engraving choices, and overall build all align well for the best setup possible.

Below are the Gunslinger Class Engravings as well as their uses:

Time To Hunt

This engraving has a ton of benefits for players who like the fast-paced feel of the Gunslinger, increasing the crit rate for all of the Gunslinger’s Handgun and Rifle skills. However, players will be unable to use the Shotgun stance with this setup.

Sacrificing your Shotgun may seem uninviting, but the Shotgun is actually the least useful of her three weapons. Her most useful and versatile attacks primarily revolve around her Dual Pistol and Rifle skills.


This engraving is a great all-rounder, as it increases the attack speed in the Handgun stance and increases the crit rate in the Shotgun stance. It also allows an overall damage boost and an extra damage boost to enemies with less than 50% health when in Rifle stance.


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Either class engraving can be extremely useful for the Gunslinger in both PvE and PvP settings, depending on the encounter, the needs of your team, and the needs of each enemy. But, the choice between class engravings will mainly come down to personal preference regarding the Gunslinger’s weapons, build, and playstyle.

Generic Engravings

Generic Engravings can be acquired from Engraving Books, or from items such as necklaces, rings, or earrings. The Gunslinger’s most suitable generic Engravings will depend on your playstyle as all of them may have certain pros and cons.

Below are the most notable generic engravings for the Gunslinger class:

  • Grudge: This engraving will increase incoming and outgoing damage when taking on Bosses or higher level monsters. However, since the incoming damage increase is flat accross all levels and the outgoing damage is increased according to the level, this engraving is generally only worthwhile once it’s maxed out to level 3.
  • Cursed Doll: This engraving will increase your attack power, but it will also reduce your incoming healing (excluding natural passive health recovery).
  • Keen Blunt Weapon: This engraving will increase your Crit chance, but its use will also involve a risk. Standard attacks may deal 20% less damage than it should. But, considering a higher crit rate chance, you can still net more damage overall.

Continue The Main Story

Continuing the Main Questline will be the best way to get levels as quickly as possible in Lost Ark. You will have to face a ton of enemies and mobs along the way, which will reward you with some great XP.

In addition to the XP gained from enemy encounters, players can expect to receive some bonus XP for each quest after it’s completed. Completing the Main Questline is also vital for unlocking the Gunslinger’s most powerful skills, as well as gaining access to some awesome in-game activities.

lost ark open world

Start off by completing only the main quests, as these will be the most important at earlier stages as well as when you near the endgame phase. You can always go back and complete side quests once the main story is finished.

Skill Point Allocation

Allocate Skill Points to gain Tripods for the Gunslinger’s most effective skills, depending on where you’re at in the game. You’ll be able to switch out skills as needed based on the needs of the encounter or the needs of your team.

Below are the most notable Skill Tripods for the Gunslinger class, as well as how to manage them as you progress towards level 50:


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  • Level 12: Quick Step (4 points) and Somersault Shot (4 points) for mobility.
  • Level 20-21: Equilibrium (48 points) for damage and AoE clearing.
  • Level 30: Death Fire (48 points) for damage and AoE clearing.
  • Level 38: Focused Shot (48 points) for single target burst with AoE.
  • Level 45: Sharpshooter (48 points) for AoE clearing.
  • Level 48: Perfect Shot (20 points) for damage.

Players can use any extra Skill Points on any preferred skill during the leveling phase, provided that Equilibrium is already maxed out. Equilibrium will allow you to blast through enemies until her higher skills can be maxed out, which will be extremely useful at lower levels.

Gunslinger Gameplay Tips

Although every player’s experience with the Gunslinger will vary depending on build, setup, and preferred playstyle, there are still a couple of fundamental aspects that any gamer can use throughout their Lost Ark journey.

Bosses and Mobs With Gunslinger

Since the Gunslinger class has the means to take down enemies with single target and AoE attacks, it’s pretty straightforward to defeat most enemy groups and even some bosses. Group mobs of enemies, elites, and bosses closely together before bursting them down with Death Fire, Sharpshooter, and Equilibrium.

Mobility With Gunslinger

The Gunslinger class is already an incredibly fast-paced class to play, enhanced by her naturally high mobility and movement speed. However, it won’t hurt to take advantage of her high mobility skills to decrease travel time for a faster leveling experience overall.

Use Somersault Shot, Dexterous Shot, Quick Step, and Peacekeeper for quick traversing throughout encounters or when you’re in areas where you are unable to mount. You can also use the spacebar dodge twice in a row for an even faster travel time.

The Gunslinger class can be tricky to get the hang of in the beginning, as her overall effectiveness will rely on consistently monitoring many moving components – such as when to swap weapons, monitoring buffs and debuffs, as well as managing cooldown times. However, this class rewards tons of damage in addition to high mobility, making it an extremely enjoyable class to play.

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