Has ‘Black Snow’ Been Renewed for a Second Season?

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“In 2019, I predict that Ashford will still be full of predators, and I promise to expose them… if they don’t kill me first,” reads Isabel’s (Talijah Blackman-Corowa) prediction in the time capsule that led to the reopening of her murder case. The first season of Black Snow is more than just a mystery thriller; it exposes one of the darkest tales of Australia’s history. The packed plot leaves viewers thirsty for more, so fans wonder whether there will be a second season to James Cormack’s (Travis Fimmel) investigation.

Stan has not renewed Black Snow for a second season yet, but the trailer and the ending of the first season hint at the possibility of a second one. The uncovering of the mysterious murder of Isabel Baker after 25 years felt like the beginning of James Cormack’s operation to deliver justice. Having been a limited series, most of the first season’s cast, including the Bakers, are unlikely to make it to a second season if it is confirmed.

Despite ending the main storyline conclusively, the first season of Black Snow left lots of unanswered questions, especially about James Cormack, that viewers would love to know. For instance, it would be great to find out whether Hazel Baker and James end up together and whether Kalana’s wish for the statue of Ashford town’s cruel founder to be toppled happens. Whichever form it takes, a second season will be welcome news for the show’s global fan base, so let’s look at the chances of it happening.

Will there be season 2 of Black Snow?

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Three months after its exclusive release on Stan, Black Snow is yet to be renewed for a second season on the network. Still, there is no official statement from the network writing off the possibility of renewal either.

The show’s beginning points to James Cormack having more cold cases that he would love to uncover, and Isabel’s case only came first because he was connected to it.


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Despite Isabel’s story taking most of the screen time, Black Snow is the story of James Cormack as he exploits his passion for uncovering thrilling cold cases. After digging through the past of Ashford and turning everyone in town into a suspect, he narrowed it down to the killer.

His life is a mess probably because of a past cold case that is yet to be revealed on the show, which is why we believe the second season, digging deeper into the detective’s past, could still be released.

Who could star in Black Snow 2?

James Cormack and Hazel Baker in Black Snow 1 1

Black Snow is primarily the story of detective James Cormack as he uncovers cold cases told through the eyes of the victims as the protagonists. That means Travis Fimmel as James Cormack will surely star in the show’s second season if it is released. James was also close to Hazel Baker, and the two have feelings for each other, although the show didn’t explore it much. Therefore, the appearance of Jemmason Power as Hazel Baker is also possible.

Jammeson’s appearance would give the chance of short cameos for the other characters that played members of the Baker family, including Edden Cassady as Kalana baker. An ensemble cast will have to be deployed for a second season because it will be a whole new story, and the Bakers may not have much to do with it now that Isabel’s murder was solved in the first season.

Talijah Blackman-Corowa, who plays Isabel in the first season, would have made a great guest star, even in flashbacks, because her performance brought so much life to the first season.

Who killed Isabel Baker in Black Snow?

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Victor Bianchi, the father of Anton Bianchi, who was in love with Isabel, was revealed as the killer in the season finale of Black Snow, despite many fingers pointing at Anton earlier in the show. Anton said nothing about his father’s crimes because he beat and abused him to keep him silent.

Isabel had uncovered Victor’s “Blackbirding” as he had two of Lesul’s cousins, Zeke and Niman, enslaved on his farm, and working in inhumane conditions. Victor discovered Isabel’s handkerchief after killing Zeke, chased her down with his motorbike, caught up with her while trying to call for help, and killed her.

Anton, who had just encountered Isabel at the phone booth, witnessed his father kill the woman he loved, but he couldn’t do anything about it.


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The finale also revealed that Anton is Kalana Baker’s father, which means Anton had a relationship with Hazel after his father killed Isabel. Hazel managed to keep the paternity a secret for all those years, meaning she doesn’t consider a future between her, Kalana, and Anton possible.

Anton convinced Kalana to go to the field with him, proving he is a terrible father because he gave the teenager a beer. He had just confessed to Kalana that he was her dad when Hazel and James showed up.

Everything became tense when Victor showed up with a riffle and tried to get Anton to keep quiet about Isabel’s murder. James took control of the situation and arrested Victor without anyone getting hurt. Victor later confessed to the murder of Zeke and his brother while in custody, concluding the mystery.

Is Isabel Baker an Aboriginal Australian?

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While the plight endured by immigrants and black people in Ashford is similar to what aboriginal Australians go through, Isabel Baker is not an aboriginal Australian.

Ashford is one of the towns inhabited by Australia’s South Sea Islanders, descendants of former “Blackbirded” immigrants from neighboring islands like Vanuatu. The immigrants later intermarried, leading to the rise of the community known as South Sea Islanders. The government gave them the status of a special cultural community in 1994.

The unearthing of the time capsule in Black Snow is therefore symbolic as it represents 25 years since the government recognized the community in the same capacity as Aboriginal Australians.

Is Black Snow based on a true story?

kalana and anton episode 6 black snow

While the storyline in Black Snow is very realistic, there is no confirmation from Stan or the creators that it is based on any particular real-life cold case.

While Lucas Taylor may have been inspired by the many cold cases similar to Isabel Baker’s murder, Black Snow was just a work of fiction out of his imagination. On the other hand, the story of Zeke and the rest of the South Sea Islanders is based on accurate historical accounts of the community’s plight since the 1800s.

Thousands of men from Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and other neighboring Pacific Island nations were kidnapped or coarsed into leaving their homes and forced to work in slave-like conditions on the sugar plantations in Queensland. The whole story of Ashford, including the founder, is fictional, although it matches that of many towns in Queensland that relied on the labor of kidnapped South Sea Islanders to work in the cane fields.

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