Star Wars: Here’s How Cal Kestis Got His Scars

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Cal Kestis is now one of the most popular Jedi characters in the storyline of Star Wars, especially because of how big the Star Wars Jedi video game series is. Of course, while many people are already familiar with Cal, some only notice some of his physical features. We are talking about the scars that have become quite prominent on his appearance due to the graphical improvements in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. So, how did Cal Kestis get his scars?

The scars on Cal Kestis’ face were never explained. That means we don’t know where he got those scars, as it is possible that he got them in the five years between Order 66 and Fallen Order. Meanwhile, the scar on the right side of his neck was from the Order 66 attack that he survived.

One thing that has always made main characters look cool is scars, considering that they allow characters to appear more badass. In that regard, Cal has his own fair share of battle scars as well, as these scars remind him of what he experienced in the past. Now, let’s look at where Cal Kestis got his scars and how he got them.

Are Cal’s Scars New?

When it comes to the different Jedi that we’ve met in the storyline of Star Wars, Cal Kestis is right up there in terms of his popularity as he has made a name for himself in the fandom with the success of the Star Wars Jedi video game series. We met him in the Fallen Order video game, wherein he fought hard to obtain a Jedi Holocron with the location of the Force-sensitive people all over the galaxy. Meanwhile, in Survivor, Cal went on a journey to find a remote planet that was far away from the reach of the Empire so that this system could serve as a safe haven for those that the Imperials persecuted.

Of course, one of the things that fans were quick to notice about Cal in Survivor was his more mature appearance. After all, five years have passed since the events of Fallen Order. Meanwhile, it has been ten years since the events of Order 66 Kestis is now a grown 23-year-old man that has seen his fair share of fights against the Empire in the five years that went by from the first game. 


But while Cal’s mature appearance is one of the things that fans have been talking about, fans have also been talking about the scars on his face. So, are the scars on Cal Kestis’ face new in Survivor?

The fact is that Cal Kestis’ scars aren’t new. In fact, none of his scars are new in Survivor. That’s because he has had those scars since the start of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It’s just that his scars are now more visible in Survivor.


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Of course, scars tend to fade through the passage of time as the body steadily heals. Nevertheless, Cal’s scars are more prominent in Survivor. This can be attributed to the improved graphical quality of Survivor compared to Fallen Order, as the developers can now allow more details to become clearer on Cal’s face. But this could also be a creative choice for the developers to give Cal a more mature appearance.

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that Cal Kestis is scarred both physically and emotionally, and this has always been the case since the first game. The scars on his face represent not only the hardships he went through but also the different emotional experiences he had to survive ever since the fall of the Jedi Order due to Order 66.

Where Did Cal Get His Scars?

Now that we know that Cal Kestis has always had those scars ever since the first game let’s now look at where he got the scars on his face. Unfortunately, only one of those scars was explained in the Star Wars Jedi storyline.

Cal’s first and most prominent scar is on the right side of his neck. This scar resulted from the clone attack during the events of Order 66. We saw this during the flashback scenes in Fallen Order when Cal was still training with Jaro Tapal on their ship. While Cal survived the clone attack during Order 66, the scar on the left side of his neck was a direct result of the attempt by the clones on his life.

However, his lip, eyebrow, and nose scars were never explained. We know that he didn’t have these scars when he was still just 13 years old, as it was clear that the first scar he got was the one on his neck. And we all know that Cal avoided trouble after surviving the events of Order 66.

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After Cal escaped the clones during Order 66, he lived a quiet life as a scrapper on Bracca. He spent five years without using the Force while on that planet to avoid the peering eyes of the Empire and the Inquisitorius. As such, there’s a good chance that the scars on his lip, eyebrow, and nose were due to the dangers of being a scrapper.


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Living the life of a scrapper allowed Cal to make a living for himself while keeping a low profile. Then again, he had to go to dangerous places while scrapping for parts. That means there’s a good chance he got some of his scars while working as a scrapper.

Of course, there’s also a good chance that some of these scars resulted from his attempt to escape the Empire a few times after he survived Order 66. But we aren’t sure of that, as the only scar ever explained was the one on his neck.

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