Minecraft: Here’s How To Add Friends in Java Edition

Adding Friends in Minecraft Java

Playing Minecraft alone can bring you a ton of joy when you first start playing or when you’re just getting back to the game after a long pause, but it also gets boring quite fast. I don’t think saying that the multiplayer options in Minecraft are its saving grace is an overstatement or something most wouldn’t agree with. We know that adding friends was or still is a feature in some versions of Minecraft, but can the same be said for Minecraft Java Edition? How do you add friends in Minecraft Java?

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  • Sadly, you cannot add friends in Minecraft Java Edition, but you can add them in Bedrock Editon.
  • Luckily, Minecraft Java is also the version you can mod endlessly and some mods make it so that you can add friends with them. One such mod is 5zig.

Why having friends in Minecraft Java Edition is useful

Before getting into what the mods I’ll present to you can do for you, which will probably be how you base your decision on which one you’ll choose, let’s see why adding friends in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is useful and what it can bring you.

The list of benefits isn’t extensive, though, just like it isn’t with any other game. For example, let’s add friends in a game like League of Legends. The only real benefit of adding someone as a friend is that you can see when they’re online and invite them to your game.

You’ll never miss that they’re online when you are. Games are better with friends, so if you intend to play the game alone, you don’t have to play alone if your friend accepts the game invite. You can also see if they’re in-game currently and even spectate a game.

I went into detail about what having friends in League of Legends gets you because it’s much the same in Minecraft as well. Of course, you can’t spectate their game, but you can see what server they’re playing on and add them to the servers you’re playing on. You can also review their user profile and always know when they’re online.

Gifting is one thing that you won’t benefit from for two reasons: One is that there’s no point in gifting minecoins to a Java Edition user when they can easily download maps, skins, shaders, and so much more for free. The second reason is that you do not have to be friends to gift someone minecoins. You can only buy online gift vouchers.

If you feel like the benefits I just mentioned are something you might want to have, I’ll list the best sites to download mods from and the best add friends mods next.

Add Friends only available in Minecraft Bedrock

Best mod sites to download from

Mojang does not support modding, so any problem you might run into while trying to mod is out of Mojang’s hands, and they won’t be able to help you with it. The same thing goes for malware and viruses. If you download a mod with a virus that infects your PC, you only have yourself to blame. Being aware that this is a possibility and protecting yourself from that happening is a large part of modding as a whole, and it starts by choosing to download your mods from trustworthy websites.

  1. CurseForge – It’s only the most popular website for downloading mods in general, not just Minecraft mods. I always recommend only downloading the mods that already have a ton of downloads and a ton of comments confirming that the mod is completely safe.
  2. Planet Minecraft – Planet Minecraft is a community-run mod website, and although they have moderators in place that make sure that the mods on their website are free of viruses, it’s hard to make sure that every single mod is clean of malware, so follow the same rule as you would with CurseForge – make sure the download numbers are high and to check the comment section.

Java Edition mods that let you add friends

There aren’t many mods that let you add friends in Minecraft. I already mentioned 5zig as an option, but this mod only works for Minecraft versions up to 1.15.2, so if you’re running any version higher than that, it just won’t work.

5zig is also not strictly a mod for adding friends and making friend lists. You’ll also get a fully customizable HUD, the option to add capes, and much more.

Another mod that you can use to add friends is the Essential mod. Luckily, the mod runs on all the newer versions of Minecraft up to 1.19.4, and you can add friends either through the main menu or in-game. Of course, your friends must also have the mod downloaded for it to work. You can block users, remove friends, change their names, and more. Another thing to note is that you can download it and run it with Fabric and Forge.

You’ll notice that I haven’t linked any mods from the sites I mentioned earlier. That is mostly because although these websites have a plethora of mods to download, finding specific mods might be a bit challenging at times. Besides, this is a highly specific mod, and it might not be a standalone mod which is the case with 5zig, so it becomes harder to find mods that have the feature you’re looking for, among other things.

How adding friends on servers work

Suppose you’re playing on a popular server like Hypixel. In that case, these servers already have plugins installed that let you add people to your friends list and communicate with them separately from the server. Of course, the plugins servers like Hypixel use are server-side mods and can’t be used as standalone.

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