Gta Online: Here Is How To Shoot Yourself

gta shoot yourself

The Grand Theft Auto saga offers tons of amazing adventures for its players, with various heists, missions, and even some comedic moments in between. Considering that GTA primarily involves intense shootouts, chases, and even armed bank robberies, many players are eager to find out if you can shoot yourself in GTA Online.

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  • GTA 5 and GTA Onlne players who own a pistol will need to select it as their basic handgun, ensuring that the pistol has ammunition and that all suppressors and enhancements have been Disabled.
  • After transferring the character’s cash to the player’s card, the player will need to select the “Kill Yourself” option via the Interaction Menu, which will result in the GTA character shooting themself in the head.

Shooting Yourself in GTA 5

The GTA franchise is quite realistic regarding the level of detail and its open-world environment and events – apart from some out-of-this-world moments or instances where your character may “ragdoll out” for no reason. Still, many fans have been surprised to learn that GTA characters can take their own lives by means of various methods.

In most cases, player characters will simply end up taking a cyanide pill after choosing to take their own life. But, in GTA 5 and GTA Online, players who take certain steps and approaches will also get the option to have their game character take their own life using a simple handgun.

Why Players Shoot Themselves in GTA

It may appear to be a detail within the game itself, but having your GTA character take their own life can be advantageous in specific situations. It may be unpleasant and extremely grim to have your character shoot themself in-game, but there are moments when there may be no other option.

GTA has many incredible challenges for players, and it’s common for players to experience some unwanted or complex problems – the solution to which seems to be taking the “easy way out.” Some missions are incredibly difficult to complete for GTA 5 players, making this a quick and simple way for players to end a mission if they get stuck along the way.

When it comes to GTA Online, players are often met with a whirlwind of additional problems – many of which stem from playing with other players online or playing GTA Online with friends. Having your GTA character shoot themself and take their own life will also result in the player character spawning further away compared to regular spawns, which can be really useful when trying to evade griefers without using Ghost Mode in GTA Online, while also serving as a simple way to break free from GTA glitches.

Although it may be more intriguing to use a gun and have your GTA character take their own life, there is a range of other methods, all of which will have the same fate and results. Apart from taking the standard cyanide pill, GTA players can also have their characters jump off a bridge or tall building, pass on from fatal injuries after using a grenade on another player nearby, or even pay $8000 to have your character taken out via a missile Airstrike by Merryweather.

How to Shoot Yourself?

Having your GTA character take their own life is always an option for players, although most will not use a gun. The standard method for a GTA character taking their life is using a cyanide pill which they ingest, after which the character will drop to the ground – and players will be met with the iconic “Wasted” screen, stating that the player has taken the easy way out.

gta wasted

The cyanide pill method will occur whenever a player is in Passive Mode, does not have any weapons equipped, or if the gun that the player is using is not suitable for the character to use. Follow the steps below to have your GTA 5 character shoot themself, after which you can respawn in a new location.

1. Acquire & Equip a Pistol

The first step is to make sure you own a pistol, as this is the only weapon players can use to have their character shoot themself. Other guns will not work for this purpose, even if they are far more advanced when compared to the basic pistol.

gta pistol

If you do not have a pistol as a basic handgun, you must have your GTA character head to the nearest Ammu-Nation store on the map. To do so, you can either press “Select” or “Back” on your gamepad or “M” on your keyboard to open up the Interaction Menu. From there, you can select “Ammu-Nation” next to the “Quick GPS” option in order to locate the nearest store.

Once you’re at Ammu-Nation, purchase a pistol and make sure you have ammunition for the gun. Owning and equipping the correct gun without any ammunition will also result in the player using a cyanide pill instead of their handgun. Return to the Interaction Menu after you’ve obtained a pistol. From there, navigate to the “Handgun” option and switch this option to your pistol.

2. Remove All Pistol Suppressors

gta gun settings

Players will have to Disable the “Suppressor” option on their pistol as well, as leaving this option enabled will also result in the player’s character taking a cyanide pill instead of using their handgun. Players should also go ahead and remove any additional features on their gun, as enhancements and silencers will prevent the method from working.

3. Transfer Cash to Your Card

If your character has any cash on them, you will need to use the character’s phone in order to transfer their cash to your card, as some or possibly all of the character’s cash will be lost in the process. This is done so that players will not have to pay any money (usually $500) to have their character take their own life.

4. Select “Kill Yourself” from the Interaction Menu

Once you’re all set and have made sure you are not in Passive Mode, return to the Interaction Menu. From there, navigate to the “Kill Yourself” option and select it.

gta suicide

Doing so should result in your GTA character pulling out their handgun and shooting themself in the head, after which they will drop to the floor alongside the Wasted screen, while onlookers begin to scream in shock. However, in some cases, your character may actually just ragdoll in place instead of performing the full animation.

That’s everything there is to know about having your gaming character shoot themself in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Although players will have the same benefits when taking a pill, using a gun to get out of sticky GTA situations can be another useful method in-game.

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